Friday, November 28, 2008

Dr Syed Husin defending the indefensible!

Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible. He is a kind of confidence man, preying on people's vanity, ignorance, or loneliness, gaining their trust and betraying them without remorse.
- Janet Macolm

Malaysiakini - PKR: There will be change of gov't

Dr Syed Husin made a pathetic attempt to defend Anwar Ibrahim’s half-past-six '916'.

Much to my immense disappointment (because I used to respect Dr Husin so much) he shamelessly dug in to embrace-defend Anwar's proclaimed (but failed) power through political frogs.

Syed Husin said BN MPs had indeed planned to defect to PKR but - get this - he blamed the powers-that-be (meaning the government formed by the ruling party) for using - and man oh man get this also - underhanded tactics to forestall the party defection.

Dr Husin, aren’t you aware that political party defectors are cheats, who campaigned as Party A candidates, and once elected, would jump across to be Party B representatives?

It doesn’t really matter whether the defectors are from the opposition or ruling party, when defection is defection, and the defectors are cheats!

And the party encouraging, enticing and egging defections and welcoming those cheats is a cheat too, in fact a far bigger cheat because it ought to know better.

So who had been indulging in underhanded tactics?

Just remember how the saying goes, "When looking for faults use a mirror, not a telescope"

So, Dr Syed, you go & take a look in the mirror to see who's the most underhanded of them all! Reformasi my bloody foot!

If Pak Nik Aziz is the spiritual leader of PAS, then I would consider the Lion of Gelugor as the DAP's spiritual leader (of political principles).

... because thank goodness the DAP has a man like Karpal Singh to pull those enamoured by the man man lai bullsh*t of frogs, back from the brink.

But it took a while for the other DAP leaders like Kulasegaran to echo Karpal Singh's resolute stand against embracing slimy frogs. In this respect I have been very much disappointed with Uncle Lim and Lim GE for not being more proactively vocal against party defections.

Anyway, (for all his intellectualism) like a lemming, Dr Husin continued Anwar Ibrahim’s man man lai nonsense, saying its failure to take over as promised on Sept 16 did not mean it will fail to do so forever.

He boasted meaninglessly: “If (the power transfer) is not tomorrow, it will be the day after tomorrow; if it is not in the near future, it will be in the 13th general election (due 2013).”

Dr, why don't you let that 916 bull rest. If Anwar had f* up his unwarranted (deformasi, not reformasi) boast, let it be. Let that embarassing bull fade away.

Your de facto leader's attempted deformasi subversion of democracy's ballot box had been an abject failure, so why perpetuate the shameless concept of an underhanded seizure of power with your shameless “If the power transfer is not tomorrow, it will be the day after tomorrow"?

Why defend the indefensible? Why don't you wait until 2013 to claim your political victory in a legitimate manner?

Yes, you may be thinking you were defending Anwar's monumental bullsh*t of unmitigated proportion and justifying his reckless braggadocio by blaming the BN for its (I still can't believe your brazen nerve) underhanded tactics, but are you aware that in that process you have insulted the intelligence of both your PKR members and supporters?

I am disgusted with you. To think I once respected you so much.



  1. "To think I once respected you so much."

    About the same thoughts I have about Ktemoc....Bye-bye

  2. My crystal ball on the change of government is more like this -

    Sometime next year, after taking over as PM, Najib will call a snap general election to cement his legitimacy, and get rid of those pesky PR state governments.
    But there is a high likelihood things won't turn out as he plans.

    And Najib ends up as - Leader of The Opposition.

    Anwar ? He committed many sins when he was a fully paid up member of the establishment.

    In my younger days as a well-rewarded establishment player, so did I, so did I.

    Right now I'm semi-neutral about Anwar. Many of his proposals are very intereresting for our multi-racial country, but his past is always a baggage he has to carry.

    He probably deserves a chance to put those ideas into government policy, but through the ballot box, of course.

