Thursday, November 29, 2018

BEST political statement 2018 (29)

I posted RM3.7 Billion for MARA, RM5.5 million for UTAR which has been a Sin Chew's article 'Scapegoat' written by journalist Tay Tian Yan in relation to the refusal of Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to allocate a matching grant to UTAR and TAR College as was done for the last (almost) 50 years.

Finance Minister Lim GE has demanded as a prior condition for any such government matching grant that MCA removes itself from any links with said higher institutions of education.

Wikipedia informs us (extracts):

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, (abbreviated UTAR; 拉曼大学; 拉曼大學; Lāmàn Dàxué), is a non-profit private university in Malaysia. It is one of the most prestigious universities in Malaysia, ranked top 100 in the Times Higher Education Asia University Rankings 2018.
The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) received an invitation from the Malaysian Ministry of Education to establish a university in July 2001. The then President of the association, Tun Dr. Ling Liong Sik chaired a committee that drew up a framework for the establishment of the university after receiving the invitation.

Datuk Dr. Ng Lay Swee, then the Principal of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, a tertiary education institution that was also established by the MCA, was appointed to lead another committee, including Dr. Lai Fatt Sian, who was then the Head of the School of Business Studies in Tunku Abdul Rahman College, to assume the headship in the Faculty of Accountancy and Management ........

From The Talloires Network website:

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) was established in 2002 as a private, not-for-profit Malaysian university. Today its student enrolment has reached more than 19,000 in 10 faculties on four campuses. UTAR has also invested major resources into becoming a prominent research university. UTAR’s mission includes “inculcating among the UTAR’s community high moral values, appreciation of the rich diversity in a multiethnic society and an abiding concern for the betterment of all humankind.”

Though it was the MCA who founded UTAR and TAR College, the facilities were/are opened to Malaysian citizens who have little chances of entering government-run universities eg UiTM, and higher colleges, eg. MARA.

The title of the Sin Chew's article implies that future students at UTAR-TARC, mainly Chinese Malaysians. will become scapegoats facing higher fees because of Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng's refusal to allocate 'matching funds' to the MCA-initiated college and university but which, to re-emphasised, are non-political, non-profit making and open to all Malaysians, people like DAP's Teresa Kok and Chong Eng plus many more including the Chinese political supporters of the DAP.

To re-emphasise the aims of UTAR and TAR college, Tay Tian Yan has written (extracts follows):

If not because of MARA's 100% Malay intake and strict racial quotas of public university admission, there wasn't even a need for TAR College.

TARC was some sort of political compromise that provided an opportunity for otherwise desperate Chinese students, to be implemented through MCA, a component of the then government.

Teresa Kok Suh Sim (DAP)
Minister of Primary Industries
an self-admitted alumnus of TAR College (TARC) 

in 2008 Zaid Ibrahim as UMNO Law Minister became the ONLY Malay minister to ever resign on principle to protest against Teresa Kok's arrest under the ISA  

Chong Eng (DAP)
Exco Penang government - ADUN Padang Lalang
previously MP Bukit Mertajam (1999 - 2003)

another alumnus of TAR College 

TARC and now UTAR should therefore be national asset with MCA as its caretaker.
It is a fact that political background has never been a criterion in UTAR's student intake, and MCA's political ideology has never made its way into the curriculum.

To be precise, MCA itself does not own UTAR, whose statutory owner is UTAR Education Foundation which has ten trustees, five appointed by MCA and five being government representatives.

The foundation has a clear mission, to run UTAR professionally as a provider of high quality education, not a profit-driven organization.

Unfortunately, with significantly squeezed allocation and an order not to raise tuition fees, UTAR, along with our young students, will eventually fall victim to vicious politicking

That has been what Tay meant by 'scapegoats'.

Yes, the Finance Minsiter said there will be no such funding unless MCA divests all ties with the college and university.

Today, a visitor to my post, with the nick of 'Wood' left a most telling comment, one which I deem as the Best Political Statement thus far. He said:

Lim Guan Eng is fortunate that his father can afford to send him to Australia to study. He forgot that majority of the Chinese is not so lucky like him.

Many Chinese like me cannot afford to go oversea or study in private local universities and Utar or Tar UC is the best alternative.

Looks like power and revenge has got into his head.


our future

'collateral damage' to Guan Eng's 'power & revenge'?


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  1. Wakakakaka……

    BEST political statement 2018???

    Hopefully the writer is NOT a politikus!

    "Many Chinese like me cannot afford to go oversea or study in private local universities and Utar or Tar UC is the best alternative."


    Yr grandparents or yr parents have probably proven u dead wrong!

