Monday, November 10, 2008

Malaysian opposition politician's purple heart

wikipedia photo

President George Washington established the Purple Heart Medal as a badge of military merit. Along with the badge went the citation:

"Let it be known that he who wears the military order of the purple heart has given of his blood in the defense of his homeland and shall forever be revered by his fellow countrymen."

The award fell into disuse until it was revived in the 1930’s before WWII, where it was awarded to soldiers who were wounded in combat. The Purple Heart carries the image of George Washington as a mark of respect for the US President who established the award.

Apparently 500,000 Purple Hearts were prepared in anticipation of the expected casualties in the planned invasion of Japan. But due to the Japanese capitulation after Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed, those were obviously not required.

Even allowing for all the Purple Hearts awarded in the horrendous wars of WWII, Korea and Vietnam and all those grotty wars that Americans got themselves into since WWII, more than a hundred thousand medals are still available.

It is the only US military medal that doesn't require a recommendation for a soldier to win it; that soldier merits it by virtue of his or her wounds in combat.

In Malaysian politics, particularly opposition politics, a pollie is not considered kau liao (cukup mampu) or blooded ‘in combat’ unless he or she has been arrested by our dear men in blue, and preferably assaulted, or better still, detained for a decent period under the ISA.

Probably the DAP contributed most to such bloodying and ISA detention, with virtually its entire top echelon having makan nasi kari kosong kerajaan (ate government’s curry rice ... ;-) with or without eggs).

Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Teresa Kok, and some of their erstwhile colleagues have all made the roll of 'honour'.

Now, Malaysiakini in DAP duo allege rough handling by police informs us that Tony Pua, DAP MP for Petaling Jaya Utara and Lau Weng San, ADUN for Kampung Tunku, have both joined the ‘exalted’ ranks of politicians who have been arrested and assaulted by the police.

Apart from having his shirt torn, Tony was kicked in his stomach and leg. Lau was punched in his face despite informing the policeman he was an ADUN.
Tony Pua - Malaysiakini photo

Our police have shown abysmal disrespect for our elected representatives. The IGP should explain the thuggish conduct of his officer, especially calling to account the responsible officer, the CPO Selangor. Assaulting a Member of Parliament or an ADUN, the rakyat's elected representative, should be made a serious criminal offence.

Lau Weng San - Malaysiakini photo

But let’s leave those hoodlums in blue as they don’t and can’t earn our respect, perhaps our fear, but never our respect. So I won’t waste too much time lambasting them.

But our Tony and Lau have been bloodied ‘in combat’. They deserve the equivalent of the Purple Heart …

… which set me thinking – hmmm, what shall we call such an award, and should we have an equivalent of a George Washington type of image engraved on the medal?

I wonder whether you would agree with me if I title it Pingat TC (PTC) and adopt the face of a well-known personality in Malaysian politics as the iconic image to be set in the medal.

To know what is TC, please look at photo below - wakakaka!

photo from TC's blog

"Sedia untuk di hentam"

"Let it be known that he who wears the Malaysian Political Opposition order of the PTC has given of his/her blood in the defence of his/her constituency and shall forever be revered by his/her fellow countrymen."


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  2. pistolair, your comment is totally out of thread with my post

  3. frankly, with his bald head and his look, the police was very hard to identify if he's adun or a thug, no offense .... please don't blame the police carry out their duty......

  4. denzook

    in future, aduns must not have a bald head. all aduns must have the hair style of our venerable Minister Al-blur.
    Ok with you denzook?

  5. denzook,

    What carrying out their duty are you referring to. Since when did it become necessary for the police to assault unarmed,peaceful people while carrying out their duty as you put it. The police in this case are nothing more than a bunch of f===ing bullies who do not have any balls when they are up against violent mat rempits but are f'''ing heroes when they are up against unarmed, peaceful people.

  6. Tian Chua is hardly the first person to be smashed in the 'line of duty'. Heh heh. I remember being in school when I read a book or two detailing Kit Siang getting tossed around way back in the old days.

    The old man's seen a lot, shouldn't he have the honours of the Kit Siang medal - stating that you ain't a true Opposition member 'till you've been punched, had your shirt torn, and been dumped into a Black Maria on the way to the lokap.

  7. The police used brute force on a well-behaved, peaceful group.

    Meanwhile, the police decamped from the beat post in Chow Kit 'cause they are scared of the bad hats in the area...

    What's happened to the IPCMC ?

  8. Chow Kit? It takes a thug to recognise another (fiercer) thug.

    As for the IPCMC, please read my 2-year old post

  9. Howdy KT

    Purple Heart? Faint heart more like it. Or Pingat TC (True Colours). Or self-glory medal for want of a better award. Your choice of words roll of honour and exalted ranks of politicians are so apt. Those detained under the ISA, they have gained celebrity status. Look at RPK and Teresa Kok. Suddenly an iconic model. And they are calling for the abolition of ISA. More beautiful words from you were bloodied in combat and given his/her blood in defence of his/her constituents and shall foever be revered by his countrymen. Ha.ha. What bloody combat KT? Many don't even know the daily sufferings of their constituents. Better go for demonstration to show the people they are indeed working.

