Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anti-ISA Candlelight Vigil 15 Nov 08 - Penang Esplanade

event: anti-ISA candle light vigil

date: 15 november 2008 (saturday)

time: 8.00pm

venue: esplanade [hah, many happy memories of my teenage years ;-) ]

chart supplied by my good matey Lucia Lai, Penang's most dedicated and sincere civic activist

I love her for her mateship and her good heart so if you guys are in Penang and don't turn up, you are gonna pissed me off ;-)


  1. Dear Kaytee

    What? Another one? Puleeze. Get a life.
    Tomorrow another round of police bashing. Dont push your luck.
    Candle-light vigil is misused here.
    In the US it's held for mass-murders like Cal Tech shooting or death of celebrities like JFK Jr.
    Here??? What a joke

  2. Hymm I am so sleepy ZZzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

  3. let those who want to enjoy peaceful saturday nights at the esplanade in peace. you guys just bring bad name to malaysia. bad publicity. and i'm not surprise oneday penang will lose the heritage site title. get a life!

  4. would those attending be grateful to their long lost relatives and hold a candle light vigil for their dead relatives ? If you cannot do it don't be hypocrites for want of publicity !

    I recommend you hold a candle light vigil for your grandparents , that would be better !

  5. aiyah, candlelight vigil for the death of due legal process, wakakaka - leave my Lucia alone - at least she's doing something for someone else, something selfless and brave lah!

  6. For who ! for the fudamentalists who wants to blow up innocent peoples !And free all those criminals ! aiya better ask Anwar Ibrahim to head the protest group lah ! Why is he keeping so quiet and his blue eyed of Kulim still running around ! Should have been ISAed .

  7. Have the candle light vigil at the cemetery better , at least the long departed lost souls will appreciate it and lend a helping hand to those in Kamunting . Maybe they will go there and keep them company .

  8. thanks for putting this up, kt.

    why would we spent so much time and effort and willing to take the risks for the vigil? because we believe in fighting a good cause - the abolishment of ISA. sure there are other ways too but this is one of the way - a way that will made people more aware of how evil ISA is by us going public.

    note: i don't respond to anonymous postings.

  9. Don't expect you to .

    Yeah , that's what you think , that's its a good cause . Just like to ask you why do we need the public to get involve in this when we have the elected representatives to represent us in parliament , to voice out this concern ? Get the NGOs involve , but not the public . In the first place do we elect our MPs and ADUNs to walk out of parliament sittings and not voice out this concern and you have to depend on the public to do it for you ?? What is the Mr Opposition doing in parliament ? Keeping very quite and thinking of how to topple the government with a new species of Kataks ? Or thinking about his sodomy case and no time to head the candle light vigil ? Or holidaying in some foreign exotic places while stupid fools do their job for them ?? Penang is an opposition state , what happen to the PR YBs ? Did all of them attend ? or just a few ?

    And by the way will you Lucia or KT be responsible should any of the people be arrested by the polis or injured by polis brutality thru your postings ?? asking people to attend a illegal assembly ?

    I have to post anonymous for reasons best known to myself not that I like to , but the message will have to be pass down to everyone that they attend these candle light vigil at their own risks provide they think their risks is worth their effort .