Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ali-Baba, where there's more than 40 thieves

I've posted Another Open Sesame to solve the Ali-Baba sickness? over at BolehTalk, where a leading Datuk Seri in the construction industry explained to AAB why bumi contractors were 'forced' to play the Ali-Baba game.

AAB had earlier expressed his disappointment, dismay and disgust at some bumi contractors who 'sold' out their NEP-khas contracts.

According to the Datuk Seri's amazing 'analysis', we ought to wonder why the famous Kajang satay and the equally famous Kampong Attap's nasi lemak weren't run by non-bumis decades ago.


  1. If AAB fall for this Datuk Seri idea than he deserve to get kicked out. This PM is not much of a leader but he is no dummy.

    In fact it shows how dumb this Datuk Seri is because the real purpose of AAB blaming the bumi contractor is because he has little to give the bumi contractor anymore. AAB is in no mood to hang himself more for the bumi contractors. It would be political desperation if AAB actually buy into this Datuk Seri idea. Which means we are all screwed anyway...

  2. What I'd like to know is how does a man like that get to be a Datuk Seri?

    I'm a new reader :) Your blog's pretty interesting!

  3. That's KT to us,
    He's like a surgeon that goes straight for the cancerous organs and lobed it off! lol.