Monday, November 26, 2018

DAP with tail between its hind legs?

Malaysiakini - DAP and its excuses for failing the ratification of Icerd
by Alex Fong:

haev they lost their balls? 

LETTER | Do you remember the days when DAP still boasted about its sacred duty championing for a “Malaysian Malaysia”? I know I do, and I bet everyone else, except DAP leaders, does as well.

After all, six months ago, one of their key election promises was to promote equality among Malaysians. Funny how I find myself having to remind them of their “sacred duty” now.

When the opportunity presented itself to DAP to perform their “sacred duty” in the form of Icerd (International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination), DAP secretary-general cum Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng tucked his tail and hid behind Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, abandoning all intentions to seize the occasion to push the country towards DAP’s much-touted “Malaysian Malaysia”.

The party had turned craven the moment they obtained federal power; either that, or they have always been white-livered and had relied on loud blusters to get them where they are today.

They can no longer stand on their own two legs, to stand by their principle, and instead, had to cower behind a man who has a notorious track record of racial preferential treatment.

When the ratification of Icerd fall through last week, it did not come to Malaysians as a surprise, seeing how the government completely failed to utilise resources in their hands to debunk myths and curb racial incendiary speeches.

Yet, DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang jumped instantaneously to defend the government citing the May 13 racial riot. Ain’t it a wonder that when instigators threatened May 13-like incidents if DAP were to win GE14, it did not dampen their spirits even one bit?

It ought to be crystal clear right now that DAP is not in the slightest interested in walking their talk and taking on difficult tasks. No, indeed; they are far too engrossed with playing petty politics at the expense of the people, and intend to protect their comfortable minister seats at all cost.

Let us all pray together for our beloved nation as we join the ranks of Myanmar, North Korea and South Sudan.


  1. The Hindu temple in Seafield is still hot and developing and shows how easy it is to hire a mob to create violence. Luckily no one was killed, only a few injured. It could have developed into a racial thing. Perhaps that was what Alex wanted to see so he can blame DAP if Malaysia really did ratify ICERD and a racial riot happens. Fortunately DAP did not fall into this trap.

  2. DAP playing dumb on ICERD has proven to be the correct strategy because it has relegated the Dec 8 rally to a “celebratory” but hollow one.

    Now the rabble rousers have turned to the Indians instead, trying to cause a racial riot in Seafield, but this too has proved to be a wrong move, now we see them meeting the temple people wanting to smoke the peace pipe and claiming the attack by “Malay looking” gangsters was not Islamic.

    Too late, it has backfired. The smart Malaysians can see and understand what they are trying to do.

  3. Let us all pray together for our beloved nation as we join the ranks of peace loving and rational politicians by ignoring smart Alexes

  4. HARAPAN is a weak political coalition. It lacks governmental experience. Its bedstone is Nons. Its thrust is to empower populist to uphold and realize their rights (Human Rights). Its focus is to attract the substantial new kids on the block voters. Its main strategy is allegations and aspersions on perceived kleptocracy of 1MDB risking the bankruptcy of the country. It violates the obligation of the implicit contract (the Malay Rights and Religious Rights) in exchange for the loyalty (Malay/Islam) to its political rule.  It does not have a strong foundation. It will crumble. Thus, DAP with tail behind its hind legs.

    1. Wakakakakakaka

      Perceived kleptocracy? Where have you been? If you are blind, deaf and dumb, it is forgiven. You forgot, gone are the days where information can be controlled and manipulated but not anymore in this Internet Information Age. It's a matter of whether one really wants to seek and know the truth or continue listening to purveyors of half truths, blatant lies and outright manipulations of human emotions to make them not to think but be zombies and sheepies.

      When the whole world knows about our kleptocrats much much earlier while Malaysians were still thinking it is just a perception or politiking.

      What's next? More Grandmother conspiracies stories or burn the country down to be back in power thru the backdoor?

    2. I am with you Ahmad Maslan. Thank you Nostradamus. God blessed.

    3. HARAPAN's strength and also a weakness is that it operates by consensus.
      There is no My Way or The Highway.

      Ah Moc keeps posting and reposting 1998 caricatures of Mahathir as Mahafiraun, but the fact is Mahathir in 2018 is no Firaun .....he gets checked and balanced.

  5. The riots arising from the Seafield temple controversy show how fragile Race and Religion matters can be in Malaysia.

    DAP is being mature and thoughtful in not pushing the ICERD ratification further at this moment.

    Australian Residents blogging from a safe distance of 7000 kilometres away can sneer at DAP because they don't have to live with the consequences if things go bad.

  6. Ktemoc conveniently left out that the author Alex Fong is a MCA Youth Central Committee member.

    Now at least that put things in the right perspective. So, what was he trying to say again? Asking DAP leaders to commit suicide or cause the breakup of the PH Govt?

    Only wise leaders knows the saying in politics "There is always a time and place for everything". "Only Fools rush in, not knowing the situation on the ground".

