Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim torpedoed his KD Reformasi!

Malaysiakini - Anwar stays mum over Sept 16!

When Dr Syed Husin Ali, the deputy president of PKR, opened the annual congress of the party's Youth and Women’s wings, he
said Anwar and Wan Azizah would explain on the abject failure of Anwar’s 916 boast.

I recall also the same Dr Syed Husin informed the press that PKR would take disciplinary action against the Kulim hooligan for behaving like a thug at the last Bar Council forum on interfaith issues.

Yes, like 916 the non-event, nothing happened – PKR pandai cakap ta’serupa bikin.

No 916, still no disciplinary action against the Kulim Thug, no explanation for the 916 non-event which we may safely surmised as pure grade Anwar bullsh*t.

Neither Wan Azizah or hubby offered any explanation at the annual PKR congress.

If you examine PKR’s political promises, chief among which had been the much touted political reforms or reformasi, the rallying call of the anwaristas and PKR supporters, what have we seen of that reformasi?

Not only zilch but in fact the exact opposite.

Firstly and most damaging of all, the so-called Great Reformer boasted of recruiting slimy frogs (political defectors) as his first action after the 08 March 08 general election.

Yes, the first thing he did was to resort to his UMNO-days modus operandi of subverting the ballot box - recall Sabah 1994 where Parin (PBS) went from should-be State CM to State Opposition Leader, thanks to then BN campaign director for Sabah State, DPM Anwar Ibrahim, and his success in breeding frogs.

And straightaway after 08 March 08 he showed his true colours, his harimau stripes, his craze for power (rather than democracy or reforms), by resorting to a shameless insidious attempt at subverting the ballot box.

Reformasi or Deformasi of democracy?

KD Reformasi was torpedoed and sunk by her own captain.

Then the 916 package by his camp – we witnessed their grandstanding boasts after boasts, lie about Muhyiddin Yassin being on the list of defectors, oblique appeals to HM the Agong to intercede, even a so-called professor of law attempting (twice, mind you) to convince us (or HM) that it would be proper for HM to intercede on behalf of a party with 82 MPs to take rein of the government from a party with 140 seats - for more read Don't misuse the King!.

The Deformasi spirit continued with Dr Wan Azizah promising to restore immunity to the royals and 20% petroleum royalties to Sabah and Sarawak.

It’s a wonder the pair didn’t promise Malaysians the sun would rise in the West tomorrow.

Yesterday I lambasted Dr Syed Husin in Dr Syed Husin defending the indefensible! and advised him:

… let that 916 bull rest. If Anwar had f* up his unwarranted (deformasi, not reformasi) boast, let it be. Let that embarassing bull fade away.

Your de facto leader's attempted deformasi subversion of democracy's ballot box had been an abject failure, so why perpetuate the shameless concept of an underhanded seizure of power with your shameless “If the power transfer is not tomorrow, it will be the day after tomorrow"?

Why defend the indefensible? Why don't you wait until 2013 to claim your political victory in a legitimate manner?

I would have respected Anwar Ibrahim more if he did what the Malaysiakini headlines suggested, that is, not offering any explanation for the 916 bullsh*t.

We know he had hoped for a self-fulfilling prophesy but tough luck for Anwar, AAB didn't buy his bluff ... so ... just let the embarrasing bluff fade away and wait democratically for 2013.

But alas, like Dr Syed Husin he had to spoil it by leaving claw marks on the sill with the unnecessary and most pathetic excuse: "Despite all the sabotage and plotting (towards the Sept 16 plan), our desire to bring about a new dawn for Malaysia will never be quashed."

"Despite all the sabotage and plotting (towards the Sept 16 plan), …”?

For a man who had planned (and boasted) to have his 916 through frogs, he has the brazen cheek to accuse others of sabotage and plotting.

But sadly his adoring lemmings believe him. Some even rationalized Anwar's abject failure of 916 had been a brilliant tactic - wakakaka. I've never witnessed such blind idiocy.

As Abrahim Lincoln said: “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”

Guess who’s still buying the Deformasi bull even today (sigh), and in which group of Lincoln’s fools do they fall under?


  1. Fools or no fools BN and UMNO must be kicked out.
    Lincoln or Jefferson, you are just an idiot and a bloody fool for believing
    in BN leadership.

  2. Reformasi is not about Anwar or PKR, it is what the rakyat want. No matter how you put it, UMNO and BN is totally corrupt and incompetence. The worst thing is that they are still promoting RACISM, knowing that racism will
    eventually destroyed our beloved MALAYSIA. What make me so sick is that some even tried to use ISLAM to justified racism. Yesterday, I was watching TV1 commenting on crisis in Thailand and it shock me when the conclusion of their analysis is that " Apa yang kita belajari di Thailand adalah, Bukan PRIBUMI adalh tidak harus jadi Pemimpim sesebuah negara". Here we are, without knowing exactly the source of problem in Thailand, this joker was instructed by his master to promote racism openly. Hopefully with the blessing and help from Allah, we the Malaysian people are able to get rid of this government of corruption, incompetence and racism in need future.

  3. you anak babi sokong bn

  4. If we subvert democracy, then we are no different to UMNO, and I have no intention to be like UMNO. Besides there is no need to be like UMNO in order to gain power. That is the mentality of UMNO or ex-UMNO. 08 March 0-8 has already shown us the democratic and correct way.

