Friday, February 23, 2007

Terengganu born-again morality, but for what?

The usual conscientious crowd came out in outraged protest against the Terengganu’s snoop squad intention.

Sisters-in-Islam, PAS, PKR, and DAP condemned the state UMNO government for proposing a spying system that pays those who prey on those who play instead of pray – in the words of Ponniah Putusamy, it’s a pathetic puerile pundee pworah proposal.

In an earlier posting Mat Skoding - bounty hunters for gatal females I highlighted the UMNO state government’s announcement of the Mat Skoding, its 2nd squadron of ‘Mats’ (Squadron No 1 is mad maurading mah-fu-lat Mat Rempit), that will form a sneaky sinister sh*t-smelling snoop squad of pervert pernicious peeping toms and tammys that the Federal government had previously warned the Malacca state government and Federal Territory authorities from having.

But unlike the Malacca or FT people, who had their nutty noxious nasties nudged into nowhere, Terengganu’s proposal seems to have the elegant silent condonement, if not direct approval, of AAB.

Really? … you may ask!

Well, the Star Online reported yesterday that the sinister spying scheme that sucks would only be limited to our Muslim compatriots as if that would satisfy us. What a bloody insult!

None other than the State Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee chairman Rosol Wahid, a knighted official of the realm (wah!), provided the clarification to "avoid any misunderstanding".

Usually when an UMNO person (who today generally never apologise, clarify or emphatise with non's) takes the trouble to allay the non-Muslims’ concerns, it means poor ole MCA and Gerakan have been making appeals behind doors, like “Aiyah, Latuk, this is karn neen nare one for us”.

Rosol said the Mat Skoding have no right to apprehend people; they will only snoop on whether you are using a tooth pick or using your pick … er … I mean pri … er … never mind. But you get Rosol’s message? You just have to suck their snooping.

In fact, he told us that he had clarified to PM AAB, who called from Jakarta to speak with MB Idris Jusoh, another shining knight of the realm.

But why the discriminatory digusting damnation of the privacy of Malaysian Mulims? Also why the discriminatory denial of the Malacca and FT’s puerile aspirations?

I don’t know; it’s so complex an issue where the State Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee has sprung into moral intervention.

Silly me was initially suspicious that the State UMNO could have been anxious about the next election and have launched a holier-than-thou pre-emptive campaign.

Nah, why am I so cynical when it’s eight bells, all’s well and everything’s swell – can’t you tell?


the US National Security Council (NSC) has intercepted the following cell-phone dialogue between the KT and J locations (available to me via Deep Throat II):


X: Kalau tidak macam itu, garanti koyah lah, Datuk
Y: ssssssss
X: ‘Allo ‘allo, Datuk masih sana?
Y: ssssssss, hmmm, Lim khuatir, Ong pucat
X: OK, no worries, saya akan jelas, semua beres – beres hahaha, Bapak eh?
Y: brrrrrrrrrrrrr

* actually the bahasa equivalent of karn neen nare


  1. This is getting ridiculous. Do they really expect to get the public's support? They don't respect the public's respects and opinions. So much for a democracy.

  2. Ktemoc:
    what is born-again has to do with this ah?