Friday, November 21, 2008

PI Bala in Bangkok or Kolkata?

What we get in Malaysiakini today are the predictable comments on the Altantuyaa murder trial, especially against Razak Baginda after his admonition to parties not to slander the DPM and wife – see Abdul Razak: Najib not involved

Then in a related case, Home Minister Syed Hamid (currently without doubt the most hated and abused minister in the Malaysian blogosphere) replied (in written form) to PKR’s Tian Chua on the whereabouts of Private Investigator (PI) Balasubramaniam.

Recalling Subra’s involvement in the Altantuyaa case, he was a PI for Razak Baginda.

His fame or notoriety (depending on which side you’re on) was his first Statutory Declaration about a ‘Najib told Razak Baginda, and Razak told me’ allegation of a very serious but hearsay nature against DPM Najib, with the inclusion of a salacious titbit thrown in, namely a graphic description of Najib’s preferred sexual position – coincidentally the same as the allegation and charge against Anwar Ibrahim (though Najib’s was with a woman).

Significantly, it was Najib’s nemesis, Anwar Ibrahim, who starred at the press conference to reveal Bala’s Stat Dec.

Then even more significantly, when Bala was asked by the police to report to a police station regarding the Stat Dec, he was NOT accompanied by a lawyer, any lawyer – he went alone!

Some said this was a serious but very significant omission of care and protection (of Bala) by the PKR who organized the press conference to reveal the first SD.

I didn’t (and still don’t) consider it as an unfortunate omission; I thought it was most significantly suspicious, given that Malaysians especially opposition parties have been intimately familiar with what could happen in a police station.

So how could he have been allowed to go alone? It’s not as if no one was aware of him going.

I consider this fact highly significant!

Then after his visit to the police station he made another Stat Dec reversing all he said in the first Stat Dec. Then he disappeared.

Given these high dramas, who had looked bad? Who would look bad? So I could only but ask ‘cui bono’?

I even heard on the grapevine he was paid half a million (what? ringgit or dollars?) and is now residing in splendid retirement in Kolkata!

Dakhshineswar Temple Kolkata - Wikipedia photo

Today Home Minister Syed Hamid add on to the case by responding to Tian Chua on the whereabouts of Balasubramanian - see Minister: Cops met PI Bala in Bangkok where Syed Hamid indicated the last meeting with Bala was in Bangkok in July. Syed Hamid added that Bala may be charged for making a false Stat Dec.

However, some Malaysiakini readers who have written in the high opinionated 'Razak, don't tell us who's not involved' has already decided who the murderer is - and the person remains guilty until proven innocent.

And who does kaytee believe is the murderer? I can make a wild guess at best, but as I don’t have the facts and evidence which many Malaysiakini letter writers have been blessed with, I shall just listen ... for, would you believe, facts and evidence to be revealed.

But no more "I have been reliably informed" Stat Decs please ... or fabricated photos of French dinners.


  1. One thing significant.

    P Bala is formerly employed by Razak Baginda.

    How come we are condition to believe that Bala went to Anwar (who is the Najib's nemesis) on his own accord?

    What price did Anwar troop got to sacrifice in order for Bala to appear "voluntary" at PKR press conference?

    Who paid the lawyers fees to prepare the 1st Bala SD? You think Bala will take his money to pay?

    To me, its more like PKR make use of Bala and Bala attracted by some consideration to appear voluntary to do the SD.

    So, with these SDs syndrome infected the PKR, how not their states administrattion not affected?

    Remember, in this world , where got free lunch?


  2. Let me continue "No Free Lunch" Questions

    Who paid the lawyers fees to prepare the 2nd Bala SD? You think Bala will take his money to pay?

    Remember, in this world , where got free lunch?

  3. "And who does kaytee believe is the murderer?"

    Anwar planned it, to embarass the government.

    Remember, Cui Bono (who benefits)?

  4. I am a former neighbour of Bala and a drinking buddy of his at our favourite joint in Bangsar. He has told me on a number of occasions that Razak & Najib wanted him to rough up the mongolian girl when she wanted to go public that Najib had slept with her (introduced by Razak). Bala once said that Razak even joked to him that he would give Bala RM1mil if he could kill the mongolian 'troublemaker'.

    What I have just said was what I had been told by Bala in the course of 1 year. I choose now to remain anonymous for the safety of my family and myself.

  5. see who started this culture of Statutory Declaration:)

    If you believe RPK, he said got 2 more SDs supposedly from Bala.

    Mati lah dengan musim SDs saja

    Should PKR motto "In Statutory Declarations, We Trust"

    The US coin, say "In God We Trust"


  6. Anonymous at 6.51pm, Nov.21,08. You better hide, else you will be invited by force to take a holiday to a place nobodys knows like Bala. They will seeek you out...pack your backs...anyway if caught ask to be with Bala so that both of you can still drink together and enjoy talking about the truth.

  7. Though not strictly on topic, here's something that might fire your imagination and provide ideas for future topics to write about. At any rate, some readers may find it engaging.

    The Economist (the UK weekly news magazine) has some interesting things to say about Indonesia in its latest issue online with the title "Indonesia sets an example".

    After the Suharto regime came to an end people wondered if the country, made up of an expansive and impoverished archipelago and an amalgam of hundreds of ethnic groups, would descend into chaos?

    The Economist suggests that the answer is no, and that Indonesia has consistently surprised observers with the positive, while listing these achievements:

    * Indonesia’s shattered finances have been repaired.

    * It has developed a free press.

    * The army’s hands have been prised from the levers of power.

    * And, above all, Indonesia has become a democracy in which the voters can chuck out their government. Freedom House, an American think-tank, now rates Indonesia as the only completely free country in South-East Asia—putting its richer neighbours, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, to shame.

    That last sentence is worth repeating: Indonesia rates as the only completely free country in South-East Asia - putting its richer neighbours, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, to shame. Wow, isn't that quite some claim!

  8. Anon 6.51pm stash your family in a safe country. Make your SD and wait for the offer. Don't get too greedy or you may get C4ed.

  9. Where is PI Bala? Use your brains lah, if you have just been handed a great amount of fortune, and it's not from your deceased god-uncle, where would you go to spend it? Macao, Las Vegas or Timbuktu?

  10. Bala enjoying life overseas . Probably staying in an apartment or house owned by you know who and rent free and given monthly allowance to stay out of Malaysia until all the court cases are over and done with .

    So why bother where is Bala when his own relatives don't even bother .
    Let him enjoy himself ok , wouldn't be surprised if he is staying in Australia at a friend by the name of KTemoc 's place .Wakakakakakakaka