Saturday, December 30, 2023

So Dubai Move Is Not A Rumour Anymore


Saturday, December 30, 2023

So Dubai Move Is Not A Rumour Anymore


It looks like the "rumoured" Dubai Move is not a rumour anymore. Here is Malaysiakini with some more news about the Dubai Move.

new plot in the works to topple gomen claims J-Kom deputy DG 
‘become public knowledge about Dubai holiday by PN leaders
presence of several other leaders dissatisfied with madani
arose during vacation by PN leaders, as well as gomen officials, in Dubai
involved closed-door meeting with several PN MPs, two MPs from BN 
as well as leaders from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB).


OSTB : Gomen officials? Who are the gomen officials? Is this true? Why are gomen officials holidaying in the first place? And in Dubai in the second place? And finally with PN leaders? What is going on? 

"leaders from Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB)"This is the most critical component. The presidente of the PBB is none other than Abang Johari Openg the premier of Sarawak. PBB is of course head honcho of GPS Sarawak. GPS has 23 Parliamentary seats. GPS friend GRS (in Sabah) has SIX Parliamentary seats. A + B = 29 seats already. That is a lot of seats. 

assign specific tasks to 'agents' for identifying MPs who might switch 
'Dubai Move' tasked to meet, negotiate, make offers to switch to opposition
spokespersons roaming country that madani will topple early 2024
date and deadline given, quotes Berita Harian
influential veteran ‘Tun’ allegedly involved
former PM and former finance minister 

OSTB :  Sometimes people may feel an urge to poke a hornet's nest. Be ready to get stung.

security forces, higher authorities know (who is involved)
‘Act of treason’act of betrayal, urged to act decisively
malicious political conspiracy 
potentially threatening sovereignty, security of country
actions act of treason 
betrayal to overthrow gomen of Yang di-Pertuan Agong
strong basis to act affirmatively 
need to instruct Home Affairs, chief of police, national security to investigate 
includes (dragging those) for investigation or taking their statements,” he said

OSTB : What a weird thing to say?  How come when those FIVE Bersatu MPs "switched their allegiances" without leaving their party they were not investigated by the Police or  "security forces", it was not deemed a malicious political conspiracy, it was not deemed an act of treason, or an act of betrayal?

  • When you do it then its ok. 
  • But when others do the same thing then it is not ok? 
  • Bloody hypocrites.

What if the entire GPS Sarawak (since the Deputy DG of J-Kom said PBB is part of the Dubai Move) decides to "switch allegiances"?  Meaning all the parties who are members of GPS Sarawak - lock, stock and barrel? 

I like this part : will topple early 2024, date and deadline given, quotes Berita Harian

Well the New Year 2024 is about 28 hours away.  Let us all wish for a really Happy New Year.  Throw out the old trash and start again fresh.

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  1. Pretty expensive for a whole group to go for an outing in Dubai.
    Looks like there is serious money sponsoring this conspiracy.