Sunday, October 02, 2022

More On Europe. Must Watch. Must Listen.

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Saturday, October 1, 2022

More On Europe. Must Watch. Must Listen.

Hi again folks. I know I am focussing a lot on the problems and troubles in Europe. May I request that you do not get bored because really strange things are going on in Europe. And it is going to affect all of us.

I am posting FOUR videos here with some of my comments. I hope you will follow my comments.

Before that, the Europeans (and therefore us too) are living through some really precarious times. There is a huge ill wind blowing across the face of the entire earth and once more it is coming from the West - from Europe.

In 1914 the First World War began in Europe and they killed 20 million people. Just 25 years later in 1939 the Second World War broke out in Europe and this time they did better - they killed 50 million people or more.

There seems to be quite an insane bloodlust to shed human blood.

This so reminds me of the verse in the Quran :

Surah [2:30] Recall that your Lord said to the malaikah, "I am placing a representative on Earth." They said, "Will You place therein one who will spread evil and shed blood, while we sing Your praises, glorify You, and uphold Your absolute authority?" He said, "I know what you do not know."

Five days ago on 26th September 2022 BOTH the Nordstream 1 and 2 undersea gas pipelines running from Russia to Germany (under the Baltic Sea) were blown up with explosives. They were obviously sabotaged.

Although a joint venture with western oil companies (Shell, ENGIE, OMV, Uniper etc) both pipelines are majority (Nord 1) and 50% (Nord 2) owned by Russia's national oil company Gazprom. Nordstream 2 cost US$11 Billion to build.

The Nordstream 2 gas pipeline is NOT OPERATIONAL. There is no gas inside that pipeline because the US/UK refused to allow the Germans to turn it on (early this year).

Why would the Russians blow up a US$11 Billion investment?
Why would the Russians blow up a non operational, empty gas pipeline?
Why would the Russians blow up a gas pipeline when they can simply shut off the gas supply?

Ok here are the FOUR videos.

No. 1 The first video (less than two minutes) features Colonel Douglas Macgregor. He explains who would NOT have blown up the gas pipelines and who are the likely culprits.

No. 2 The second video here by Amit Sengupta is much more detailed about the pipeline sabotage and not too long either (just over 10 minutes). Do watch this video.

No. 3 The third video is by Ron Paul. It is about 30 minutes but you only need to watch the first 10 minutes. If you have time watch the full video. It is jam packed with facts, videos and pictures.

It shows massive public protests in Germany, the Czech Republic and other European countries which go unreported by the Western media. The protests are against NATO interference, against the European Union and against sanctions against Russia. The first protest in Prague (Czech Republic) gathered 70,000 protesters. Not the 10,000 reported earlier. The most recent second protest in Prague also drew thousands of Czechs.

There are also massive public protests going on in Germany against NATO, the European Union and against the government of Olaf Schulz with Germans chanting (you will not believe this) "Russia, Russia, Russia". Russia is the country that almost completely levelled Germany during the Second World War. The Russians bombed Berlin back to the Stone Age. Yet Germans today are chanting "Russia, Russia, Russia".

No. 4 Finally here is Sean Foo again with a sharp analysis of the financial bungle being implemented in the UK by their new prime minister Liz Truss. You have to listen to the whole video. It is quite a technical analysis but Sean Foo explains the situation in plain and easy to understand English. Liz Truss is pushing the UK into an abyss but I dont think she is stupid. She knows exactly what will happen. She is listening to others.

The bottom line that I gather from this video is that (Bank Negara Malaysia tolong dengar baik-baik ok) please do not go into any expansionary monetary policies like printing currency notes, government issuing bonds (and most likely subscribed by the pension funds using public money) increasing the supply of loans and credit which will make inflation worse. Nobody likes higher interest rates (except the bankers) but at the same time there is no need to be too charitable, especially with public funds. The Budget 2023 is coming up so please plan things carefully.

And please stop listening to foreign "con-sultans" who do not seem to know anything other than for the government to borrow more and more money.

And totally avoid "advisors" who are nothing more than currency speculators who are still walking around - looking for the next killing.


  1. The reason RuZia blew up the pipelines is exactly because of the way the narrative has developed on-line.

    The Internet RuZia propagandists will immediately jump to conclusion
    it made absolutely no sense for RuZia to blow up it's own pipeline, and the Yankees did it.

    So RuZia gets declared innocent and the USA gets blamed immediately.. ..That is a beautiful, Amazing, perfect Operation ..

    Never mind the explosions were in the backyard of the RuZian Baltic Fleet ... Kaliningrad just round the corner, and RuZia has for the last 7 months been interrupting the gas to Europe via one excuse after another. This would just be the latest action series.

    1. Wakakaka…

      Same same as that internet narrative of 911 been the works of Yankee!

      But the 'Internet RuZia propagandists' have more sense & political awareness than a genuflecting Yankee myrmidon!

  2. There was this hilarious video more than a week ago, when Colonel Douglas McGregor declared Russia is absolutely winning this war, and four hours later videos started surfacing of Izyum taken by Ukrainian forces.

    This guy is either delusional or plain RuZian propagandist.
    This guy is ex-US military and was decorated for his 1991 Gulf War command. This is very worrying that he and a small number of quite senior retired US Military are focused on promoting the lies of a hostile power.

    1. Wakakakaka…

      Looking at this the other way. Maybe these bunch of ex-US military men have more sense & sensibilities than those syiok-sendiri propagandas coming out daily of the western press!