  3. Times are changing, some heros become villains, some villains become heroes... Khalid Ibrahim recently turned from suspect to hero in my eyes; he didn't just talk cock about equality, he walked the walk, and while we wait for the Kulim renegade to face the music, it's nice to see actions trumpeting louder than sweet words.

    As for SHA, he turned from hero to suspect during the Perak government fiasco, and now he pushes further in that direction.

    He is serving his party first and foremost now, let that be as it is.

    By the way, Irene Fernandez also went on the record unambiguously supporting crossovers, in a letter to Malaysiakini.

  4. Int wrote "Irene Fernandez also went on the record unambiguously supporting crossovers"

    This lovely woman has suffered 13 years of unrelenting persecution and prosecution by the govt.

    I don't blame her for making such a call, though under more different conditions, would she have?

    It's like the old argument, that the parents of a murdered child should never sit in judgement of the killer. Then, emotions rather than a fair assessment of the crime would take place.

    I find it unthinkable that democratic loving people, especially those who clamour for political reforms can ever support the unscrupulous idea of seizing power through party defections, basically a subversion of the ballot box - cheating the voters, so to speak!

    If this happens, what would then be the difference to the current system? And don't say a good government would rise, because once a political party is in power, it will whistle a different tune altogether.

    I haven't read Irene's letter but what might driven her to embrace such an insidious man man lai bull could be her hatred of the BN.

  5. Kaytee does not read Irene's letter but the hatred in her heart. Waaah ...


  6. Hi KT,

    Not been here for long time. It seems that the saga of Anwar bashing will never be ending. Well, keep on pushing.

    Being with Anwar, not only the smart ones lost their wits and brains, but also their pants!!!

  7. Yeah, Piggy Singh.
    You lost your wits, brains and pants a long time ago as an UMNO cybertrooper.

    There's just distilled water under that turban of yours.

  8. I never suspected Khalid Ibrahim of being a racist. I never knew him directly, bu I know people who have dealt with him when he was with Guthrie.

    The charges of racism are purely a Ktemoc invention - which he keeps repeating every time by linking back to his original post.

    I suppose a lie repeated enough timesbecomes a fact !

  9. anon, where was Khalid Ibrahim in this post? Stop spreading anwarista lies.

  10. I suppose the comment left by Anon 9.21am was actually directed at me, since I mentioned KI in my comment, as a counter-example to SHA. To clarify, I never assumed KI was a Ketuanan grade racist, however, I also never suspected him of being a Malaysian Malaysia grade progressive either ;-)

    When he took the unprecedented step towards "deracializing" top civil service appointments, it was a pleasant surprise for me. Prior to that, I was lukewarm towards him, as were the Socialist factions in Pakatan (see PSM's opposition to him in Ijok). And my default reaction towards anyone seeking public influence is to be suspicious of them until they have proven themselves. Khalid Ibrahim had not, until that point, impressed me in any way. There was nothing in his CV to suggest that he would have taken that measure as he did.

    Some might say that was only the first step, but I think it was a big enough step worth supporting loudly. Now lets wait and see if he keeps it up. Hopefully that wasn't just a once off thing to placate the DAP EXCOs he has to work with.

  11. Int, yes I was replying to your post.

    Ktemoc continually repeats lies about Khalid Ibrahim being a racist.

    "Look, his man Khalid Ibrahim had felt bloody awkward forming up the Selangor exco, avoiding the appointment of the deputy MB because of too many Chinese faces"

    And again
    "Look, his man Khalid Ibrahim had felt bloody awkward forming up the Selangor exco, ..... It’s bad enough having the DAP full of ‘nons’ "

    Actually, he wrote it once, and keeps repeating his lie by linking back to it.

    I am hereby exposing Ktemoc as an uprincipaled liar.

    I suppose its understandable why he blogs anonymously.
    I am, of course, anonymous, but I'm just a humble commentor.

  12. anon, I asked you again, where was Khalid Ibrahim in this post? That makes you the liar!