  10. aiyah, idzan, please compare them with BN - latter won't even fight for and don't care about their constituencies lah, all wanna get rich only or a datukship (for access to ministerial contacts and contracts) - their PTC is different lah, Pingat Tau (Besar) Corrupsi - wakakaka.

  11. Sure la. UMNO can come out protest and the police will escort them. PR comes out and the police will beat them silly.

    Bunch of liars & 'killers' ( Abd Razak case )

  12. killers? any evidence?

    amoker, we cannot praise the judiciary when they rule in favour of opposition figures like RPK or Anwar, but condemn them when they rule in favour of personalities the opposition wants hanged, like Razak Baginda!

    and it'll help if we have 'evidence' before accusing someone of being a killer - political convenience (to the interest of an opposition agenda) is just not good enough - in fact it's both a sin and a crime

    Let's not practise double standards!

  13. Medal?...The PKR MP in my constitueny is nothing BUT trouble

    All opposition DO is oppose, oppose and oppose..Can't be bothered working for rakyat instead get involved in something you know can't change anything

    Do a memorandum with 20 millions of signature wanting ISA abolished would likely do the trick of abolishing ISA..then govt can't do anything as MAJORITY OF PEOPLE has spoken instead of claiming it is majority voice when there are not even 0.01% of population in the gathering


  14. Kaytee

    Cannot agree with you more. Its the sickness of politicians the world over. Don't know wy we bother voting for them. Can bet a year from now we can hear rumbles from Americans about Obama.

  15. //we cannot praise the judiciary when they rule in favour of opposition figures like RPK or Anwar, but condemn them when they rule in favour of personalities the opposition wants hanged, like Razak Baginda//

    Hello there, are you saying that RPK and Anwar are involved in the murders of some one? Or involved in sexual relationships with foreigner models? Or was Saiful C4-ed on Anwar's orders? You are placing Mahatma Gandhi in the same category as Adolf Hitler!

  16. anon of 5:23 PM, November 11, 2008 - as I said to amoker, "killers? any evidence?"

    you made accusations without evidence! where's the evidence that RB was the murderer? Is it a crime to have a sexual relationship with a foreigner?

    I may also ask, is it a crime to liwat? Case masih belum selesai

    RPK and Anwar Gandhi? wakakakakaka

  17. The whole episode sucks . Especially the people involved .Here's two scenerio which to me sucks !

    a)Opposition walking out from parliament when they do not agree to some thing deem not to their taste . Do you ever see the Democrats or the Republicans walking out of Congress ? We voted them in to speak out on our behalf , to make sure things that are not right are passed out in Parliament , but here we have MPs who prefer walking out of Parliament , using language common in Petaling Street , and making , poking fun as if they are walking out of some circus shows . Next they will be following the Taiwanese style of throwing shoes . In the end nothing gets done and our interest are not protected and telling the world how clever they are in turning Parliament sittings into a mockery of things to come .

    b) having candlelight vigil against ISA does not bring about any change . The govt will not accede to the demands brought about by such candlelight vigils . Anyway those who eat chilli will know its hot . In other words be prepared to be hauled up if you persist in doing this . ISA should be revised and defined but NOT to be abolish . ISA should be used only for terrorists , rapists , murderers forgerers , fabricators of national documents like ic's and passports where not sufficent evidence can be produced to convict them . ISA should never be used for political opponents or religious preachers .

    Imagine in Indonesia recently when the three terrorists were executed and shipped back to their hometown for burial , there are still people shouting and calling for revenge . Just wondering what ideology these people possess ? Killing other innocent people is ok and when these murderers are executed they call for revenge . Indonesia should also look seriously into also having their own ISA against these people .

    Wonder how many Malaysians really support the complete abolishment of ISA ? I for one do not support its complete abolishment . I hope what those people know what they are doing .


    This opposition baboons usually like being arrested and bullied as it only increases their popularity.


    this is one blog you may want to visit

  19. People who support the ISA for "terrorists , rapists , murderers forgers , fabricators of national documents etc." talk as if there are no laws covering penalties for these crimes. WRONG.

    Virtually any act a person can commit which is a threat to national security has severe penalties under various laws in the Penal Code.

    The difference is the government has to prove its case in a court of law, with evidence, witnesses and a right to defense.

    If there is any real risk a person may continue to commit dangerous acts pending trial, the prosecution can always oppose bail.

    It is basic human decency that if you say a person is guilty of a crime and lock him up, you must have evidence.

