Saturday, May 19, 2007

Malaysian Bloggers Together - 19 May 2007

UPDATE: Good news - SoPo bloggers (that's SOcio-POlitical bloggers) will get together tonight (19 May 2007), to do what the government and ruling political parties won't - uniting Malaysia through truth, open information and friendship.
All bloggers are welcome. The Taikohs and TaiChehs of Malaysian blogosphere will be there.

kaytee sends his love to all, I mean ALL ;-) have a lovely evening and don't make it into too much of a busman holiday - cheers

poster credit to our artistic genius, mob1900


  1. thanks for the pimping, KT! i had thought of asking you to do it when i made the comment re: good friday but didn't... and then now it's like you can read my mind!

  2. great minds think alike, but alas, there's also a saying that says the opposite thing ... ;-)

  3. Thanks for the pimping. Fly back eh matey?

  4. yes matey - alas, bread-butter issue lah!

  5. KT,
    You have been tagged by MarinaM!

  6. Sir or Mem

    I have nominated you for the Thinking Blogger Award. To accept the Award, do refer to my blog and its link for the purpose and rule of the memetag.

    Thank you.

  7. mob1900 ;-) I wonder whether I deserve it?

    Voice - saw no joy at your bl;og - thanks anyway