Saturday, July 22, 2006

Anwar Ibrahim on which boat?

Anwar Ibrahim said recently that he was being considered for the United Nations secretary-general post, so Malaysiakini asked him whether he is really committed to the Malaysian opposition or preparing to leave Malaysia again.

The following was his response to that question:

I have said some comments to that effect ... The problem is that the discussions (on the UN sec-gen post) involves presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers. The discussion has been going on for the past six months, more serious now with non-governmental organisations and the UN apparatuses. So, I don't think it's polite to be so dismissive (in rejecting the option). Most of them asked me to give it serious thought, or at least to consider the option.

To my colleagues here in the Keadilan (PKR), DAP and PAS leadership, I have stated that my commitment is here. They asked why don't I state a categoric rejection or denial. I told them I don't think that would be polite. I am not saying that it would be easy for me (to get the UN post) in the event I choose to run, but I think it is a serious proposition. But in the discussion with party leaders, I have made it clear that I am ready to work here. But they can’t expect me to be so dismissive ... but I have not come to the stage that I would give it (the UN sec-gen post) serious consideration.

OK, now you tell me which way Anwar Ibrahim is commited?

Don't know? Don't worry, neither do a few million Malaysians.

It’s vintage Anwar Ibrahim at his ambiguous best, as per the Chinese saying of a man having each foot on a different boat. That's why no one trusts him not to scamper back to UMNO, the moment he sees an opening.

Anwar Ibrahim as UN Sec-Gen?

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  1. This guy has a serious ego issue. Much like his former mentor, Dr M.