Friday, May 18, 2007

How sweet is it (1)

Sent to coventry is neo-con Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the 2nd Iraqi invasion and occupation, a way that has killed hundreds of thousands of innocents, displaced millions of Iraqis, and plummeted the Arab nation into civil war.

The head of the World Bank, who had thick-skin-wise been resisting calls for his resignation, has finally crumbled before evidence of his
scandalous cosy deal for his sweetheart, unrelenting European pressure and the final straw, President Bush's withdrawal of his support for an indefensible case of blatant conflict of interest. He leaves his post end of next month.

It is sweet ironic justice that the cause of his downfall is an ethnic Arab woman.

President Bush's support for him dwindled as the Europeans refused to compromise. In fact they piled on the pressure, openly shunning him, with the latest show of their disdain for him being a statement by the German Development Minister Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul that
Wolfowitz would not be welcome at an Africa forum the World Bank is holding in Berlin next week if he is still in his post at the time.

Imagine that - the president of the World Bank not welcome at a World Bank forum! What further insult could beat that. Even low brow Bush recognised the writing on the wall.

Hmmm, if Anwar Ibrahim becomes PM of Malaysia after the next general election, he could perhaps give his good friend a job as an adviser on international finance?


  1. I've read some of Wolfowitz's published writings from before he became a political appointee. He has a tremendous intellect, whether or not you agree with his opinions. I think its very unfortunate that a man of his experience would fall into such an obvious conflict of interest.

    I can't help thinking the European's very loud cries of horror at his misbehaviour was primarily motivated by dislike for his conduct BEFORE he ever entered the World Bank. But they better not celebrate their victory too much - I expect the next case of misbehaviour by a European international official - and it will happen - will be looked upon very severely by Washington.

    Err...I'm getting to suspect your antipathy towards Anwar goes beyond policies and reasoning...did he somewhere injure you personally in the past ?

  2. no one denies wolfowitz's intellect - afterall he was a Havard prof. But his persistent insistence for the US to attack and invade Iraq must not be forgotten for the miseries that illegal action has brought about. The US Senate Intel C'mitte showed that when 9/11 happened, the first thing Wolfowitz did was to recommend attacking Iraq - helllloooo, hijackers were mainly Saudis and a few Egyptians, and he wanted US to attack Iraq?

    Of course my antipathy towards Mr Reformasi goes beyond policies and reasoning - it's an area called "trust"! I am not expecting him to be pristinely angelic but I don't trust that man one iota based on his record of performance as UMNO minister (in various capacities). And it's a fact he and Paul Wolfowitz are so chummy that they addressed each other in public forum by first names. Hey, buddies should help each other and Wolfowitz will soon be without a job ;-)

  3. "Wolfowitz will soon be without a job" -- why the hell would Wolfy need a job when he already has millions in greenbacks and gold bullion neatly stacked away? Also, his Libyan concubine's pay is big enough to sustain both of them. However, I believe he has to look frequently over his shoulder because muslims don't take kindly to his role in the destruction of Iraq

  4. Wolfie's penchant for Arab women could be a great carrot to get him here. I'm sure he will feel right at home with our politics too. ;)

  5. bloke likes the western style type - gf Shaha Riza was born & brought up in UK

  6. you cant help but have a dig at Anwar whenever there's an opportunity, isnt it? anyway, your take but all I can say is that he should be given another chance.
    the other guys are no better, my friend. remember the man who called for the keris to be soaked with chinese blood and yet how many really remember.

  7. everyone has another chance but it's up to them to prove it - the onus is on the politician to convince the voters

    sure, I remember the blood-soaked keris and all that (go thro' my previous postings - I didn't spare them as well), but life is not as simplistic as "If you're aren't for A that means you're for B"

    No, it's not so two-dimensional or black & white as that, 'cause I could well go for C or D

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  11. I personally don't think that a Prime Minister should be anyone who is as brutal as George Bush and Tony Blair or even Ariel Sharon. Enters the world bank and that Anwar Ibrahim affairs with that Wolfowitz will only complicated matters. I think I have seen that Barisan Alternative flag symbol somewhere and it resembles that of the AOL. If I am wrong than please correct my false statement.