    Likewise, the incident of an ex-Chief Justice Tun Hamid being shown on a wheelchair being rolled in as a Patriot in defending the Constitution and making political statements about ICERD etc. To everyone initially, it looks like we have a very stout defender of the Constitution and Agama, Bangsa dan Negara type of ex-CJ. Words from an ex-Chief Justice will never be doubted and he must be speaking from his heart sincerely since he was also once the highest authority on Laws and Malaysian Judiciary system.

    That is until, some news broke out that the ex-Director of MEIO (hasanah) who is currently charged is also his daughter? Now, if that is true, I don't blame him trying to seek revenge on his last dying breath whether bedridden or not. Whether it tarnish the perception of Malaysian Judiciary system and the country is no more of consequence to him.

    Are Malaysians truly brainless and fools easily led like sheepies?

    1. Alex Fong is MCA, but then what is LKS, LGE, Maddy, TP, Anwar, Azmin, Rafizi, Maszlee, Mukhriz?

    2. The commentator's provenance is an important indicator of whether the commentator is credible or merely self-serving Bull.

      The ICERD convention came into effect in 1969.

      MCA itself was utterly silent on ICERD all the decades that it was part of the government.

    3. Since DAP fellas are 'çowards' as KT puts it, I strongly suggest KT get here on the next available flight and get on a stage in front of PAS UMNO cracks and explain ICERD to them. I want to see how big his balls are. No point talking so much from a safe 1000 km away.

  7. Opening salvo of declining security when USA-backed parties eg DAP/PKR win elections in any country: security and racial relationshois worsens. As in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, etc

    Malaysia is now getting a taste of worsening security because American instigators want the situation to WORSEN to justify their continued patronage of those traitorous political parties...and to continue their nefarious influence over the new government vis-a-vis China. Average Malaysians are just 'collateral damage'. Remember Syria and American support of DAESH and Islamic Caliphate operators...

  8. An EMRS person is in critical condition in hospital. Which group dragged him out of his vehicle and assaulted him?

    If he dies it is murder. Only 24. Pray for him. Death penalty then to the murderers?

    A fire and rescue services department personnel was critically injured after being attacked by the mob who gathered near the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in USJ 25, Subang Jaya early this morning.

    Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim, 24, is currently warded at the intensive care unit in a private hospital in Subang Jaya.

    It is understood that his family members and fiancee are currently at the hospital with him.

    Last night, Malaysiakini witnessed rescuers being attacked while they were approaching a vehicle that had been set on fire near the temple.

    According to the New Straits Times, Adib was among the emergency medical services (EMRS) members who were dispatched to the scene.

    The daily reported that he was dragged out of his vehicle and assaulted, which resulted in internal injuries and fractures. He is also reportedly unconscious.

    1. A few questions that nobody has asked.

      Why only him was been attacked? Ain't the EMRS came in group?

      What caused the mob to attack this EMRS personnel, as he is in uniform not the black attire of the thugs?

      All the news reports didn't mentioned any details except the mob attacked a malay EMRS personnel who is now in critical medical condition.

      The words of the politikus didn't help. Instead it fuels the burning emotive fire of the blur-sotongs that another one of its kindred has been attacked.

      With the provocations from the ketuanan freaks & zombies, these blur-sotong just joined in to protect their sensationalised alifbata chants & maruah!

    2. since you know everything, why you tell us what actually happened

    3. YAS!!!

      Ostrich burying its head in the desert of oz outback, waiting for someone to bring it a cold beer er!

    4. The Australian Resident in Sydney knows everything.

      He should tell us how DAP is running away with tail between its hind legs

    5. aviding my invitation for you to show us your usual BS, wakakaka

    6. DAP running away with tail between its hind legs?

      Self evident by the Lim's warning Chinese of May 13, when it previously (while in opposition) ignored such warnings by UMNO

    7. Now, there is a video showing Adib was not assaulted by the mob as claimed.

      Instead he was hit by a reversing fire truck while standing at its back.

      The temple devotees helped to sent him to the hospital!

      Wakakakakakaka… talk about sensationalized news + quick at the mouth fame seeking politikus + tempestuous amokish blur-sotongs, nothing beats bolihland when religion & race r involved!

    8. U forget who's the injured prey & how vicious it can be!

      Wakakakakaka… umno then & the dap now - apple with orange lah.

    9. Many of the readers here clearly understand that recent events such as the Seafield temple riots show that race & Religion matters are very fragile in Malaysia, and DAP was right in deciding not to fan the temperature any higher.

      Only Australian Residents who are safely ensconced 7,000 kilometres away can afford to sneer that DAP is running away with tail between its hind legs?

  9. Evil hands at play. After trying to incite Hindus now they try to incite Muslims. Who next? Christians? I won’t be surprised.

    'Pork' thrown into surau in Malacca
    27 Nov 2018

    Pieces of what is believed to be pork meat were thrown into two surau in Serkam, Malacca, this morning, according to Sinar Harian.

    Malacca police chief Raja Sharom Raja Abdullah confirmed the incident, which is being investigated under Section 295 of the Penal Code for injuring and defiling a place of worship with the intent to insult.

