Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pro-tem committee PABS formed

Sorry there was no new post yesterday. Busy with new proposed alliance (tentatively) titled PABS - monitor malaysiakini for more soon.

Pro-tem president is well known blogger Susan Loone, with myself as deputy. But I am prepared to vacate my place for anyone who may wish to be deputy president.

Susan will issue a statement soon on PABS and why we deem there is now an urgent necessity to form the organisation. Details of other committee members will be released by her.


  1. can i join PABS? so that when i join i can sit back and enjoy the wayang kulit that's going (will be going on) among bloggers attacking PABS or saying we are attacking them and so on, just like what happened to AMPB.

  2. Is this serious? Wow. so fast there is another alternative.

    Is this neutral? or pro ???
    I am all for a neutral and apolitical loose organisation to represent the interest of the bloggers.

    Let the hundred flowers bloom.

  3. thanks will contct yo shortly cheers

  4. sorry, y u need to 'monitor malaysiakini'?

  5. Dear KTemoc,
    I love your blog and come here often for your take on politics and stuff. (I blog too, but about plants and gardens, nothing to get anyone excited or riled about).
    KTemoc, I must say i feel rather disappointed that you are now in the midst of forming another blogger alliance.

    I've always thought of you as someone who stays above the fray and just goes on blogging as u wish. As example, at the time when the msian blogsphere was crackling with indignance over Rehman Rashid rectum column, you ignored it all. (I thought too it was much ado about nothing and really, sopo bloggers are a prickly lot.)
    I liked you for the fact that you dont even carry the bum logo and you don't buy into their rhetorics.
    And now this.
    I'm aware in recent days you've been busy commenting (questioning) the validity or mandate of the so-called All-Blogs. Perhaps, in the interest of free speech, etc, etc.
    And now this.
    Do we really need another alliance like the merry band of (mee rebus eating) bloggers?
    Why not be the free agent of the cyber world? I am disappointed, KTemoc.
    Yours truly,
    The Gardener

  6. Im In.I feel All-Blogs has some political agenda!.

  7. hi ktemoc:

    Off-topic, beg thy pardon!

    I just posted my reply to your longish comment recently at my Blog re: May 19 Do. Thanks for your patience.

    "desiderata said...
    To Ktemoc:

    I apologise for coming back to add this so late as I was "derailed" by unexpected happenings, yes, blogospheric too!

    Your point refers "Many of us have wondered whether that was far too provocatively political? Please educate us – what was your objective?Would it have advanced the cause of bloggers? "

    Given Howsy's initiative on the Gathering, it was first planned for around May 3 (World Press Freedom Day), so time was indeed the essence. I sent off the Invites to Speakers very quickly after brief brainstorm with two key organising mebers -- namely Howsy and freelunch -- and when I said I developed the BRIOEF and SUB-TOPIC, it's just that someone (I did as Chair) had to take on the "quick" decision-making; otherwsie, the Event would NOT move.

    The sub-topic was to "link" all the Speakers except for Special Speaker rockybru, and IF it was not the one decided on, it would have been others which will still be subject to various points of view. The one I selected flowed from a Conversation I had with JeffOoi (my taiko); maybe the NAB would be able to come up with other Topics for future discussions, but note that the sub-topic was suggested to take 2-3 minutes from 5-10 given to the speakers.

    I hope other matters raised by You on All-Blogs would best be answered by the Protem Committee head of deputy. Cheers!:)

    10:22 AM

    PS added here onlyas this just came to mind: Also, I add to your point about "intolerance" of dissenting views, my context was centred on too much and premature speculation on issues related to National alliance of Bloggers (NAB) -- now just two months old -- would cause more confusion and divisiveness. Some commenters were urging other Com members to speak up -- that's usually not encouraged as spokespersons mainly are the two leaders, President or the Deputy; otherwise there would be chaos even within the Protem Committee. I was urging patience for NAB to come out with its Draft Consitution, maybe then Rockybru and team can organise another dialogue for potential members (like me too) to give our feedback. Thanks for your forebearance. Hope you converse more with rockybru or jeff re: NAB. I will surely continue to engage them, and express some concerns too, wrt to eg "anonymous" bloggers given membership and its implications.

  8. I wonder why in this transparent public sphere that is blogosphere, borderless, and boundaryless, Rocky cannot deign to speak out and must like some tribal chief apparently awaiting proper protocol (or what?) to give a response of sorts? Why arise the the need for others to feel compelled to channel communication like some polly's aide system? Gee!

  9. Uncle Chong, thanks for your feedback, appreciate it.

  10. Anonymous (11:29 AM, May 26, 2007)said...

    Why...Rocky cannot deign to speak out and must like some tribal chief apparently awaiting proper protocol (or what?) to give a response of sorts?...


    Why dont you ask Rocky at rockybru instead of asking ktemoc here?

  11. anon 10.02pm May 26,

    Harro!. have you checked your facts before making this "kahiry-like" comment? has Rocky deigned to acknowledge anyone, even those supporting him in his post on the drama kings and queens?

    In any case, here or there is besides the point, if blogsphere is boundaryless isn't it?

  12. Good morning Ktemoc....How's your Punjab And Babu Society getting on?
    Or is it..Preventing Animals Being Slaughtered.??
    Whatever it is..I am not going to be your son....stealing my Queen.
    Just you wait.....hahahahahaha

  13. That's the pattern of having a side kick and machais my friends.
    The leader will always keep quiet....speak few times of non important issues to show he is in control....but so much on All blogs matters...not one much so a zainuddin maiden fella said all bloggers are liars. I corrected him.
    Then I put out a test their sincerities. proving again wrong....yet no apologizes.
    Does that not sound like a political party..never admit mistakes?

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