Friday, May 11, 2007

MP's menstruation mesmerised motherless monkeys

'Ere the dust has settled down on my posting Mindless Morons in Monkey Mansion, the crude creepy Cyclops and his menstruation-mesmerised monyet mate have been up to ... of course monkey ... tricks again - it's their usual sickening shameless simian behaviour.

According to
malaysiakini, the latter, joined by the former, made mind boggling sexist remarks about DAP Fong Po Kuan’s menstrual cycle in that place ... yes, none other than that ... Monkey House - apologies again to inmate exceptions.

Both slimy sexist simians did not deny making the unbelievable comments.

Sadly, no lady MP from the Barisan Nasional protested against their unparliamentary intrusive insults. Those BN ladies must have been meditating in elegant silence, probably on Shahrir Samad's dismissal as Chairman of the Backbenchers Club when he supported the DAP's motion to refer (apparently a very powerful) Cyclops to the Committee of Privileges for the latter's 'close-one-eye' proposal to Customs.

But when Fong, the lady directly insulted by those crude crass comments called for a motion under the Standing Order 26 (1P) to refer the two BN MPs to the Committee of Privileges, predictably Speaker Ramli Ngah Talib dismissed the motion.

Is there no shame in that Monkey House? (apologies to all real simians, not those wannabes)

malaysiakini reported:

Fong expressed her regret over the decision: “I feel sad that no woman MP in the Dewan just now voiced their objection to the comments that were insulting to all women.”

DAP MP Teresa Kok said the matter was not new:
“Each time a gender sensitive issue comes out … each time derogatory remarks were made against women, there is no action taken by the speaker.”

Lim said,
“The Kinabatangan MP (Mokhtar) behaved as though he has no mother, or daughters or sisters. And the BN can thump unashamedly at the rejection of the motion on technical ground.”

* above underlining is mine

In a previous posting Cyclops in Monkey House, I had said of Cyclops:

Cyclops continued his comments on the [National Culture and Heritage] Academy and averred many local performers and dancers were ‘soft’ and said the proposed academy should address the issue.

DAP’s Chong Eng
objected: “No matter if the performers are hard or soft, fat or slim, pretty or ugly, they deserve basic respect.”

In an apparent sexual innuendo, Cyclops asked Chong in his reply:
“I understand what you mean, but you like hard or soft?”

The comment sparked off another round of pandemonium with shouting from both BN and opposition MPs. Lim invoked the standing order and said the remark is sexist and offensive but no action was taken. What do you expect? That’s why I call Parliament one BIG MONKEY HOUSE with an unmitigated clown like Said – pity the opposition has to be there.

Now, in this latest case of mindless motherless monyets mesmerised with and monkeying around with an MP’s menstruation, Lim called on the prime minister to “discipline the two BN MPs.”

No doubt Mr Elegant Silence will live up to his name.


  1. Aiyah,
    Just a joke lah, why you all so serious one?

  2. People get the type of MPs they deserve.
    We keep voting for them don't we ?- yeah, you, you and you.

  3. Anon,
    Tell it to your mother, sister, gf, wife and maybe your daughter.

    Joke only lah why so serious?

  4. if the female BN MPs cant stand up for themselves, do you expect them to stand up for you? forget about the whip coz they are just plain spineless.
    Meantime, the monkey community is growing with two more male monkeys supporting the comments by saying that it is not offensive and was meant as a joke. Volunteers needed as zookeepers to take care of the growing monkey community. Any takers?

  5. Sirs,
    This MP is stupid, right?...