Saturday, November 15, 2008

PABS gossip memo

Gossip memo for:

Protem President, PABS

I have come across a rumour currently doing the rounds. Some bloggers are grumbling about a certain blogger, one who likes to present himself as representing Malaysian bloggers ... wakakaka!

Oh, don't mind my guffawing - I am just tickled by the ludicrous thought of one individual representing all bloggers.

Mind you, to be fair to this blogger, his supporters used to think he did ... but now, many are having disquiet about his affiliations. You can catch drifts of this at Malaysiakini.

As one sweetie lamented, it had to take them so long to come to that realization - wakakaka!

On a separate matter, I heard on the grapevine that at this year's Bum night, roast lamb will be served again ... free of charge again ...

Hmmm, kaytee sedar ya dong, gratis adalah gratis, but can't we have a lil' imagination in the menu setting?

... or, maybe the kambing that'll be roasted could be the one sembelih in anticipative thanksgiving for a future leader's safe and comfy keeping and hopefully, ascendancy?

I suppose it makes good sense not to waste. In the current economic climate, one must save, save and save ... and invest, invest and invest in anticipation ... ;-)

Oh, on Bum night, I heard there'll be a word (or several) from the roast la.. sponsor ... and er ... don't forget the mint sauce - ya?

PABS lil' birdie ;-)


  1. That would be Rocky bru for sure. He has been pretty cozy with Mahathir and moving towards the right wing of Malay identity.

  2. Whether it be Rocky or Haris Ibrahim or Zorro-Zorro or RPK, it is immaterial. The writer could have mentioned the name of the person he is referring to.

  3. yes amjoem, agree with you. Why can't KT me more specific? what are you afraid of KT?

    Zul Old Free

  4. We'll send the roast lamb to you in Australia by courier if you cannot make the trip back , at least it shows that you have not been forgotten .

  5. ;-) I doubt I would be forgotten; I know I may be roasted wakakaka

  6. Don't worry I guarantee you won't be roasted , my scout's honor . You have my personal assurance also.

  7. the assurance of an anonymous wakakaka

  8. And, ktemoc is not anonymous !! Double wakakaka