Monday, February 19, 2007

Chastity belts vs lady minister's sweet tango-ing

OK, there’s some hue and cry about a religious cleric recently recommending that women wear chastity belts to reduce the incidents of rape and incest.

Inevitably women’s groups have hit him with max ‘shock and awe’, including a rather clever Women Affairs minister, who demonstrated some sweet moves in her verbal tango-ing - end result has been her double-barrelled blast on the poor Pak Haji.

Now, while I don’t support the fair ladies being subjected to the portable ‘sexual Chubbs', I have posted my take on the issue in Chastity belt - perhaps a use for it afterall? over at BolehTalk.

1 comment:

  1. Perhaps the womenfolk could use a logical argument as a counterproposal to the cleric's offer of chastity belts, viz:

    When humans are threatened by bird flu all birds and poultry in the vicinity, regardless of whether they are infected or not, would be killed.

    Similarly, when the populace is threatened with rabies, all dogs in the area regardless of whether they are diseased or not would be killed.

    So, when women are threatened with rape kill all the men. But, uh, keep a few specimens alive - for breeding purposes. ;)