    I put it to you that 90% of the time when the government resorts to the ISA it is because

    a)There's no evidence worth talking about. If they sent it to trial in a court, it would be thrown out in, like, 1 day.

    b) The authorities are incapable or plain lazy to come up with the evidence.

    c) THE PERSON IS ACTUALLY BEING LOCKED UP FOR Regime POLITICAL REASONS. Nothing to do with national security.

    Indonesia is a good case. The three terrorists were tried in open court, with evidence presented. While they have their die-hard supporters, the majority of people have accepted that there was due process followed.

    Indonesia under Suharto used to lock many people up without trial.
    Pramoedya Ananta Toer - a gentle writer of novels, mind you - was locked up for 14 years without charges, because his books were regarded as a threat to the regime. Fortunately they have released all their prisoners of conscience.

    Indonesia in many ways is still a corrupt and dysfunctional country. But it has moved much further to dismantle its dark past than Malaysia has.

  20. So does that mean we can have a full democracy where everyone can slander everyone ? Where everyone can do anything under the sky as he so wishes ? Where anyone can say anything as he so wishes ? Where man made laws are deem obsolete ?

    As I have mentioned ISA has to be revised and re-examined solely for reasons having to do with national security and NOT for political reasons .

    No country can ever have a full democracy to survive especially when we have all kinds of people under the living under the blue sky .

    I don't condone such actions by the opposition even if it is done for good intent but will never achieved its aims rather than for publicity . Name me one country where its MP very occasionally , often or have daily protests against the govt . Do you think this looks good for the country ? where tourists will get the wrong impression ? If they want to do it have a sit in in Parliament or bring their protests to Parliament .

  21. I'm not an anything goes Anarchist.

    What I'm saying is - if the authorities think somebody has committed an offense - charge them in court, present the evidence, and they have right to defend themselves.

    In Britain, Australia, USA, the more active elected representatives regularly address public protests. Usually they are not necessarily protesting against the government - they are protesting specific issues, or urging the government to do more for a particular cause.
    At the height of the protests against the Iraq war in the US and Britain, many Elected reps were involved.

    I'm a supporter of the right of public assembly as long as they are peaceful and are not used to incite violence - including the UMNO members in front of Komtar.

  22. Malaysia should have its "Purple Punggung" award, and its 1st recipient should be Saiful the coffeeboy

  23. ... and who's gonna hand out the award? wakakakakakakakakakakaka

  24. Ronnie Liu arrested for obstructing MPSJ officers conducting vice raids in 2007.

    Is Ronnie Liu the DAP's Tian Chua ?

  25. Dear observer

    I am with you fully on this :I'm a supporter of the right of public assembly as long as they are peaceful and are not used to incite violence .

    I guess the best way to repeal the ISA is to look forward to the next GE however we really need to look into the issues of national security , internally (extremists) and external threats especially in Sabah where one million illegals have been infused into our National Registration making them overnight citizens . And rightful citizens have been reversed to become PRs . Many PRs from across the Straits have made Malaysia their base where they are involved in bringing their bethrens into Malaysia illegally and aiding them in their crime spree here .

  26. and who's gonna hand out the award?

    Raja Petra Kamaruddin !

  27. Or is it KTemoc since he is the one who brought up this bright idea ?

    Definetly NOT the heavenly snake or show off snake as his name in hokkien suggests .

    Wakakaka hehehehe . over to you !

  28. Chaptokam,
    The problem of illegals in Sabah gaining Malaysian citizenship just casually is fundamentally political at its root cause (read BN & UMNO) , and the solution has to address its roots.

    Of course, the culprits directly involved are also breaking the law, but arresting a few people under the ISA isn't going to solve the problem, in fact may be just be diverting attention from the real source of the problems.

    For what its worth, the problem wasn't started by Pak Lah, but he is at fault for not addressing it, basically due to the short term electoral advantages that it brings.

    In the long term, its a poisoned fruit.

  29. tahi saya lebih baik dari perangai jahat budak2 biru

  30. Dear observer

    I am 100% sure you will agree with me on this : Mahathir suggested arresting all the corrupt UMNO burgers under ISA .

    Well TDM you said it , I'll support you all the way on this . Pls walk your talk , no NATO pls !

    900 over reports to the ACA on money politics ! great political party ! and btw Ahmad Ismail was treated like a hero when he attended the Divisional meeting .

  31. Dear observer

    The problem of illegals in Sabah gaining Malaysian citizenship just casually is fundamentally political at its root cause (read BN & UMNO) , and the solution has to address its roots.

    a) agree on your point above.

    b) However there are some unscruptulous people , persons from the National Registration office making fast bucks out of this , selling Malaysian ic's for some quick money , enriching themselves in the process , even the immigration has got into this act as evidenced by the arrest of the two high ranking officers for approving the renewal of permits .

    As you say in the long term, its a poisoned fruit at our expense and the country 's.

  32. Mahathir suggested arresting all the corrupt UMNO burgers under ISA. This bloody bugger has 22 bloody years to do it but did not do so. Now he wants it when he is no longer in power.