Monday, May 07, 2007

Indian Chief: "Anwar speaks with forked tongue!"

Let it not be ever said that Chief Humpty Dumpty is a shy reticent man, who meditates in silence with the Great Spirit of the Indians, Mighty Manitou.

According to malaysiakini, after Anwar Ibrahim’s 7th Calvary was scalped at Little Big Ijok, Chief Laughing Bull did a mighty war dance, inclusive of the cha cha cha and probably with the white men’s firewater (Chivas Royal Salute) in his hands as well too. Then he challenged General Anwar to stand in his Sungai Siput big tepee in the next election.

Word I heard was Anwar was so livid with rage at the audacity of ‘that’ Indian to cast the glove (or tomahawk) at him that he (Anwar) lost his public cool and showed his true face – I was told it was not pretty at all.

So internationally renown Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim lambasted Mr Mambo Rock, stating:

“The Indians in the estates were treated like slaves. They live in abject poverty in fear of thugs and their overlord minister. The Indians were treated as third class, not by us but by you.”

“I want to remind my friend, Samy Vellu, that as a Malaysian, a Malay and a Muslim, I am ashamed and saddened that you can [make such proclamations] when the Indians live without running water, with little or no [amenities], living in abject poverty.”

Anwar had to toss in the “…as a ….. Malay and a Muslim …” bit because he was addressing a thousand PAS blokes.

Fortunately he had cooled down by the time of his ceramah with PAS in Taman Melewar, because if he was still smarting from the Samy Vellu insult, he could have accidentally vomited: “wo men do ze yi jia ren” (we are now one family). That would have been right royally disastrous with all the pak hajis in front of him.

When queried about the Chief Sitting Bull’s insult at a press conference on whether he would contest in Sungai Siput, Anwar tap danced away from picking up the glove, saying the Indian had made a “cowardly” move to “used those words” as he has been “denied” of his right to contest.

But Samy Vellu’s challenged was premised on the elections being after April 2008!

Anyway, Anwar threatened to sic Nallakaruppan on Chief Crazy Horse.

Well, Chief Raging Bull (no longer ‘sitting) riposted to Anwar Ibrahim’s counter attack of Indians being treated like slaves because of the MIC. Geronimo counter counter attacked Anwar with accusations of deceit and not helping Indian estate workers when he (Anwar) was in power.

malaysiakini reported Samy insulting Anwar with "He is the biggest liar."

He said: "I have proof of letters sent by me to him seeking for assistance (for estate workers when Anwar was deputy prime minister), but he did not lift a finger to help."

Dr Samy Freud of Sungai Siput then said: "Anwar isn't saying anything that is real. He is merely touting lies and half-truths in an attempt to enrage you.”

"Just because Anwar is standing on a soapbox doesn't mean he has the moral high ground. His rhetoric is similar to a man experiencing what psychologists refer to as the third stage of grief."

Dr Samy Freud said that Anwar experienced the first and second stages of ‘denial’ and ‘anger’ for the past 10 years. He analysed Anwar as finally arrived at stage three, which is ‘bargaining’.

The Doctor of Sungai Siput then predicted that Anwar would eventually reach stage four (the final stage) which was ‘acceptance’.

Wow! I just can’t wait till tomorrow for more.


  1. The Great Spirit of the American Indians is Mighty Manitou, but that of the Asian Indians is Mighty Rama(not Ramasamy). Just let the pair of feuding idiots each grab a parang and duel to the death. The winner is welcomed to keep both Sungai Siput and Permatang Pauh.

  2. The kuali calling the pot black? hehe.