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PERCEPTION: The rantings of Mastermind...the Malays as he sees it! Lucid or acrid?

Hussein Abdul Hamid

[bloke by nick of 'Mastermind' wrote to 
Hussein Abdul Hamid - see below (I kay-poh-ishly re-paragraph the letter to facilitate easier reading)]

PERCEPTION: The rantings of Mastermind...the Malays as he sees it! Lucid or acrid?


For the environment in Malaysia has become so toxic, that some Malays who could make it to the outside world would find fresh air and relief and be more happy. A place where they could feel being an individual and living his life as a human being, as simple as that. He relieved himself, albeit temporarily, of the many duties carried since birth. 

The duties to defend, to 'menegakkan', and to 'pertahankan maruah' of the race religion, and nation. On top of that, the 'daulat' of the king of his state, neighboring states, and of any state where his voice is needed (except Kiram, for the moment). 

His duties include keeping a watchful eye against DAP, and the action or words of cina who could be deemed as biadap to his race or religion, to retaliate by action or words whichever is deemed appropriate. 

To raise the Palestinian flag, to chant anti-Yahudi slogans, to condemn Yahudi 70 times a day, condemning the 'puak' who would not do the same as they do. 

To defend their Bahasa by demanding the closure of Chinese and Tamil schools, by imitating cynically the broken Bahasa spoken by the Chinese, and by asking the Chinese to change their signage to bigger Romanized letters. 

To watch over Lim Kit Siang. To condemn orientalis, communists, Illuminati, freemason, LGBT, the 1.2 million Chinese PRC who have since disappeared in the country, and above all, the kapir lahanat. 

PROVIDED HOWEVER that his duty does not include how to improve his own life (there's a government for the ummah), his knowledge (it's fardu kifayah just the Ustaz needs to have, others don't need), his health (nevermind the nutrition, too costly, important thing is BMF - Buy Muslim First). Such are his duties by birth.



[Mastermind subsequently wrote in to comment on the publication of his letter by Hussein Abdul Hamid - see follows (again I kay-poh-ishly re-paragraph the letter to facilitate easier reading)]

Mastermind--- days ago

Good morning tuan Hussein,

First of all, thank you for posting my comment. Above all, thank you for allowing opinion posted against people of your own race and not being angry. That means a lot. 

I am what the malays would call, manusia dua alam, alam cina dan alam melayu. Countless times sitting in umno PAU, I know a fair bit about malays their behaviour and their politics. 
Over the years the malays have hardened their hearts against especially the cina, very critical of the cina, getting very hostile. It's not easy to live in an environment like that, but if you must say it out the malays ask you to leave the country. 
It is hard to live an honest living nowadays in Malaysia, including for the ordinary not so well to do malays. But the malays are not doing much to better the situation, instead, they are overwhelmingly pushing up the PAS lebais. 
UMNO was bad, but they knew they were bad and did not pretend to be angels, PAS is different. They are disgusting, they really are telling the Malays they can bring them to heaven and the followers believe that. 
Life is not easy for the ordinary cina in Malaysia. What happened during the Larut war, Yap Ah Loy nor Chin Peng, have nothing to do with the cina now, but malays thought otherwise, calling cina pendatang, kapir lahanat, and many other derogatory names. 
But of course there're many more who do not think like them, such as tuan Hussein, but they dare not sound anything. No, not at this moment. 
So thank you for not being angry for the rantings, and I sincerely apologise if it hurts anyone and readily be corrected.

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