    They probably had NO university/professional education to shout about. But, they still make something of themselves, & indirectly u, out of honest works & efforts!

    Thus, the best alternative is the society, aka 'societal university' - where many of yr otherwise even unluckier brothers/sisters have gained & triumphed.

    Yr utar/tarUC papers gave u a head start. But how successful r u vis-a-vis those millionaires who have none?

    All u can say IS u don't need to work like 'hell' as yr old generations in order to make a living & going through life much easily.

    But along the way, u become a 草莓 from the greenhouse! U r actually NOT as good, as endurance & most as tough mentally, as yr forebears.

    Our forebears have been fighting gods, nature & sopo adversaries to reach where we stand now.

    Lge might have let power and revenge got into his head.

    But so what?

    He is a politikus, through & through. He WOULDN'T dig his own grave in this political onemanupship contest!

    Perhaps u want to be treated like the tongkat-addicted weaklings?

    Just look at their younger generation lah - anyone touching their low-hanging poppy, they would cry father mother & throw a tantrum as if w/o it they will disappear from the world.

    Forget about the chants of the politikus! Don't fall prey to be a
    'collateral damage' in a political wayang kulit like this blogger that want u to react.


    1. dun tok kok la, if tats the case, close all the uni n college.

    2. So send all of them to Taiwan for mindless brain washing er?


    3. taiwan is democratic, its a good choice, most people cant stand authoritarian, materialistic, rude cum uncivilised.

    4. Ya-loh, work for pitiful wages in stressful environment to feed the fat cats, until one can't take the pressure & jump!

      Ever hear of Foxconn - yr good choice of an Taiwanese exploiter.

      That's an authoritarian & materialistic outfit, in the original mould of democracy lah!

      How could a spurious bleeding heart, like u, knows that the foundation of democracy IS built upon the sacrifices of the slaves & womenfolk!

      Keep talking & then see what's the real materialistic (moneyed), rude (see no evil as long as it keeps yr wealth) on display in our farts.

      Oooop… civilised as defined in the above… too.


  2. 94% of Chinese Community voted DAP and now suffers the consequences of arrogant DAP bulldozing its way in government. LGE, the worse Minister, has been:

    1. Lying about Malaysian debts; using lies to punish and extract vengeance against MCA/BN with approval from traitorous 94%

    2. China-bashing: China reducing palm oil purchase from Malaysia, buying from Indonesia instead ; Chinese oil palm owners eat sai hahaha

    3. China-bashing: Chinese tourists avoiding Malaysia, 35% drop during Golden week; Chinese hoteliers suffering revenue loss hahaha

    4. Business policies: All entertainment outlets to close at 1 am; Chinese owners can suffer revenue decline hahaha

    5. Temple fracas: sentiments about security in Malaysia worsening, and racial relationships fracturing as what happened in Iraq/Ukraine/Syria when American-backed politicians took control of parts of those countries.

    6. The Malay ground is restless, DAP is being demonized in Malay community; Chinese Malaysians held responsible for electing DAP hahaha

    7. Bursa has been tanking: Chinese share holders suffering loss hahaha

    8. RM exchange rate declining: Chinese retailers paying more to buy overseas goods; revenue affected hahaha

    9. Cabinet full of incompetent nincompoops making rash statements; political sentiments turning negative against Malaysia by international investors

    10. Sabah/Sarawak people also getting restless; may secede (but that is what the Americans want to accomplish i.e. break up of Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak independent so they can put their American naval and air base there in these 'new countries'; DAP is helping to create these new countries by blocking grants .....)

    11. UEC still not recognised hahaha (DAP going to sell the same snake oil 5 years later at next election? Are Chinese going to fall for it again?)

    12. ICERD: DAP never heard of it.....hahaha

    Care to add more?

    1. 94%? what to do, we have a racist umno n now a racist pas, moreover did u read wee ka siong retort on the utar/tarc issue, damn childish n never know how to create an emotional impact of the chinese, idiot like him shd quit.

  3. So, Wood is now deeply in gratitude and need to pay homage to whom?

    Is it to UTAR Education Foundation and all those donors who made it possible or MCA who owns UTAR?

    Likewise, who do the beneficiaries of UITM, MARA etc pay their gratitude and homage to? The Govt. or political parties who form the Govt.?

    Is it not subtle indoctrination of beneficiaries who are blindsided in gratitude towards political parties?

    Of course, gratitude as beneficiaries is a noble human trait and should be given towards a country which has a Govt. who knows what its responsibilities to it's citizens are instead of making them slaves indebted to political parties in their hidden quest to be the Govt.

