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Muslim Preacher Says 1+1=2 Is Because Of God's Will, Netizens Confused

Muslim Preacher Says 1+1=2 Is Because Of God's Will, Netizens Confused

29 Dec 2023 • 11:00 AM MYT

Ezzul Harris (Source: Youtube)

Popular Muslim preacher and modern witchcraft cancellation expert (no joke, check out his Facebook), Ezzul Harris recently said in a podcast that 1+1=2 is because of God's will and nothing else. 

He recently went on the YouCast podcast (Episode 22) to talk about issues that plagued the nation. Among the issues that were talked about are the prevalence of the “Jewish Banking” system in Malaysia, the riba system, and the lie of paper money.

In the 51:06 mark of the podcast, he said the following in Malay, “We were taught that 1+1=2 in school. Isn't it right that 1+1=2?” 

The podcaster, Yousaf Iqbal rubbed his nose uncomfortably and replied, “That's what we were taught in school.” Ezzul Harris then continued, “You see? We are confident that 1+1=2 when it is Biiznillah (God's will). With God's will! But do they teach that with God's will that 1+1=2? No! We are taught ‘certainty’ that 1+1=2 and it cannot be anything else.”

He further added, “There was this story where Prophet Muhammad inquired his companion as to how many legs a camel has. The companion dismounted from his camel and counted the legs of the camel multiple times. If it was us, of course, we would answer 4 legs! Even someone as stupid as I am would answer straightaway that a camel has 4 legs but the companion of the Prophet didn't do that. He dismounted from his camel and counted the legs of the camel multiple times and then answered, 'Allahu wa Rasuluhu A'lam' (God and his messenger know best) because the mentality of 1+1=2 is a mentality where we look at if we add, we succeed but we don't look at the aspect where when we give, we succeed. Islam teaches us that -1 = 70; if we give 1, God will repay us 70." 

A cut version of the podcast went viral on Facebook, you can see it here. Netizens were understandably confused with many leaving comments, asking what was his point. Many even sarcastically commented that Ezzul Harris was ‘too deep’ and that his level of knowledge was too high (for us to comprehend).

Ahli Pembatal Sihir Moden - ‘Modern Witchcraft Cancellation Expert’ (Source: Facebook)

After some Googling, I can't find a story of Prophet Muhammad asking his companion to count the legs of a camel. However, there is a story regarding Imam al-Shafi'i (one of the four great Sunni Imams) who when asked by a man as to how many legs a camel has, dismounted and counted the legs of the camel he rode. The man who asked this was amazed by the sight and further asked Imam al-Shafi'i, “Why would you count the legs of the camel one by one? Don't we all know that a camel has 4 legs?” Imam al-Shafi'i replied, “Who knows if God created a camel with five legs?” 

So Ezzul Harris got that part wrong - it was Imam al-Shafi'i who counted the legs of a camel and not a companion of Prophet Muhammad.

That's not the only wrong part - at the 23:48 mark of the video, Ezzul Harris said that the Federal Reserve is not under the US government but is a private entity.

The Federal Reserve Banks are organized in a similar fashion to private entities but they are not ‘private entities’. The Federal Reserve is an independent central bank; they are not owned by anyone. The reason it is independent is to insulate it from short-term political pressures. Without a degree of autonomy, the Fed (short for Federal Reserve) could be influenced by politicians who focus solely on winning elections by enacting expansionary monetary policy to lower unemployment in the short term which can lead to high inflation and the inability to control unemployment over the long term. 

Another thing that is worth mentioning is that the Fed's System is subject to oversight by the US Congress and must work within the framework of overall objectives of the financial and economic policy of the US government. Not only that, the Board of Governors in the Federal Reserves are appointed by the US President and confirmed by the US Senate.

Now that we right the wrongs - it is worth mentioning that this isn't the first time Ezzul Harris has gone viral. He also went viral in February 2023 for claiming that ‘Science is magic’. 

In the viral tiktok video, he claims that ‘science is magic’ and that magic is dangerous because it undermines ‘aqidah’ (Islamic creed and theology but in this context, faith). He further added that the same can be applied to science because it undermines ‘aqidah’ as well. He also mentioned that anyone who studies science in school should be careful as the study of science is the study of magic.

Ezzul Harris viral Tiktok video (Source: Tiktok)

What do you think of what he said? Is he right? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Wakakakaka…

    Based on the same f*cked logic,

    All issues that plagued the nation r Biiznillah!

    Indeed, deep & mystical interpretations exhibited by a con man fooling his flock of blur-sotong!