Saturday, December 30, 2023

cakap cakap, friends, the Internet, the meek and weak opposition, PMX, and Mr. King

Hussein Abdul Hamid

cakap cakap, friends, the Internet, the meek and weak opposition, PMX, and Mr. King

In the space of an afternoon.......I spoke to Lawrence who was in Wuhan China about to take a flight to another part of China. Spoke to Imran in Singapore, to Terrina my daughter in Ontario, message Anusya in Mumbai, Zam in London, and others in Kuala Lumpur. All this in real-time. How amazing is this Internet and how humbling it is to try to understand how much things have changed in the time that I have lived my life? The wonder of it all never fails to escape me.

What will it be like in another of my lifetime - 76 years - from now? I doubt if I can even think of what can be possible 76 years from now, but this much I know....I will not be around. My parents, my second brother, and my dear wife have all departed from this physical world and I struggle to remember them. For sure they are in my thoughts, but having departed this world, I know that my life continues without them. And living that life is the struggle that I am talking about. It is a constant struggle that takes mental and physical strength to cope with but we all manage the best way we can. And my struggles have been helped by friends

who want to know if things are okay with me. And if they are not...can they help? I am truly grateful for the concern and what they do to keep my body and soul together, which drives me to write my thoughts - and thank you to all those who read what I write.

This morning I have gout, hernia pains, and a cold. Merely physical afflictions do not stop me from wanting to write what is in my head....and what is in my head this morning is what has now unfolded in Malaysia these last few days, if not weeks. For sure it has been a long time in the making. The unseating of a seating prime minister, even if it has been the norm these last few years, nevertheless takes much work, effort, courage, and money. Lots of money. And we are now witnessing the tail end of these shenanigans. And those waiting to unseat the seating prime minister know that time is not on their side because the coming of Mr King from Johor will, I am certain, begin a period when Anwar Ibrahim shall be the prime minister of choice for Mr. King. And from what we know of Mr. King what Mr. King wants, Mr. King gets.

So for the opposition, this is the do-or-die time for them to unseat the seating PMX. And if truth is to be told, even if they already have the numbers to do government, even if they have made plans as to who will be prime minister and who will be ministers....that is all that they have done...plan. The execution of that plan will take a lot of money and, in the final analysis, it will take courage.

It will take courage for hideously wealthy and comfortable politicians to leave their current comfortable perch and join the opposition in the trenches for the hand-to-hand battle that must come when they make the final push to oust PMX. That will not happen. H2O talks a lot. Tok Mat even dabbles with wanting to be prime minister - and the recent demotion from Defense to Foreign is telling him of what is to come if he persists in wanting to be PM....for there is already Anwar Ibrahim there. What is stalling the opposition in their attempt to unseat the seating PMX is the lack of courage by those who stood most to gain if PMX is ousted. And without courage, they are doomed.

And already PMX is emboldened to make his move to rid himself of those annoying geriatric self-proclaimed political power brokers, who are not what they think they are. And the geriatric self-proclaimed political power brokers cannot run for the hills because at way past their prime, all they can now do is to wait for their time....their time in court and then in Kajang or Sungai Buloh. Enough said.

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