Monday, February 19, 2007

Giving away Penang's family jewels

I have blogged on the fears of many (Chinese) Penangites that the next UMNO CM will be from UMNO.

UMNO has cleverly employed the old British colonial strategy of ‘divide and rule’ against Gerakan and MCA, allocating state seats to the BN component party that would each be less than UMNO’s in Penang. A wee gerrymandering didn’t go amiss either.

But hey, what’s there to fear about something that could happen when it has already happened – I am referring to the CM’s post being already occupied de facto by UMNO, because Raja Bodek is nothing more than a pathetic ponen patung (p**f*er puppet) – Jeez, I have exceeded my usual standards of using three descriptive words starting with the same letter whenever I am mad.

Take a look at the Penang family jewels (including Bodek's personal ‘family jewels’), which have being given away, yes, given away (not sold) to mostly
UMNO-linked companies (information courtesy of the DAP via malaysiakini). Penangites, read and weep:

(1) Tanjung Pinang Development, an UMNO-linked company, has reclaimed 392ha in the Tanjung Tokong coastal area. The area would be turned into a new township over the next few years. Guess who gets the lollies?

(2) A 13.2ha plot of reclaimed land was given for free to IJM Bhd to develop a new residential-commercial hub, which will house condominiums and a Tesco hypermarket, in Jalan Udini, about 500m from the Penang Bridge. For free? Were we Penangites ever asked?

(3) The proposed Penang Outer Ring Road (PORR) concessionaire, Peninsular Metroworks Sdn Bhd, has been bestowed the rights to reclaim 100ha sea land along the Gurney Drive coastline. Also see also my previous posting
Who benefits directly from PORR?

(4) Besides reclaimed land, an existing Penang Development Corporation-owned 300ha land in Batu Kawan was gifted to Abad Naluri Sdn Bhd, another UMNO-based company.

Lucky Abad Naluri sold half of the land to the Penang Turf Club for horse training and racing development. But who was the bloody tooth-less fairy? And people, 'fairy' is a correct description of the scum who has, in the words of Penangites, sng-keh-hoi.

So what’s left for the poor Penangites? According to the DAP’s state secretary Danny Law Heng Kiang, the state government is estimated to have only 80 ha of land on the island and 2,000 ha on the mainland for development purposes.

He lamented that as a state which faces severe land scarcity, Raja Bodek sits quietly while UMNO-linked companies have been gifted with reclaimed land, when those assets should have been developed for new townships to cater for the housing needs of the middle and lower income groups.

I haven’t included number (5) to the list of Bodek-ish abominations but you can guess what it is – clue, the missing No (5) is not a political but a religious abomination. Still clueless? Please read on.

This posting is for mob1900 who wrote and illustrated so succinctly about such an Indecent Betrayal that I was compelled to reconsider the question of Chastity belt - perhaps a use for it afterall?

A willing captive of UMNO?


  1. saw what I found here:

  2. i'm not the least surprise... so what to weep for?

    no more tears to weep for anyway. had been gritting teeth instead. hope i won't lose my teeth one day. :)

    si beh tahan penangite.