Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Mat Skoding - bounty hunters for gatal females

Looks like the Malaysian Taliban-ish Peeping Toms are coming back.

In Terengganu, the UMNO state government has initiated an ‘ingenious’ plan (‘ingenious’? - wonder whether the Star reporter was sarcastic or what?) where Mat Skoding’s* or spies will be recruited to tip-off the state religious department of immoral activities, like cases of close proximity and vice.

* looks like the UMNO people like Mat-this and Mat-that, with one common denominator – these Mats will be trouble with a capital-T for everyone.

In other words, the Mat Skoding's will form a sneaky sh*t-smelling snoop squad (hey, I got 5 words starting with 's' in) of pervert pernicious peeping toms and tammys that the Malacca state government had previously proposed.

Frighteningly, these Mat Skoding’s will be vigilantes, meaning they would be 'voluntary' zealots like the American wild west possé in earlier pioneer years, who hanged anyone they accused of wrong doing.

The Mat Skoding’s will supposedly be under the guidance of state religious advisors, but that doesn’t mean a damn thing for our confidence because we still remember the Zuok club incident where JAWI (so-called religious) officers ogled and leered at those hapless women victims arrested in the nightclub and even forced those females to wee wee in front of their hot hungry hardup prying eyes.

On more of that JAWI disgrace, see my posting Morals, Power, Dominance, Teachers, Victims!

Rosol Wahid, Terengganu State Islam Hadhari and Welfare Committee chairman and nothing less than a Datuk, said: “Some of these ‘spies’ could be waitresses or even janitors at hotels acting as auxiliary undercover agents for our religious department.”

Great, just like insidious infamous informers of the Gestapo, Kempetai, KGB and the East German Stasi.

And of course he intends to reward the Mat Skoding’s financially for their pervert puerile peeping tip-offs, in the same manner another UMNO bloke intends to reward those Mat Rempit bounty hunters.

And just to give his supporters a titillating hand on hang on hard on, Rosol said the peeping toms would be on the lookout for unmarried couples behaving suspiciously throughout the state. He said those peeping toms and tammy’s would maintain surveillance at parks and secluded areas to pounce on dating couples intending to engage in sex.

Maybe they might even be hiding under one's bed?

I suppose some commercial sponsors will provide those peeping perverts with anti-mossy ointment or they might give the game away by slapping at the biting insects – my sympathies are with the mossies.

Rosol went on to provide us with the benefit of his ‘wisdom’. He opined that most of the rampant rape cases reported in Terengganu were actually those involving consensual sex, thus fortifying his argument for peeping toms rather than police or social workers.

Of course in Malaysia, especially on the peninsula East Coast, there's no thing as a rape or incest - it's just those loose lewd low morality gatal women. Predictable, isn't it?

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  1. CHEE-SIIN idea....
    can't they treat ppl like adults to tell right from wrong instead of having to CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL?


  2. There are so many issues to focus on: education, crime, immigrants, the poor.

    If they focus so much time and money on "sex" and "vice" - it seems they are the ones who have sex and vice on their minds all the time.

    Who are the REAL perverts?

  3. Hi Ktemoc, I only just read your past posting about me (sorry, relatively new to this blogging thing as you know). Thanks. Glad you're commenting on this Mat Skoding thing, as has others. I decided to focus on something else in Kelantan and amgetting some..um...befuddling comments.

  4. Wow, why not just assign prefects in every town? What are we? 10 years old?

    If a couple is going to have sex, they're going to have sex regardless whether or not they're breaking Islamic Laws. I mean c'mon, do they really thing this is going to stop them from having pre-marital sex?

    Besides, in my humble opinion, I think there's more important things to focus on. Why not use that energy to, I don't know, help the uneducated and the poor? I believe if you teach a person the pro's and con's of an action, they're even more likely to understand the consequences than just saying "OY!! THIS IS HARAM!!".

  5. Welcome to KTemoc Konsiders, Marina and Sharina, and thanks for the linking - will reciprocate.

  6. Good since it's in conjunction with VMY2007 and let's hope these Skodeng Squads will ambush paticipants of the annual dumb yacht thingy too.