    And anon of 11:01 AM, November 30, 2008, remember th old dictum that "it takes a bigger fool/idiot to call another one".

    I have no intention of supporting a former draconian UMNO man to seize power for his own personal glorification and interests by use of an UMNO method.

  5. Simply outrages!, but I simpy have to question the wisdom of this
    write up. I cannot help but wonder how people are so quick to 'barbecue'DSAI and Dr Wan Azizah. I find it least amusing not to mentioned, no thoughts or clarification seek or considered before let loose the tongues
    of fire.

    Its easy for the rest of people by just pouring their frustration and throwing all tantrum just because things don't work their way. Have people ever wonder what DSAI
    Dr Wan Azizah is going through? Both shared equal dissapointment as the Bangsa Rakyat.

    Avoid all this mud slinging simply no one ever force us to vote for PKR in the first place. Stop criticising our own decision and put the blame squarely on
    DSAI and Dr Wan Azizah! The real failure has to do with the rakyat's mind thinking we just walk into Hypermarket and paid for a bloody box of "Feel Nice Politics"

    Pls be patient, clarifiy all issues and not be so weak as if we can't even walk above rubbles. We are talking about 51 Yrs of bondage! IF anyone else think they are smarter, then stand up and be counted. See what you are worth.

    I urge all to be patient and keep your own faith, but pls show emphaty not sympathy. Ask how we can help and contribute to DSAI, otherwise stop tearing down the house we all once dream of.


  6. Hahaha...PKR is not, and has never been, what you would call a "respectable" party. And its leader is not a "respectable" politician...heheheheh. They have always been more like Barbarians ngawing away at the edges of the Empire.

    But it doesn't change my essential conclusion - that if the Corrupt and Racist Empire called BN cannot or will not change its ways, it needs to be sent to populate the Opposition benches - via the ballot box, of course.

    They still have until GE 13 to prove they can change, whenever that is.

  7. Actually, I thought Anwar was being pretty factual about why 916 failed, if you treat separately the issue of the morality and ethics.

    It was quite a predictable obstacle. If he had gone about it stealthily, it may have been a different outcome, but that's Anwar's tactical mistake....

    Of course, there is also the real risk of UMNO reacting dangerously to a loss of Federal power. That may still occur in case of a legitimate outcome via elections, but the risk is multiplied if they lost it via political maneuvers.

  8. KT,

    we understand your position on the katak. Now more to the point, since the latter was a pie in the sky, how democratic is the so-called "transition plan" between PM and DPM. Both campaigned as such and now tata DPM to become PM. Is this true-blue democracy?
    If not, shouldn't we voice it out? What's your take?

  9. should we also voice out on the leadership in PKR? De facto leader? Either you're elected or not, if we're arguing about democracy.

    Remember Nalla who was told by Anwar not to compete for the party's VP position (he was disgusted and left), and several (Malay) leaders who left PKR because they accused Anwar of deciding who could contest this or who should be elected as that, former leaders like Abdul Rahman Othman (PKR membership card of No: 003) who wanted to challenge Dr Wan for the president's post, but suddenly withdrew (why?) and left for PAS.

    Then there was former Kedah PKR chief Akashah Ismail, former PKR Baling chief Radzi Md Lazim, former PKR Youth secretary SD Johari, who had also accused then-party-advisor-now-de-facto-leader Anwar Ibrahim of meddling with party polls.

    So ...

  10. KT,

    with all due respect, I do not give a rat's a** about PKR and what they do inside it as long as I do not pay tax to them. If I do not like them, I just walk out and shun them. If I do not like the Malaysian government, can I stop paying them tax? Do not tell me they've been elected and have the democratic legitimacy. How about:

    * the postal votes with officer-supervised voting (how many: 200,000; 300,000? No one knows since they crop up as and when needed, look at KT, Lumut, KL's Setiawangsa, etc.).
    * the massive flaunting of election rules (spending is capped at 100,000 or 150,000 depending on the post, remember the massive TV ads and BN stationeries all over the place, how does it add up?)
    * not to mention without any specific order: massive abuse of state resources (government jets anyone?); threats to civil servants (internal memos) and minorities (NST headline on eve of election) to vote "right"; SPR (written rules to be applied on an ad hoc basis based on the candidate's party), AG (ink or no ink), media (ad nauseum bias) and PDRM (police permits to exercise constitutional rights) all behaving like BN components
    * as a testimony to it, remember what happened to the Ketua UMNO PJ's ACA report on the above? The guy was excluded from UMNO while Zaid was sacked. That's protecting whistleblowers (where's Nazri's promised law BTW?) for you!

    On a personal viewpoint, I can only concur with your second paragraph. As anyone remotely sensible, I have qualms about PKR coming to power. Unfortunately, should PKR stay out of power, it is neither Obama nor Tok Guru or even Uncle Lim who's going to head the dear Kerajaan. It is "all is well with PDRM" trigger-happy silver-spoon-in-the-mouth Najib Razak! And on which basis? A corruption-ridden (sorrylah, cakap salah "money-politics) party election, party which sees no problem excluding nearly half the Malaysian population on subjective racial lines while likening others to racists.

    To be honest, demonising PKR while allowing UMNO-BN to roam free seems to me like doing a Don Quijote. Chasing mills instead of actual evil-doers. Hope you'll blog on this KT ;)

    Look forward to your next posts.