    Raja Shahrom said he instructed his personnel to patrol other places of worship, including surau and mosques.

    “We don't want any individuals to take advantage (of the situation),” he added.

    Sinar Harian reported that the first incident occurred at the Surau Bukit Serkam about 5am. The pieces of meat were discovered by those who went to the surau to perform their prayers.

    A resident, Adam Abdullah, 65, said he saw the pieces of meat, together with two rolled up manila cards, and immediately contacted the Malacca Islamic Affairs Department (Jaim).

    “The police arrived at about 7am. Soon after this, the cleansing process was carried out. This is the first such incident in the past 10 years since this surau was established,” Adam said.

    In the second incident, a cleaner discovered the pieces of meat in the surau located in Ladang Serkam about 8am.

  10. HY... Take a break with this 'Mamak Rhapsody'. Genius! Wakakaka..

    1. the guitar play can match brian may wakaka.

  11. Check that evil setup known as YAS!

    Banyak blur lah!

    1. Yayasan Ayahanda SaMalaysia.

      The Pekida 3-Line Malay umbrella gangland organisation. Far more members than any Chinese or Indian Triad.

      They have had a symbiotic relationship to UMNO for decades.
      PDRM Police usually look the other way on their activities , as long as they don't go too extreme.

    2. The work of YAS.


      The group spokesman, Shahrizad Sahak said the purpose of their visit was to gather peacefully and was not meant as an “attack” on the Indians.

      “We are just here to express ourselves and not for political reasons.

      “We are asking them to not step on the Malays.

      “What we are asking is that, do not force us. What we are asking is do not sideline the Malays,” he said briefly.

      Shahrizad kept stressing that the group only wanted to gather peacefully and not cause any provocation.

      “We hope to do so because this involved all the Malays,” he said.


      Not political(does he know what this animal is ke?) but definitely provocation.

      In what way has the melayu been stepped on, forced upon, & been sidelined in this incident?

      The Hindu didn't pray for their tongkat?

      The Hindu didn't vacate when been violently asked to leave?

      The melayu thugs were been punished kau2 by the Hindu?

      The telling tail is

      “We hope to do so because this involved all the Malays,”

      When did EVER YAS do anything for the ordinary blurred melayu BUT the bloodsucking elites of theirs?

      The saddest part IS the puppets dont care/want to know what the strings the puppeteers r pulling. All they WANT is that elusive alifbata tag!

    3. YAS is basically an Organised Crime group.
      Malay membership, but it is Malay like the Mafia was Sicilian.

      They are fundamentally businessmen, albeit heavily into lucrative illegal businesses.

      The key to understanding the Seafield riots is that it started off as a Business transaction, but spun out of control.

      YAS members were PAID to intimidate the people at the temple.
      Who by - the police need to investigate without bias or favour.
      My guess it is down to 2 possibilities.

      The usual Race & Religion shit stirrers - they are out of power but still control megatons of cash , or people indirectly associated with the Cinapek Developer.

      The Developer itself probably too smart to directly get their hands dirty

      The troublemakers didn't reckon on themselves getting trapped by an even bigger bunch of Indian gangsters....hahahaha...we are lucky no one was killed during the 1st night, but many of the troublemakers cars were torched.

      The 2nd night vandalism of the Developer's office and violence against the Firemen was done by Indian gansters and must be condemned.

  12. It.Sheis must still be counting the days of when the Thai Asstrologer predicting mass arrest (Ops Lallang 2) is going to happen or not.

    Patience!, Patience! is the word. It has to come sooner or later.

    I'm pretty sure TDM knows all these racial/religious flare ups/incidences will happen after so many traitors and kleptocrats are being led to the guillotine almost every week. TDM is not called a Master politician for nothing. So many of his previous enemies/challengers learned it thru the hard way.

    Desperate guilty men especially kleptocrats, politicians and powerful warlords when losing power, wealth and facing long Jail sentences will never ever leave silently for they already knew their chances with the Law is hopeless. It is just a natural sequence for them to follow in a last bid effort to save themselves.

    Only TDM has the willpower and the courage to act and give the word "Go" and if at this moment of time he falters and does not act, then just as like Bapa Merdeka, it will be a matter of time before he himself will be overthrown when the country burns just as like what happened in 1969.

    Wanna Bet, all these are already on the table ready to be signed off?

  13. Well, if this report below is true this may solve the immediate issue about whether the Hindu temple stays or is demolished. But there are two groups claiming to be the custodians of the temple. So this second dispute Tamil movie....

    And the developer may still sue the government because this goes against the court consent judgement.

    And by the way the 1.5 million is where? Hopefully not yet paid and spent.

    Selangor to take over temple land, say sources
    K. Kabilan

    Published on 28 November

    SELANGOR will take over the land under dispute in Subang Jaya and hand it over to the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple, government sources said today.

    They said the instruction had come from Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and that Selangor Menteri Besar Amirudin Shari was informed of the decision and agreed to it.