    Playing politics on one of the basic needs (education in this case) to be provided to all citizens of a country by any ruling Govt. smacks of an irresponsible and uncultured mentality of those politicians intent on doing so.

    1. i think wood never talk anything abt gratitude, moreover one could easily guess 95% of tarsian give their vote to that cb dad n son party, i think wood n me n tty may share the same opinion, its the cbmf lge that play politics. since tis cbmf believe he is now powerful enough to touch on chinese education issue, lets see how it goes.

  4. To be perfectly fair allow all political parties have their own universities too, following the MCA model, via a foundation and “neutral” board of trustees.

    DAP is just itchin to go, using that piece of land in Penang that 1MDB “sold” to the China company that has been paid for but ownership not transferred by the state government.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Kalau opposition parti boleh, parti kerajaan pun mesti boleh.

    Then everyone will be happy.....right?

  5. Likewise, a Malay like me cannot afford to send my children overseas or study in private local universities, so TARC is the best alternative. A very good institution and affordable fees.

    Yes, my daughter studied at TARC. She completed her studies with good grades and she is now working for a MNC.

    She's still in WA group with her Tartian colleagues. When she got married, the whole Tartian WA gang came. Thank you TARC; I owe you.

    1. BTW, I must add that on 9-5-18 my daughter told me this.. "Sorry Abah, me and my TARC WA gang all voted for HARAPAN". I replied her, "itu hak masing-masing".

    2. Don't bull lah!

      Haven't u mentioned some time back u were grateful for nep scholarships to oversea for yr children's tertiary educations?

      Now, even taruc bumi quota u also want to sapu!!

      Tsk… tsk… memang berapa banyak pun tak cukup le.

    3. Where got meh? I agree I was the product of NEP as I got scholarships to study overseas three times. But non of my kids went overseas. All are local graduates;two graduated with first class/VC list and the rest with 2:1 . All of them are working with MNCs except one a PTD at Putrajaya. I would say Alhamdulillah, terima kasih Malaysia.

    4. ck is a anglo ass kisser, rather spend own money as long as study in any western countries.

    5. U DON'T know what maruah is.

      Thus, no shame!

      Make a convenance with yr fake god lah. It's too late to turn back now.

      Karma is a bitch & it's occurrence is part & parcel of nature. Just wait lah.

    6. I agree with HY that CK is an Anglo ass kisser, maybe a racist Anglo ass kisser.

    7. he also knows EVERYTHING and more, wakakaka

    8. Anglo ass kisser??!!?

      Let me shows u what's an Anglo ass kisser lah.

      A very typical pommie Anglo ass kisser, YES?

      A bunch of rd bloody sore bigoted losers!

      Go & form a choirboy club to sing yr tune lah - Xmas is coming. New year too.

    9. Wakakakaka……

      I know EVERYTHING and more!!!!

      No tq for yr compliment!

      I write what I know - if it's in my field of technical expertise (remote education with telecommunication), otherwise it's from my in-depth readings (I have the time as most of my job sites r far from modern indulgences).

      If u felt been 'insulted' by my discourses, by all mean dispute with relevant & supporting FACTS lah.

      I hate morons using labelling farts to win an argument. I don't like clownish play of bombastic words to improvise yr know-nothing rants. Most of all, l like to f*ck those ketuanan freaks/zombies kau2 till their dreams crumpled.

      Hence my profanity in reply!!

      Keep that in mind, err……

    10. Ref (26 July 2018), you wrote:

      "Two things:

      1) pitot head and static vents work when the plane is in flight.

      2) pilot messes up on the preflight checks, where the covers can be easily spotted on casual inspection.

      So while fault IS very clear indeed!"

      and you kept avoiding my question on WHEN the pilot rotates the aircraft off the ground.

      wakakaka, what a BS-tter

    11. Ohhh…… u still remembered ke!

      I thought u r supposedly to come up with a write up to dispute my take loooong long time ago.

      WHY now? BS-tter CANT tolerate been exposed!

      Since u have brought up an old issue, let's work on it.

      Do tell what r the problem with my 1&2¿

      What's 1&2 got to do with "WHEN the pilot rotates the aircraft off the ground" le?

      Where's the relevancy & the supporting FACTS lah?

      Kept avoiding! Rather, I was trying not to fall into yr circular fart of irrelevancy.

      Faham tak?

    12. What can i say man? Cheebye motherfucker kaytee is suspected to be a cheebye aneh. A roti prata man like donald trump

    13. First;y I did NOT fCk your mother so stop calling me your motherfucker - I am NOT, repeat, NOT your father

      Secondly, it's OK to abuse me with obscenities but it's NOT accepotable to hurl racist abuses against Indian Malaysians - we are going to circumcise you kaukau

  6. If you filter out the polemics and Anti-Lim Guam Eng politics, it is really not a complicated situation.

    There is No Way the Pakatan Government is going to fund an institution governed by a Board controlled by an actively Hostile group. No Way.

