Thursday, November 13, 2008

No, Anwar, not yet!

In Malaysiakini Liu wants court review of arrest warrant we read about the continuing police harassment of Selangor DAP ADUNs.

Can you imagine SEVERAL very brave police officers
arrested DAP ADUN Ronnie Liu yesterday, based on nothing more than a report filed against him for allegedly obstructing Subang Jaya Municipal Council enforcement officers from carrying out their duties during an anti-vice raid on a hotel in Puchong LAST YEAR, yes, LAST YEAR.

Poor Liu was on his way to attend a state exco meeting when he was accosted. Despite his explaining to the officers that he would report to the nearest police station or to the Puchong police station after the exco meeting, the amazing men in blue couldn’t agree to the ADUN’s request ...

... no sirree, it was not possible to agree to an ADUN reporting to a police station on the same day after the exco meeting, though they could wait one blooming year to raise a dormant allegation against Ronnie to take him into custody.

Wish the police could be as diligent in the still-unsolved cases of Nurin Jazlin Jazimin and Preeshena Varshiny. Maybe their diligence in their persecutions of opposition MPs and ADUNs haven't left them much time to solve those two murders?

But Ronnie has been lucky he wasn't punched in the face by the police like his DAP colleagues Lau Weng San, ADUN for Kampung Tunku ... whilst Tony Pua, DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara had his shirt torn and kicked in his stomach and leg (again by police).

As I blogged in Malaysian opposition politician's purple heart our police have shown abysmal disrespect for our elected (opposition) representatives, while the rare UMNO blokes who had been hauled in were pampered with nice nasi kandar.

Meanwhile, MCA continues in its usual centrifugal suicide as we have been told by Malaysiakini article Don't bluff me, Soi Lek warns. Team A and Team B are at it again, and we can only leave them to their post March lunacy.

Then I was delighted to read Death to capital punishment, written by my mate Dean Johns, hard hitting columnist at Malaysiakini.

My delight is more so after I had just posted State sanctioned slayings on Saturday. How can God fearing civilized people ever condone, let alone support the murder of another human being? Surely this must be one of the mysteries of humankind's f*ups.

OK, on to Penang - CM Lim GE has persuaded the Penang DUN to pass a bill which entitles the Opposition Leader to receive a salary of RM1000 (no chicken feed in these hard times) but alas, the bloke who is likely to be the beneficiary will be none other than Azhar Ibrahim (BN-Penaga).

In Malaysiakini Quit if appointed, 'shoot the reporter' Azhar told we are reminded that the bloke had been the bigot who suggested shooting Sin Chew Daily journalist Tan Hoon Cheng for reporting Ahmad Ismail's 'Chinese are immigrants' remark just prior to the Permatang Pauh by-election in August.

Jagdeep Singh Deo (DAP-Datuk Keramat) said the Umno politician should resign as he has tarnished the image of the position. That Azhar would heed Jagdeep is as likely as kayteemoc becoming an anwarista wakakaka.

Oh yes, I should say a few words about Anwar Ibrahim too. On Sunday Malaysiakini reported Anwar: Judicial renaissance? Not yet.

He was asked this after the court had ordered the release of RPK from detention under the ISA, and another court ruled in his (Anwar’s) favour, that his sodomy trial needn’t be transferred to the High Court.

Well, we need to understand his refusal to give an unqualified answer or approval because … wakakaka … his own sodomy trial isn’t over yet … but we may expect his judgement on the court after the court judges on his charge.

Incidentally, on the question of ‘not yet’, I suppose we can use his qualified statement on his so-called reformasi too.

As if his attempts at subverting the ballot box through his hype of 31 and the half past six’es 916, classic but shameful cases of boastful brazen bare-face hypocrisy, weren’t bad enough, he has persistently refused to take action against the Kulim thug.

There had been some 30% non-Muslims in Kulim who bought the PKR's campaign promise, as Haris Ibrahim pointed out to us. Hope they will remember what Zulkifli Noordin had done, and what Anwar has refused to do!

Surely Anwar's cakap ta’serupa bikin on his promise to discipline Zulkifli Noordin must demand from those of us who have been asked to believe his as-yet-to-be-evident reformasi a resounding “NO, not yet!”


  1. Don't bluff me, Soi Lek warns. Team A and Team B are at it again,

    My dear CSL , those who play with fire will get burnt . Those who betray partner's trust will be repaid . If you had supported CJM instead of offering lip service , and CJM had won , today you won't be having these problems and MCA would be a much better revitalise party than what it is going thru now . Today without hesitation you would have been recommended to be a Minister by CJM but today the rice has been cooked and its badly cooked , looks like its only good as dog food .

