Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The 8 D's of DSAI

Susan Loone has put up a good analysis of the way PKR is going from the allegations and stories emerging from its party elections, and on why Anwar Ibrahim had initially ignored legality by putting himself as a candidate for the presidential post, and then withdrawing as if he was concerned about ROS deregistering PKR.

DSAI, as he is called, has many D’s to his demerit. Here some of them:

1) De facto in charge of PKR – I was shocked to read in malaysiakini that he would even say that, treating his wife like a puppet, and making a mockery of his party election process – democracy my foot! He has shown utter contempt even for his own party elections.

2) Democracy (or lack of) – see (1) above – additionally there was the Nalla’s scandal where Anwar told him to withdraw from contesting the VP’s position. How could he then expect us to believe that he didn’t interfere with the election of office holders for the Youth Section?

3) “Dermo’ – cracy – Indians knocked out, Chinese marginalised in PKR – not good for PKR Apparently those (Malays, PRM?) who were more for multi-ethnicity were knocked out.

4) Dodgy election – why was the ballot count delayed overnight for a mere few hundred ballots – and PKR had the nerve to criticise the Election Commission

5) Deals – the DAP has been utterly disappointed by him, their so-called ally – as I had warned the DAP several times over, PKR is its real enemy which it must defeat before it can tackle the BN

6) Drama king – Susan Loone’s excellent explanation of why Anwar stood for and then withdrew from the party election for the presidential post showed him to be a drama king – Anwar did that to elicit sympathy as a “victim” , maybe hoping to rekindle the unbridled support he had (undeservedly) enjoyed in 1998

7) Dynastic ambitions – wrote on this already, so let’s wait to see how Puteri Reformasi develops

8) Deals No 2 - just speculating – would Anwar be prepared to go the ultimate length, even to deal with the Devil (no, not the mythical one) but the earthly (his) Devil, if that means he could get back into UMNO?


  1. KTemoc, don't write like an UMNO stooge. It's all in the name of the game. How does PKR get publicity??? How else you think the spin media will write about PKR?

  2. KTemoc...

    You jeolous ke? Tak de Topic lain ke??

    BN stooge more likely

  3. Old wine in new bottle.

  4. boss,

    it is perfectly fine to say/think

    "as I had warned the DAP several times over, PKR is its real enemy which it must defeat before it can tackle the BN"

    only, it seems to contradict an earlier statement you made :

    "Just for the records I am not against PKR per se"

    but it's not a big deallah.. it's good to let your feelings out.

    dap replace BN? dsai go back to umno?..... :)

  5. u sound like george bush: "if u r not for me, u r against me" ;-)

    why not this possibility:
    (a) i am not against pjr
    (b) fact of matter (as i assess it) is that pkr (chinese section) and dap are natural enemies, fighting for the oppsoition votes/seats

    nat, reality of life is not just simple black and white