    There is only 2 ways about it.

    Either the Board's control is replaced by genuine independent Directors or the funding gets cut.

    If the Australian Resident has had experience with Australian organisations, that would be how things get done there as well.

    That is how most of the Real World works, like it or not.

    1. actually tis is the best time for mca to revive if they play the right cards. dap have no solution for our racial education system, while tarc n utar is the best platform for mca to demonstrate their existence is imperative. however i am not too sure if mca have the wisdom n willpower, perhaps a new leadership is required.

      lge make a big blunder for a mere 25-30 mil. to most with chinese education background, its not abt money, but rather, attitude n righteousness.

    2. Wakakakakaka……

      "to most with chinese education background, its not abt money, but rather, attitude n righteousness"


      Real typical rd f*cked-head, influenced by the current Taiwanese flatulence environment!

    3. i dun expect an anglo ass kisser know. but u r welcome to learn the 礼仪廉耻 from us.

    4. Wakakakakaka……

      To learn the 礼仪廉耻 from u, morons!

      That will be the day, when f*cked-heads like u choirboys been driven to the South China Sea lah!

      Ooooop… r u sure u know what's 礼仪廉耻 ke?

    5. 俺晓得你不知廉耻, 为林阿斗背书,政治化拉曼拨款,阿斗在马哈迪和友族屁股后面摇尾乞怜,只会欺压华人。俺第一次听到华人部长要减少拉曼拨款,真他妈的无耻,是一孬种。

      translate : i know u r shameless, endorse that cbmf to politicise utar allocation, cblim kiss mahathir ass n wag his tail behind the malay, but turn into a bully when facing the chinese. tis is the first time we heard a chinese minister wan to reduce the allocation to utar, what a disgrace n coward cbmf.

    6. Cherry picking, er!


      This ISN'T the first time funding to TarUC has been slashed in budget allocations.

      TarUC was allocated RM60 million in 2015, RM51 million in 2016 and RM30 million in 2017, but was allocated RM5.5mil in development funds in the 2018 Budget.

      Can u identify who's the govt during those periods?

      Perhaps MCA has no ministers in the cabinet when the TarUC financial allocation was discussed then.

      The glaring difference is NOW the FM is a Chinese M'sian from DAP, which u r known to despite.

      BTW, why r u crying father mother about this TarUC funding. How about the funds for Southern, New Era & Han Chiang University Colleges?

      U like TarUC bcoz it's established by MCA as a political brownie?


      I strongly suggest u DONT use '俺' to address yrself. If u r not careful, u might become '阉' lah!

    7. wish you two (HY and CK) woudl make reading easier for us non-Mandarin speakers

    8. mca wan more but couldnt get it, bec they r merely dog, master feed them shit oso they would say yummy. dap cblim is the first that volunteer for less. since u think his reason is valid, may i pose yr question to him, since the 3 college u mentioned is not own by any political party, when r cblim going to allocate 3 x 30mil to them? r u going to tell us 513 again?

      n i guess 阉 (castrate) could be the 2019 hanzi, dun u agree the hanzi 阉 (castrate) suit cblim n dap well since may 9?

    9. KT, u r kind to hy er!

      If that moron can write in part Mandarin, WHY my part Mandarin reply is been binned?

      Don't u know sometimes there is NO 100% cross language equivalent¿

      He has no teloq to voice in Reddit forum, for fearing of been laugh out loud.

      Yr blog is just his syiok-sendiri platform, right?

    10. Perhaps u r the eunuch.

      Serving who - not sure.

      BTW, maybe yr master was on the cabinet meeting to know that dap cblim is the first that volunteer for less!

      Mmmmmm… definitely not MCA, umno or any of the bn component parties, for obvious reasons.

      I venture to guess, pkr - yr favourite of the day. Could most likely be that Dökkálfar Dwarf. Betul tak?

      Banyak panda le, answer question with circular irrelevancies. Can u reread the question u asked earlier, rd moron.

      Ain't u the one keep farting about consistently inconsistent. Mana teloq u?

      Oooop…… thousand apologies, forgetting u r……

    11. don't be jealous. Yours (binned) was 85% mandarin script

    12. hey u read chinese u shd able to tell mine was almost 100% translated except profanity that u often use. as soon as pkr did thing as disgraceful as cblim, i will wrire the same.

    13. btw, y cblim dad go to mu? didnt cblim claim shdnt mix politics n education?

