Sunday, December 10, 2023

Health Ministry in Gaza: Death toll in Gaza from Israeli attacks rises to 17,700

Health Ministry in Gaza: Death toll in Gaza from Israeli attacks rises to 17,700

A Palestinian firefighter works to extinguish a fire in a house after an Israeli strike. — Reuters pic

Sunday, 10 Dec 2023 9:55 AM MYT

GAZA, Dec 10 — At least 17,700 Palestinians have been killed and 48,780 wounded in Israeli attacks in Gaza since October 7, Gaza’s Health Ministry said yesterday.

Ashraf Al-Qidra, spokesman for the Hamas-run ministry, said that in recent hours two paramedics were wounded when Israeli forces targeted an ambulance while it was working to evacuate wounded patients from Gaza’s European Hospital.

He denounced what he called Israel’s war against hospitals, ambulances and medical teams.

Israel says Hamas operates from within hospitals and has released footage supporting the claim, and it has also targeted in the past ambulances it says were used by Hamas. Hamas has denied this.

Israeli forces unleashed an aerial and ground blitz against Hamas in Gaza after a cross-border rampage by the enclave’s ruling militant Islamist group on October 7. — Reuters


  1. More than 10,000 Ukranian civilians have been killed by Russian attacks during their aggression against Ukraine.
    Most of the South, including almost all Muslim countries have sided with Russia.
    Don't complain now.

    1. The Ukranians who had been killed were the results of fighting so between two warring parties.

      The Gazans r innocent bystanders trapped within a Zionist concentration camp with NO other ways out!

      What Mfeting comparisons r u making?

      Just say u r whitewashing the zionists' ethnic cleansing IS so so much simple.

    2. So simple..The Gazans who had been killed are the result of fighting between two warring parties.

    3. A war between two parties happened only on open space.

      Zionist killings within the Gaza albatoir AIN'T war but genocide on Enclised space

      What a know - nothing simplistic fart of the nth order.!