Thursday, February 22, 2007

Anwar Ibrahim + KJ versus Najib?

On Sunday I posted my belief that we ought to expect an early general election because of the barrage of 'jolly good’ news from the government and mainstream media.

Six days later, that’s today, malaysiakini reported that Anwar Ibrahim gave the same prediction, that the BN will probably hold the election at the end of this year or beginning of 2008.

That he agreed with me is not interesting because probably millions of other Malaysians would have thought along the same line.

There is no doubt that Malaysians are growing more and more tired of, and frustrated and disgusted with AAB and the BN. Mind you, he still commandeers some support, of people who are reluctant to make dramatic changes. So, with the writing on the wall that his support base grows weaker each day, he will go for an early election before worse damage sets in, basically a ‘half loaf is better than none’ approach.

But far more interesting news relate to what I had posted in Odyssey of Anwar Ibrahim? (2) where I averred that Anwar Ibrahim is still awaiting for a ’come home, we need you’ call from UMNO, or at best (for us), joining the DAP rather than poor pitiful pathetic doomed-loser PKR.

I have been consistent in my suspicion of Anwar Ibrahim's sincerity as an opposition leader - reflect on what I posted in Bringing Anwar Ibrahim back to UMNO?:

Once one has tasted and enjoyed the sweet sheer power of Malaysian top politics, as one would at the top echelons of UMNO like Anwar once had, one would be reluctant to do the hard yards again like those old plodding born-losers DAP idealists or the snookered PAS leaders, or god forbid, the PKR neither-here-nor-there leaders.

So, when the Registry of Society informed PKR that Anwar Ibrahim could apply to have his ban from holding political office removed or reduced, I commented on that application which PKR averred it would lodge on behalf of its icon:

The … test is one of honouring the trust that many people have placed on Anwar Ibrahim as their political leader, even political messiah.

This is by far the most important issue for PKR, because PKR and its precursor KeADILan started off as a single-issue party - the single issue being justice and freedom for Anwar Ibrahim. While the party may have evolved a little, the leadership of Anwar Ibrahim is fundamental and indeed vital to the party’s continuing survival as a meaningful political entity.

But does Anwar Ibrahim want to be the president of PKR?

The underlining reflects my belief all along.

Well, when malaysiakini interviewed him early this week, asking him to comment on reports that he has been (unanimously) nominated for and will be made PKR president, he tap-danced niftily away from a straight answer by beating around the bush, saying meaninglessly: "I would have to consider and study the nominations."

What is there to consider? He has been nominated unanimously by his party, meaning there’s only one candidate for the party's presidency. Either he agrees to be the new PKR president or he doesn’t want the post.

But even far more significant, when he was at a ceramah in Kuching later, Anwar singled out DPM Najib for criticism. Mind you, not AAB or Khairy Jamaluddin but only Najib.

He shot Najib on issues of the gruesome murder of Mongolian national Altantunya Shariibu, where Najib’s close associate, Abdul Razak Baginda, was one of those charged in connection with the case. Anwar also bored into Najib on the dodgy distribution of commission for the purchase of submarines and fighter jets.

Because his attacks focussed only on Najib, while omitting any criticism of AAB and Khairy Jamaluddin, political analysts raised their kay-poh-chnee antennae, refocusing them on early conspiracy speculations that Anwar is allegedly teaming up with Khairy to oust the deputy premier.

As I had blogged in Khairy's wagon hitched to Anwar's star? early last year:

[…] So what does Khairy do in the face of these rather daunting factors?

He knows he cannot be overly dependent on Pak Lah’s influence alone, so he has invested in Anwar Ibrahim, yes sirree, Mr Charismatic himself.

Khairy makes a point of remaining on good terms with the former powerful deputy PM. He realises there are still covert Anwar supporters in UMNO, therefore his strong (and secret?) link with Anwar may be beneficial to his ambitions.

He is thus rumoured to have effectively hitched his wagon to a fading star but nonetheless still a star.

Would that explain why Anwar is hemming and hawing about his commitment to stand as a PKR candidate, expecting some futuristic quid pro quo from Khairy?

As I said on Sunday:

I reckon Anwar Ibrahim may just waiting to see what monkey tricks UMNO will be up to? Will UMNO ignore him, or will it even invite Anwar back to the fold to ‘neutralise’ him?

Whether they can 'neutralise' him permanently is another question, but killing two birds (the 'neutralisation' and the sabotage of Najib) with one stone is very attractive.

Of course, an early election prior to the required lapse of 5 years for Anwar Ibrahim’s case is not a major issue, because with UMNO’s support and recommendation, the King can pardon and thus exempt him from the ban.

If all the above speculation come to be, I feel sorry for PKR supporters, except of course his core (former UMNO) cohorts who undoubtedly would 'see the light' and follow the iconic messiah into the 'Promised Land' of milk and honey, having wandered in the opposition wilderness for too long.

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  1. he could have just say YES>>>> what's there to consider? he should be the president lar.
    mebbe need to consult lilian too first and choose an auspicious date.

  2. intriguing (sp?)
    these conspiracies are stuff that makes malaysian politics tick...

  3. Man, you'd think malaysian politics would be more transparent to the public. I find this whole Anwar debacle fishy.