    Some delegates/people from Johore presumely supporters of CSL who went round lobbying that for number two vote CSL and for number one vote Ong instead of Chua Jui Meng? Was told that was done with the blessings of CSL reasoning that CSL could put Ong into his pocket as he is still not up to the status of CJM whom CSL would have problem dealing with CJM as number one ? The reasoning of this line of thought surfaced when CSL was asked whether he had any problem working with Ong . His reply : I can work with either one , Ong or CJM . He should have included : however I prefer working with CJM but he did not .

    Evidence came from the results CSL got thousand over votes while CLM got only nine hundred over votes . If both their supporters voted according to the Chua/Chua formula both should get approximately the same number of votes not a hundred plus votes difference .

    You have only yourself to blame , however because of what you did , all of us wishing for MCA to become relevant has all our hopes dashed and thrown into the bin because of you .

  2. My dear CSL

    Quote/Unquote : I can work with either one , Ong or CJM .

    So what are you bragging and brooding now ? I don't think you have become senile , but please think about what you said during the NTV7 interview ?

    Regretting it now ?? If only your analogy has got better of you than your ambitions and greed ! You wouldn't be in dire straits today !

    So start working with Ong , whether you are appointed or not . As I analyse you are too egoistic about yourself , ya MCA delegates can forgive you about your DVD episode , just throw money in the various divisions across the country , yes they will vote for you , but BN and Malaysians will NOT . I bet if you stand for election all they need to do is put up posters of your dick and lets see whether you will win !

  3. My dear CSL , you should read this:

    Chua Jui Meng: MCA’s Loss, Whose gain?
    post info
    By dinobeano
    Categories: Politics

    October 21, 2008

    It was indeed my distinct honour to be in the company of Dato’ Chua Jui Ming, Datin Chua and his close friends at dinner in Kuala Lumpur last night. The former Minister of Health was most relaxed after his credible performance at the recently completed Malaysian Chinese Association’s Presidential elections.

    Although he did not win the MCA presidency, Jui Meng polled 4O per cent of the votes. It is indeed an achievement considering the fact that he no longer holds any party office since 2005.

    In politics, having a position of influence is vital for one’s political career. He, therefore, wields considerable sway in MCA affairs because the party membership remembers his contributions to MCA and our country. After all, here is a dynamic and intelligent leader who has a 30-year plus involvement in national politics with 22 years of experience as a Member of Parliament, 15 years of service in government, 9 years of which as Cabinet Minister for two terms.

    As I engaged myself in intense conversation with him, I could not help but notice that Jui Meng was able to articulate his views clearly on major issues affecting both the MCA and our country.

    His vision and ideas are reflected in his 2008 MCA Presidential Candidate manifesto titled “Rebuild The Party/Return to Relevance/Realise Vision 2020.” Bloggers and readers of this blog should visit for the full manifesto. I propose to highlight some key elements of the Jui Meng manifesto, hopefully to stimulate some discussion for the benefit of all of us who are concerned about our current national malaise and the future of our plural, culturally diverse, and resource rich country.

    A lawyer by profession, Jui Meng opens his mainfesto with the following statement: “The results of the General Elections this year should serve as a wake up call to our Party. MCA has been labelled irrelevant and out of touch with the aspirations of not only the Malaysian Chinese community but the nation as a whole”. He also adds a warning to MCA members by stating in clear and concise language that ” I now predict that unless MCA reforms and transforms within the next 3 years we will face an even worse defeat at the next General Election”.

    Read the full text/article at Din Merican's blog ;

  4. My dear CSL

    Maybe it's made up in heaven that it has to be done in this manner . That we shall have to look at the various options now presented to us . You shall be informed in due course of course . Time is on our side , we shall wait and see the WAR as it developes . But sorry our hands are tied , you have to do it all by yourself . We shall not be betrayed a third time . Twice is enough , in 2005 and then now .

    Perhaps we could join in the war and make it merrier !wakakaka

  5. To all CSL Supporters who voted for Ong Tee Keat


    To all MCA delegates/Division Chairman who accepted money to vote certain candidates





  7. My dear CSL

    Once a porn actor, always a porn actor. So pull your supporters out of mca and open a porn actors' accosiation

  8. I always read Dean John's articles with interest, but on the subject of death penalty, I'm afraid if you follow his logic far enough it can be taken as an argument against any form of judicial penalty against criminals.

    The state can't be counted to get it right, right ?
    So we might as well set them all free.

  9. "Hope they will remember what Zulkifli Noordin had done, and what Anwar has refused to do!"

    Vote UMNO !

  10. AI, and perhaps ZN too, were UMNO members, trained in its ways ;-)

  11. I must apologise to Zulkifli Noordin for my Papa's poor behaviour.

    You must understand my Papa is basically a Chinese racist.

    He can't stand bloody Malays, that's why he's gone to Australia to live.

  12. My dear CSL

    I have a vacancy for a porn actor , the pay is good , the actress is gorgeous . Has big boobs and is a part time model , hope you accept my offer . Be hearing from you .

  13. I just love police brutality. It gives me some kind of high :P

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