Monday, October 29, 2018


FMT - Don’t mess with me, Guan Eng tells DAP leaders who accepted titles (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng today issued a stern warning to DAP’s elected representatives and councillors who accepted titles and awards.

He threatened to take stern action against those who do.

In a fiery speech, Lim said these DAP representatives should not challenge the party or leadership.

“Some people think that if they become a state Exco member, they can become a Datuk; they feel it’s their right. That is not right.

“Don’t mess with me. Regardless of your position, I will take action. You were elected to represent the rakyat, not yourself,” he said when officiating the 2018 KL DAP convention. [...]

Lim’s warning comes a week after Berita Harian reported him as describing Melaka DAP chief Tey Kok Kiew as being “stubborn” for failing to apologise over his acceptance of a “datukship”.

According to the Malay daily, Lim said two other leaders who accepted their titles had apologised for not consulting the party first, namely Bemban assemblyperson Wong Fort Pin and Sandakan MP Stephen Wong

While it may be the DAP Party's policy not to accept royal (or state) awards of 'Datukship' while in active service, and no outsider should interfere with such a policy, yelling out such a policy publicly in a threatening arrogant way is not advisable in monarchic Malaysia.

Because Guan Eng voiced his disfavour to title-awards so publicly, it may inadvertently misrepresent a 'quasi-republican' DAP who spurns royal titles with apparent disdain, thus misbehaving in what may be seen as a disrespectful biadab-ish manner to the Malay royals.

The DAP has for years strive to represent the Malays but how would such an impression, misrepresented as it is by Guan Eng's bloody big fat heavy jackboots stomping all over his party members, appeal to the Heartland.

Guan Eng could have done it in an internal party memo, circulated amongst DAP members. Even if that leaks out, the Malays would have been more appreciative of a DAP which is respectful to Malay royalty and Malay sensitivities.

Guan Eng might want to flex his party muscles to DAP members a la you-tahu-kah-LIMPEH-siapa but alas, at what cost to its external image, especially to Malays.

Once someone said Guan Eng is not the brightest bulb on a chandelier, and I can see why.

Tai-Seow, Boe Tua Boe Say. Lau Peh Boe Kar See.

[Si Bodoh, Biadab Sangat. Kurang Diajar Olih Ayah]

[polos = 'plain' as in 'plain discourteous' or 'plain rude']


  1. If my honorific reads as follows and I am charged with dozens of heinous offences against my countrymen there will be many embarrassed royal houses, CMs, MBs etc when the revocation starts, as it has with N9. Prevention is better than cure.

    Datuk Seri Diraja (Perlis), Datuk Seri Utama (Kedah), Datuk Seri Utama (Penang), Datuk Seri Diraja (Perak), Datuk (Selangor), Datuk Seri (Selangor),

    Datuk Seri Utama (N9 - REVOKED),

    Datuk Seri Utama (Melaka), Yang Amay Mulia Datuk (Kelantan), Datuk Seri (Pahang), Datuk Seri (Pahang), Datuk Seri Panglima (Sarawak), Datuk Seri (Sabah), Datuk (Sabah).

  2. Wah lao eh.. a super tok kong trying to sell bak kut teh in a Malay kampong. Wakakaka..

    1. AND finding long queueing customers at the back alleys of the kampong le!


      Mana tu munafik?

  3. Balls kaytee, the issue is bollocks as which DAP assemblyman has ever accepted state or national honours except for the first one you know who. They serve the rakyat not for honours unless they want a title which carries prestige? Even crooks and dubious characters can get one and this has been pubicized in the media

  4. DAP survived for decades in the opposition on Discipline, Tough Leadership and Tough Love.
    The policy of not receiving official honours is clear and long standing, and those who defied it need to toe the line.

    Lim Guan Eng could do with a bit more EQ, though....

  5. The foreign minister of Saudi Arabia Adel Ahmed Al-Jubeir has confirmed that there was no donation from any Saudi royalty or from the Saudi government .....

    Has Najib just lost his last remaining alibi against charges of Kleptocracy ....or is it another case of Saudis speaking with a forked tongue ?

    Saudi Arabia isn't exactly having a high level of international credibility in its official pronouncements lately.

    1. Duit sudah dikembalikan. So it is no more a donation. Bukan begitu?

    2. Najib said he returned the money.
      DOJ said the bulk of the money was redirected.

      Redirected is a totally different matter from returned.

      In any case , if the source of the money was criminal in the first place, "returning" it does not make the person innocent.
      If I "returned" a bribe or after stealing the funds, the original act of receiving the bribe or stealing it is still a crime.
      Go look up the many Corruption or Criminal Breach of Trust cases where people were jailed even though they "returned" the funds.

      At most it can be used during Mitigation Pleading to the judge during sentencing.

      Redirected can amount to Money Laundering....looks like Malaysian Government now has proof that it IS money laundering.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      There r tons of (mis)interpretations in the doctrines of zombieism.

      What u have mentioned - returning of the stolens, absolves the act of crime - is just the tip of the iceberg!

      Similarly with the payment of blood money.

      What a pathetic stage of humanity evolution as defined within the context of PD!

    4. Then, BNM is involved in the sanctions and dealings? No?

    5. Another typical rd syndrome!

      Both ex-governors have been punished according to their role - zeti by jibby & muhammad ibrahim by mamak.

      Or u want bnm to be executed?

      Wakakakakaka… what a mind (zombified!)