Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Friday night special - lok lok!

Star Online - Wan Azizah to remain as PKR president

kaytee comment: ;-) am not surprised; if he has his rathers, he wouldn’t have even stood as a PKR candidate in Permatang Pauh; but alas, the sodomy charge stampeded him into becoming a by-election candidate, facilitated by Dr Wan Azizah.

Malaysiakini - 13 years lost ... leaves no room for gratitude

The High Court judge acquitted migrant workers activist Irene Fernandez from 13 years of bullsh*t persecution.

kaytee comment: This lady is fantastically courageous, resolute and full of compassion for migrants.

Irene I salute you!

Malaysiakini - Perfecting PKR

Author Stanley Koh wrote: PKR continues to face inherent organisational weaknesses, despite having garnered 1.5 million votes in 2008 - almost three times more than in the previous polls in 2004.

Every major decision on party matters seems to need Anwar’s tacit approval and frequently his indecisiveness has stalled or delayed the party’s progress,” an insider said of the Anwar-centric syndrome in decision-making.

In fact, there is a general consensus among staunch supporters that, as a political organisation, the party lacks an infrastructural network at the branch, division and state levels.

“We agree that the BN took more than half a century to build its branches in every nook and corner of the country, but PKR must do this quickly,” a supporter noted.

Anwar, who is in the driver’s seat, seems oblivious to this, prompting concern that a clear-cut strategy is not being readied for the next general election.

All decisions emanate from Anwar,” said the insider, who opined that this is not a healthy practice.

kaytee comment: It's not that Anwar is indecisive. It's just that he considers PKR as nothing more than a mere stepping stone.

Despite the merger with PRM, PKR is still like its political predecessor, KeADILan, just a convenient but nonetheless necessary platform for Anwar Ibrahim to leverage himself back into the ‘fold’.

See above Wan Azizah to remain as PKR president and the frogs, 916, etc to understand why Anwar has not been serious about developing PKR.

Malaysiakini - Vocal duo axed from S'gor PAS posts

Dr Hasan Ali has removed two senior PAS party leaders from their posts following their criticism of his handling of religious and race issues.

His victims were Shah Alam MP Khalid Abdul Samad and party information chief and Hulu Kelang state assemblyperson Saari Sungib.

And what was the issue?

Dr Hasan had objected to
the appointment of a Chinese acting general manager, Low Siew Moi, to head the Selangor Development Corporation, as well as the state allocation of RM10 million for places of worship.

Khalid and Saari were said to have pissed off Hasan because they held the view that racial matters involving non-Malays should not be the state party’s top concern and that its leaders should not play up such issues.

kaytee comment: Super-bigot wins over supranationals. Alas for PAS!

Heard on the grapevine – Balasubramaniam has been reported as no longer in Kolkata … er … was it Bangkok?

Anyway, he was sighted in Punjab.

kaytee comment: He’s just Relax Singh in the land of the 5 rivers - wakakaka!

Note: 'lok lok' is a famous Penang dish, consisting of a variety of satay-ed seafood, meat and vegie where one self-cooks the stick of food in a pot of boiling water (or stock) before dipping same in satay or chillie sauce. That's what I tried to give you in this post ;-)


  1. He was last spotted in Perth, Western Australia. Sitting on the beach, having a glass of Toohey's beer.

  2. Hehe... Irene is PKR's Supreme Council member... ;)

  3. Latest sighting of Bala is in Ampang Jaya, his entire corpse scattered all over the place by C4 explosives. The one spotted in Bangkok or Punjab was actually his double.

  4. What's Irene doing in PKR anyway.

    Providing another fig-leaf for the Snake Oil Salesman.

  5. Dear KT

    In reality PKR is a 3-member entity of Anwar, Wan Azizah and Nurul Izzah. It should be registered as Sdn Bhd.
    It's also like a tupperware party.
    The others are downline distributors.
    Anwar is not interested in the minor affairs of the party.
    His eyes is only on the big picture -PM.
    Irene Fernandez - a meddlesome madam with lots of time on her hands.
    Bala, last I heard he's a guest of someone here with free food and lodging for him and family. How lucky.
    Loklok is satay chelup to you. But in Arabic it has a beautiful meaning (forgot what).