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Former PM Ismail Sabri draws flak for saying Malays are divided

Former PM Ismail Sabri draws flak for saying Malays are divided

FORMER premier Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob cautioned about the peril of minority groups ruling over a significantly larger majority, highlighting the potential turmoil if non-Malays were to ascend to the prime minister’s post.

He cited the case of Fiji, where a similar situation led to tension and power struggles. Ismail criticised the deliberate stirring of debate by veteran politicians, emphasising that although non-Malay prime ministers aren’t unconstitutional, it hasn’t been openly discussed before.

“The division among Malays has resulted in no Malay-based party being able to establish or become the backbone of the Federal Government,” said the Bera MP.

Moreover, he pointed out recent controversies, especially DAP’s interference in Islamic affairs and raised concerns about political fragmentation among Malays, leading to contentious demands.

Ismail noted the historical dominance of Malays and their vital role in the nation’s governance.

Lastly, he warned against further division, urging unity among Malays and Bumiputra for Malaysia’s future stability, fearing a loss of political power if the community remains divided and likening the potential fate to powerless Arab nations in the Middle East.

However, X users are disagreeing with what Ismail said as they feel the Malay community is still united.

I don’t think so Melayu berpecah..we semua United saja.. memang ada2 issue yang tak betul. The PMX is handing those. Ramai kawan2 Melayu, semua beradab, respect kaum2 lain. Sehati sejiwa. Awak ni semenjak RM700mil kene siasat, melalak pula. Sapa suruh songlap??

(I don’t think the Malays are divided; we are all united. There are indeed some issues that are being addressed by the PM. Many Malay friends, all well-mannered, respect other communities. One heart, one soul. Since the investigation of the RM700 mil, there has been a lot of outcry. Who asked to embezzle?)

Following that, other users are saying that not everyone from the same racial background would agree with each other.

Kalau satu negara ada satu kaum lebih drp 50%, susah tentu akan pecah di dlm dunia politik. Cina & India pun pecah belah, ada lagi sokong MIC, MCA, PSM, MUDA, Gerakan. Sama macam Melayu! That's reality.

(If one ethnic group constitutes more than 50% of a country, it’s difficult to avoid division in the political arena. Even the Chinese and Indian communities are divided, with support for MIC, MCA, PSM, MUDA, Gerakan and others. It’s the same for the Malays! That’s the reality.)

For the most part, users remember his days as PM but their are not fond of the memories. – Dec 31, 2023

You’re the worst Malaysia ever seen as PM. This record will stand for decades. Congratulations Bera for voting an absolute disgrace

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