Friday, February 02, 2007

Police clocked at Mach 2.0

Last month, DAP NGO bureau chief Ronnie Liu, PKR information chief Tian Chua and treasurer Khalid Ibrahim showed reporters a copy of the 200-paged secret agreement signed between the government and the concessionaire of the Damansara-Puchong Expressway.

The revelation of the document proved the government had guaranteed profits to concessionaires at the expense of road users.

Hardly surprising that on Monday, the three opposition leaders have been summoned to the infamous Bukit Aman police headquarters for interrogation.

Following Humpty Dumpty’s
suggestion to the cabinet for the attorney-general to take action against those responsible for ‘stealing and exhibiting the Official Secrets Act (OSA) protected toll concession agreements, the amazing Royal Malaysian Police acted with such alacrity that they were clocked at more than Mach 2.0, going even faster than an Airbus ACJ 319 VIP jet at top speed.

The document allowing a ‘toll’ on the rakyat’s pocket comes under the draconian OSA. That’s what the OSA is for, to prevent information from being revealed to the rakyat, especially on what the government is up to. Those found guilty of violating the OSA are liable to a mandatory jail sentence of at least one year.

I wonder why the opposition should be shocked that the toll concession agreement has been classified in the same category as that for issues of national security. It's for the security of the those responsible for signing the lop-sided agreement.

This is AAB’s promised government of transparency and accountability, a vow that would make Judge Bao Gong green with envy.

But isn’t it wonderful the police has been so responsive. I wonder whether we have been unfair to criticise them for their incompetence in not preventing the soaring crime rates from going through the roof, as I blogged in Nero fiddling while Rome burns?

Now I understand why those wonderful cops have been recently awarded a bevy of promotions and honours such as Datukships and Tan Sri-ships.

At least there will be one 'crime' less in the cabinet's eyes. And it ought to teach those three opposition leaders not to muck around with the concessionaire's pot of rice.


  1. aiya biasa lah ini.

    if opposition, the police would quick to jump into action. if it is UMNO, the police would be as slow as the penyu or even not moving at all.

  2. minister suggests that the AG takes action. the AG is independent from the executive branch, rite? is this deemed as interference? if so, is the minister guilty of corruption? thought our dear Anwar was convicted for interference.

    maybe, suggestion is all rite as it is deemed to be non-interference. but not directing, rite?

    i stand corrected if i am wrong, guys.

    anyway, police reports have already been made by some parties. guess, these people are not affected by the toll rise. its their right and hope that their conscience is crystal clear.

    funny thing is that our dear PM speaks so much of truth and lies recently. here, the truth is in the documents. and he says you cant read the truth.

    best wishes to the messengers and let truth be known. god bless.