Friday, February 23, 2007

KTemoc apologises to AAB

This morning I posted Terengganu born-again morality, but for what? where I lambasted the Terengganu state government for resorting to a holier-than-thou campaign to out-PAS PAS.

Reader mich asked why I had referred to the term ‘born-again’ – well mich, it’s a poke in the eye at UMNO’s hypocrisy when it comes to agama because that party is more about bangsa.

I also criticised AAB for quietly condoning the State government’s nonsensical snoop squad because reading the
Star Online’s report, which stated AAB rang up Idris Jusoh, the Terengganu MB, about the Mat Skoding squad, he failed to make a statement condemning the stupid oppressive peeping tom idea.

I wonder why he had not maintained the same standard of demanding a dismantling of the snoop squad as he had done with the Malacca and FT people.

Looks like I have to eat my words, because AAB has just commented that the use of spies by religious authorities to catch couples engaging in activities deemed ‘immoral’ would be tantamount to invasion of privacy.

He wants Malaysian religious authorities to concern themselves with far more important and urgent issues facing the Muslim community.

Firstly, I apologise to AAB for being too hasty in criticising him. I am not even going to get out of the apology by arguing that he could have been far more responsive. What he has done is good.

Therefore, secondly I congratulate him for making the right statement about correct prioritisation by the religious authorities and respect for the privacy of individuals.

Aiyah, gimme some tauyu and pepper please.


  1. Why does it takes a week of media frenzy and condemnation of the whole of Bolehland to finally persuade Bedol to change his mind?

    Coz he was sleeping as usual, save the apology, KT for it's the whole nation that's changing the ruling not the senile-one. He has been quiet 'elegantly' for the last 4 years.

  2. Ktemoc:
    born-again is a very basic doctrine of salvation for Christian, as noted in John 3:1-5. If you are referring to the notation of political scenario in US, what about me as a Christian who has nothing to do with a group of people but sharing a common set of belief? So when you poke at UMNO's eye, did you think of mine as well? :P