Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wanita MCA: "No, no, no to Suzie Wongs"

Initially I had a laugh when I read a malaysiakini report that Wanita MCA chief Dr Ng Yen Yen urged the government to put a hold to recruiting maids from China.

She said:
“Following intensive discussions, Wanita MCA is appealing to the Home Affairs Ministry to halt this plan for the moment. We do not want the problem of these 'little dragon ladies' to escalate.”

Our MCA nyonyas are worried about those Suzie Wongs or Vampiras from China entering Malaysia as maids because their hubbies may not be able to resist those (imported) Chinese charms.

She declared: “These women are enticing local married men into having affairs with them and are causing family disharmony.”

Where’s the proof? Or just a pre-emptive strike?

She weaved around, saying she meant no disrespect to the lassies from China (she had just shown that), that unless clear guidelines on the recruitment are laid out and the interests of local women protected, the political party wing is against the move.

What guidelines did she have in mind? That they must be UGLY?

It's sad really, but it seems women themselves are the greatest sexists against other women.

Recall a case of a former Taiwan woman mayor who was to appear in a variety show in Malaysia a few years ago?

One Gerakan woman leader objected to that.

I can’t recall that Taiwanese lady’s name but she gained the wrong notoriety when she was videotaped secretly by a so-called close friend with a hidden video cam, while she was having a private tryst with her lover.

Her political opponents converted the secretly taken video into VCDs and gave them free to subscribers of a Taiwanese newspaper. The video was published on a website which hit an all time record as the world’s most visited website – imagine a billion plus Chinese rushing to see the two lovers having what they thought was a private sex session.

Apparently the Taiwanese court eventually penalized the newspaper for distributing porn, and invasion of privacy. But her career was destroyed and her financial situation somewhat in peril. That was why she took up the option to participate in a Chinese variety show, to earn a little something for herself after she resigned from her mayor's appointment.

How does this tie in with the Gerakan woman leader? I am not sure what was the name of the Gerakan Party senator but she was Indian.

What I recall though was when the variety show (in Malaysia) announced the former Taiwanese mayor would appear, the Gerakan female leader objected strongly to it and said what I thought was the strangest thing for a woman leader to say - that the Taiwanese former mayor was immoral or words to that effect.


That Taiwanese lady was a victim of a conspiracy. She had her privacy invaded. Her career was ruined. What was her crime? - wasn’t she allowed to have sex in private with her lover? All she wanted from the variety show was to earn some money for her retirement.

And we had a woman as a self-acclaimed voice on morality, not just any woman but a Malaysian woman political leader, condemning another woman who was a victim of the most savage invasion of her personal life. I believe this is the sort of woman leader who would probably blame society's rape victims for being itchy-fied.

The immorality, the sin, the shame must surely lie with the accuser. I felt utterly disgusted with her hypocrisy, her weird values, and her ironically anti-woman stand.

It’s small wonder that male MPs feel free to attack their female counterparts with sexist remarks.


  1. You seem to be, or pretend to be ignorant and inocent on this Chinese maids issue. Try walking around some Chinese populated small towns and watch how some local Chinese men "getting crazy" over some Chinese woman "Traders" trying to get some cheap thrills. You vomit.

    I am a man and I support the anti-Chinese maids call.

  2. Hehehe...My other half was reading the newspaper article and she just exclaimed "No Way!".
    I just jokingly suggested it might be a good idea after all, probably more efficient than our current Indonesian maid. She said - "Have a little dragon lady live in our house ? Very dangerous, especially when I'm not at home"
    There you are, I think 99% of Chinese wives would be against it.

  3. There are too many nice-looking dan sexy little dragon ladies around. No wonder that our wanita are deadly against the idea!

  4. I have to disagree with you on this note. Given the problem we have with prostitution of Chinese girls, the Chinese maid thing will only make it an easy route for further expansion of the vice problems related to Chinese girls.

    So the guideline goes way beyond your ideas of having a "fugly" maid.

  5. I agree with you kittykat46. They will be more efficient. She may even help to put one's husband to sleep when he has sleepless night.

  6. Guess the problem of men too weak to resist the charms of pretty girls is not limitesd to Muslim men, huh? How come nobody blames men for anything?

  7. Stereotype that most women are insecure creatures are true....

    If your husband is a horn dog, even Indon girls will net you the same result.

  8. ya, i guess women are their own worst enemies. lol.

    agree with marina. why no blame the men? why blame the maids from china instead, that they are enticing local men? it is the local men who are horny, going after them!

  9. Typical Malaysian thinking or just human nature? One hand don't clap. Takes two to tango.

    Blame the little dragons. Blame the car but not the driver. Blame the bloggers but not the government. Blame the money but not the corrupt. Blame the excuse but not the logic....whooooose!!!

  10. Men are horny, no doubt about that. And if women want to keep their men, then do something about it! Have sex more often with us, because the dragon lady doesn't make us feel good about it the end of the day.

  11. Sometimes, Women are Sexist Against Women ....


  12. the local chinese realise that they are not as attractive as chinese from mainland china and call to anti chinese maid is actuated by jealousy!

  13. identity confused! Ah Ling is from beijing and Ah Mei is from shanghai,both from mainland china.Ah Ling fell in love with a local man who then divorced his local wife and married Ah Ling later. The local people accused Ah Ling of wrecking a family. Ah Mei was blacklisted by the local community following Ah Ling encounters and was denied a job as the local people assume that Ah Mei will be following Ah Ling footsteps! if you are to tell this story to the children DO YOU THINK the children will like it? the children will find the local people are prejudice and discriminating! more terryfying if you tell them this is our community!

  14. I am a victim of husband snatching china woman with working permits in factory. But I have doubts about her job. My husband said there is nothing wrong with me and he loves me. But this woman has enticed him knowing well that he is a married men and has been making demands from him. He is addicted to her and she is not letting go. I am in pain and counseling is not working well either. My children is suffering from the tension in the household. I hope you change you stand against China women as they have poor moral values and no religious views to control their actions and decisions.