Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mindless Morons in Monkey Mansion

Over the last couple of days, malaysiakini readers have been lambasting Science, Technology and Innovations Minister Jamaludin Jarjis for his alleged racist comments.

Unbelievably (or perhaps not) the minister made crude remarks that insulted a Malaysian on the basis of the colour of her skin. Because she was dark, he opined she was of an 'inferior' caste or status.

One cannot but help wonder how in 2007, there is such a bigoted minister* or rather monster who dared make crude idiotic comments in a gathering.

* mind you, we have more than a few of these

Is he a reincarnated white supremacist Afrikaan (punished by his own karma to relive his useless life in a non-white skin?) or a member of medieval Brahmin priestly caste, or more likely, a retarded hatchling from a slug?

But the most disappointing thing has been the lack of response from the PM.

In another democratic society, such a bigoted moronic minister would have been made to resign. Though, I have to admit that not too long ago, the Israeli ambassador to Australia was reported by an Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz, as having made equally racist remarks about Asians. But then he’s an Israeli while this minister is supposed to be a minister for Malaysians, well, for some anyway.

But there is a disturbing consistency in AAB’s silence when it comes to UMNO ministers or MPs openly violating norms of propriety or decency.

Remember Polyphemus, that one-eyed Cyclops in the House of Monkeys?

Please read Monkey business in big Monkey House!

That shameless clown even made crude sexist language against a DAP lady MP (asking her whether she like it ‘hard’ or ‘soft’), and that was in Parliament, so don’t blame me for referring to that so-called hallowed hall as a House of Monkeys - with apologies to some inmate exceptions.

Why is AAB tolerating such slimy rednecks who would be better placed among society’s lowlife? Are they such powerful king makers who can’t and mustn’t be touched? Will reprimanding them imperil in any way the image of UMNO to the Malays as the last bastion of Ketuanan Melayu? Or, is it that AAB doesn't care about decent values in Malaysian society. On the basis of those alleged racist remarks, Jamaludin Jarjis certainly doesn't belong in a civilised society.

The even more annoying thing is these two morons weren’t even asserting their claims of Ketuanan Melayu, but making utterly unacceptable thoughtless and insensitive remarks. How can such … things … be MPs and one a minister?

It beggars belief. But then, this is Malaysia Boleh!


  1. Jamaludin Jarjis has apologised to Dr Sheena Moorthy.

    SEE Rocky Bru's posting or click here:


  2. Actually what possessed him to say such things, which I'm sure he wouldn't have dared say here at home? Was quite in control of his faculties? He's not normally quite so uncouth, as far as I know.

    Never mind AAB, what about Samy V keeping quiet? Or is that old "I will never diss a fellow Cabinet colleague' adage at play here?

  3. yes AAB silence is very disturbing indeed. why fear to reprimand them? as you pointed out, it might look as though those UMNOputeras are untouchable.

  4. JJ is normally a pretty smooth operator. I mean, we don't know what he's REALLY like in private, but its very uncharacteristic of him to make such crude remarks in public.

    Maybe the jet-lag got to him...I've said and done some pretty silly things myself when my body clock was totally out of synch with the time zone.

  5. JJ is nothing but a crude racist, absolutely sure that UMNOputras can behave like kings in bolehland and get away with anything they do, especially making racist jibes at the Indians whom they despise.Period.

  6. Marina,
    S.Bellow has never fought for anyone but himself. Recently his spate with Sdr Anwar on Samy's non-existent 'struggle' for the Indians has surfaced and Opposition head-honcho K.Siang took him to task on what had he done for the Indians in the last 7 years.

    Samy has no answer. Maybe lotsa name-callings but yet he couldn't answer a simple question.
    He sure can't blame any 'contractors' now. His shelf-life has expired eons ago.