Thursday, December 28, 2023

Puad: Is Dr M feeling 'challenged', thinks he is next?

Puad: Is Dr M feeling 'challenged', thinks he is next?

Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi wondered if there is something between the lines of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s recent remarks about investigating those with Tun titles.

“Was he being sarcastic towards MACC for seizing the Ilham Tower belonging to Daim (Zainuddin)?

“Or is Mahathir offended or feel challenged (tercabar) as if it is his turn next (to be investigated)?” he asked in a Facebook post.

Puad (above, left) also said while there is no need to investigate all those with the Tun title, he however stressed that when there is a probe, none should be spared.

“… including children, sons and daughters-in-law and close friends,” he added.

Puad also noted that during Mahathir’s second tenure as prime minister, legal action was initiated against several Umno leaders such as former premier Najib Abdul R
azak and ex-Felda chairperson Shahril Abdul Samad.

Former Felda chairperson Shahril Abdul Samad.

Shahrir, who was acquitted over a money laundering case, is now suing former attorney-general Tommy Thomas, former MACC chief Latheefa Koya, MACC and the government for alleged malicious prosecution.

Noting how Mahathir said that Malaysia adheres to the rule of law, the Umno leader claimed that when the 98-year-old politician was prime minister, it was a case of “charge first, look for evidence later”.

“It would be good for MACC to use authentic documents and conduct a thorough investigation. Don’t be prejudiced or follow orders (premised) on vengeance to prosecute,” he added.

Daim Zainuddin

Following news of Daim, who is also a Tun and a close associate of Mahathir, being probed, the latter said that “suspicions alone without documentary evidence” are sufficient to initiate action against those with the title.

“I agree completely that Tuns should be investigated. If they cannot explain where or how they got the money, their property should be seized.

“Tuns should not only be investigated. They should also be remanded until they reveal the source of their money. If they don’t, it must be because they are hiding,” he said.

Breaking his silence on the investigation this afternoon, Daim described it as a “witch hunt” and criticised Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim and MACC chief commissioner Azam Baki.

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