    14. Yr blog, yr choice!

      Too bad for a banana who can't understand Mandarin!

      It ONLY help to blow the ego of a rd moron!

    15. stop yr childish sulking pratter wakakaka

    16. Wakakakaka…

      WHY should I sulked on an inconsequential fart?

      But then, how could u know, Banana。

  7. Chinese Vote DAP to suffer......masochistically shiok....

    PETALING JAYA: Palm oil factories are turning away smallholders, leaving smallholders in the lurch, says MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.

    In a Facebook post on Friday (Nov 30), Dr Wee , who is also Ayer Hitam MP, said that palm oil factories are doing so due to oversupply and a lack of export demand.


  8. A bird on the wall told me Tay Tian Yan, Sin Chew's deputy Editor-in-Chief will be "retiring" soon.

    DAP has started applying serious though quiet pressure on Sin Chew's management.
    They are telling that while constructive criticism is welcome, a full-time Opposition mouthpiece, especially given Tay Tian Yan's past pro-MCA position is considered an unfriendly partisan.

    It appears that while Pakatan is keeping to its promise not to directly give instructions to MSM media, that doesn't stop quiet pressure being applied.

    1. DAP is suPAPorted by USA and PAP. Once you lick American ass you can do anything to your citizens AND NO ONE IN EUROPE AND USA WILL BOTHER TO PENALIZE OR SANCTION YOU SINCE DAP IS NOW THE new AMERICAN-backed 'BASTARDS'.

      How did LKY survive 40 years? By licking American ass. America left him to mandhandle his citizens at his will.....all those draconian laws did not even elicit a single response from USA/Europe since LKY is America's bastard....

      Now Malaysians must realise they have opened Pandora Box and invited a new dictator to trample on Malaysian civil life. All the threats will be made against the opposition, arrests at will, and only Malaysians have themselves to blame for electing Pakatan. When Anwar is enthroned it will be worse....

  9. For the record....Guanee's reasoning...

    Amid cuts for TAR UC, Lim announces RM6m for 3 private colleges
    Published: 3 Dec 2018, 10:11 pm |

    Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has announced an allocation of RM6 million for three nonprofit private university colleges – namely the Southern University College in Skudai, the New Era University College in Kajang, and Han Chiang University College of Communication in Georgetown.

    In a statement today, Lim said each of these university colleges would receive RM2 million for use in its development budget for next year.

    “Despite a lack of support from the previous administration, people from all walks of life have been mobilised to make every effort to provide quality education at a low cost (at nonprofit educational institutions), and produced many graduates to be pillars of the nation over the past decades.

    “The Pakatan Harapan government is grateful to the Chinese community for its hard work in cultivating talents for the nation, and has therefore allocated RM12 million for Chinese independent schools, and RM15 million for national-type Chinese schools in the 2019 Budget for their development expenditure.

    “Now, we take the next step by providing allocations to nonprofit institutions of higher education, so that Southern, New Era, and Han Chiang university colleges can also benefit and reduce their burden," his statement read.

    Meanwhile, Lim also cautioned MCA against “crossing the red line” over its Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) and using students as political pawns against the Harapan administration.

    He said that if MCA was to do this by raising tuition fees, the Finance Ministry and other “units” would jointly take action against the party.

    “TAR UC has enjoyed surpluses and can maintain its present fees and improve staff welfare. During the BN administration, its allocation was slashed by RM39 million, but it was still able to continue without raising its fees.

    “If they now want to raise fees by 15 percent because the Harapan government wants to reduce its allocation by RM24.5 million, that is exploitive to the students and is unacceptable,” he said.

    Lim reiterated that MCA should cut ties with TAR UC, and let the university’s alumni association take over its administration.

    This, he said, would allow the college to perform even better, and would also make it eligible to obtain at least RM30 million in government allocations.

    In previous parliamentary debates on Putrajaya's 2019 budget proposal, Lim said that the MCA-founded TAR UC would only receive a grant of RM5.5 million.

    This triggered protests by MCA leaders and accusations of a political vendetta, which then prompted party president Wee Ka Siong to moot a 15 percent hike in tuition fees.

    MCA had also dismissed the suggestion of allowing TAR UC's alumni association to take over the administration of the college.

    1. tis cbmf justification is inconsistent, indulge in politicking at the expanse of the poor. until today, i dun read one chinese article that support his action, tarc is kind of distortion of merdeka u, its a product of racial education system, without solving the roots of problem, tis cbmf reduce allocation n warn not to increase fee, what a stupid idiot cbmf that cant differentiate right n wrong. the chinese community must tell enough is enough for all tis politicking n kick out dap in next ge15.