Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sri Maha Mariamman temple fracas - will Rule of Law collapse?

TMI - Rule of law must reign regardless of race or religion by G. Selva who reads The Malaysian Insight:

The promise that rule of law will be supreme is falling short as the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple incident unfolds.

The incident almost escalated into a full-blown public order situation. All the ingredients to ignite a powder keg were in place. It could have been disastrous for the New Malaysia.

Politicians became part of the problem when they started taking sides as in the case now.

Although there is a court decision and some amicable agreements reached earlier on the temple relocation issue, tensions remain high because such compromises will never please everyone, especially those who harbour ill intentions.

Then there are those in the shadows who want to see our New Malaysia erupt into flames and disintegrate into political chaos, as they have an interest against the war on corruption and abuse of power.

Police play an integral part in enforcing the law and are expected to be on top of a public order situation way before it gets out of hand.

In Seafield, they jumped the gun with inaccurate facts to the cause of the incident. They should have waited to verify the facts before saying anything. This led to an unnecessary backlash against the police and the task became more complicated for the authorities.

Matters escalated further when police were judged to be slow and inadequate. Such delayed actions inadvertently contribute to other subsequent legal shortfalls that in due course become almost impossible to solve in the long term.

This normally favours those who benefit from delaying the court ruling. Enforcement on the ground at times can be naive to the sequence of events that are meticulously orchestrated by covert instigation. Such investigations require a deep probe to identify the sinister perpetrators behind the scenes.

Obviously, the authorities have to bear a significant part of the blame in the Seafield issue. The police should have anticipated that the problem was reaching a boiling point and they should have been better prepared.

The initial misleading statement by the Subang Jaya police was premature and reflected the inexperience of the spokesman. Nevertheless, the ministers who came together later to refute that statement publicly, did not help in reducing tension.

Probably a knock on the home minister’s door to call in the police would have been an unified approach on actions to be taken upon those who were not up to the mark in carrying out their duties fairly or identifying and removing those who are incompetent.

A united effort would have delivered a stronger message to those hoping to capitalise on the chaos in trying to disrupt the rule of law. It can be put down to ministerial inexperience. Because when it comes down to the grind in a serious public order situation, we have to depend on the police.

Fortunately some quick thinking samaritans got onto social media and explained immediately the actual situation. It went viral and a more serious situation was averted.

However, those involved in the assault, riots, desecration of the holy site and any other offences must swiftly be brought before the courts.

The offenders are on both sides of the spectrum in the dispute. The police are on the ball now and must complete investigations swiftly.

The people criminally responsible for initiating the attack must be identified and prosecuted regardless of whoever they may be.

We must ensure that the rule of law reigns supreme in all the limbs of the criminal justice system., regardless of race, creed, colour or religion.


  1. The Harapan government is inexperienced, especially in a crisis like this.
    But all in all it handled the situation based on rules a lot better than the BN government did during the Low Yat crisis, where thugs also attempted to instigate race-based violence.
    In the Low Yat incident, authorities let the Red Shirt hooligans get away Scot free, and in reaction even funded the Mara Digital Mall , essentially sulporting the Red Shirt excuse. MCA was as silent as a mouse.

    1. Owh was anything burned down in low yatt plaza? Or authorities stomped by mobs? Or kids on bike kicked and stomped by mobs? Funny how the heat in this temple issue was brought down really fast when ppl were discovering the chinese were behind this no? Failed plan i guess.. Well Im smelling the blood of the malaysian chinese really strong if this keeps up.. Hahahaha owh how ive been waiting for this movie for so long.. A movie about equality, fair and justice will reset to its balance.. My my what did i tell yah.. So much wealth and loots to be shared with the indians soon.. Well i guess its no waste for having an indian decendant PM afterall huh.. CK was right.. Humans plan but God disposes.. Guess he wasnt disposing on behalf of the chinese.. Hahahahaha..

    2. Here's part of yr answer!

      Anonymous said...

      This wasn't about the temple. It was a shot across the bow to Tun Mahathir by some people in the politial arena.

      Who has the ability to mobilise some many Malay gangsters to attack an Indian temple?

      The developer is not stupid. They have a court order and only need to enforce the order. No risk.

      The law firm is not stupid. No risk to let the law takes its course.

      Rogue lawyer? If he has RM150K to spend, he won't be stupid to do this. Someone gave him the money.

      The gangster head? He is not stupid too ... attacking an Indian temple is a major task. He won't do this unless instructed by people higher up and he will be protected.

      Whoever mastermind this wasn't looking for an outcome to evict the temple because it is so obvious, things will only get worse after the attack. If this goes out of control and spread across the country, who loses politically? Who will immediately benefit politically? Who may be able to stay out of jail? Who may be able to escape being found out for their past deeds?

      All said, there is much more to this. Person(s) who can afford RM150K will not be idiots. They thought it is worth a gamble. For them, that sum is only one bet at the casino table in Genting, Las Vegas or Macao.

  2. Don't just blame the New Harapan government for not enforcing the rule of law.

    The High Court Consent Judgement was delivered in 2014, when Harapan was in power in Selangor but BN in power in Putrajaya. Who is responsible for enforcing court decisions - police or some other authority? State or Federal? The fact that no action was taken for 4 years shows the previous government was just as lost as the current one in enforcement.
    In the meantime the problem just simmered and now boiled over.

    I hope that the solution is to enforce the 2014 Court Decision, unless there was some serious miscarriage of justice, like new evidence that we don't know about.

  3. Oh no we jumped the gun again. Toonsie confirms RULE OF LAW PREVAILS.

    On Subang Hindu temple, PM says govt can’t interfere in court process
    Published 50 minutes ago on 28 November 2018

    By Ida Lim

    PETALING JAYA, Nov 28 — The government will not interfere in court proceedings related to the Hindu temple in USJ 25, Subang Jaya, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad confirmed today.

    Dr Mahathir was asked to confirm if the government’s position was that there would be a freeze in the relocation of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple until the court resolves the matter.

    “We have to go according to the rules and laws of this country.

    “What the court decides, we have to obey, but if they can prove the decision was wrong, they can appeal to a higher court, we will also obey that,” he said in reply to reporters here.

    When asked if the government would interfere, Dr Mahathir replied: “The government cannot interfere in the laws. The previous government yes, but not this government.”

    The Seafield temple was the location of two violent clashes and rioting this week, which were linked to a land matter.

    The land upon which the temple is built belongs to a private developer, with all parties including the temple management in 2014 agreeing to be relocated.

    The temple was initially due for relocation on November 22.

    A bid by temple devotees wanting to keep the temple on its current location is set to come up at the Shah Alam High Court tomorrow.

  4. 'We must ensure that the rule of law reigns supreme in all the limbs of the criminal justice system., regardless of race, creed, colour or religion.'

    Yes, what actually happened to that EMRS BOMBA staff who was badly injured/beaten? We will pray for his recovery.

    Who is telling the truth?

    I hope to visit him at IJN today, and to hear whether it was an accident between two BOMBA trucks where he was indeed sandwiched in between, according to the temple management officials. But BOMBA said it wasn't?

    1. Any real medical professionals WOULD be able to tell whether the injuries sustained by the EMRS personnel was due to traumatic impacts or physical assaults upon initial inspections.

      Yet nobody said anything except those politikus & incompetent officer bearers. & what they have farted so far r just bulls of air to gain political brownie & saving their nasi periuk!

      This issue highlights another sad state of the bolihland medical professionals.

      Most of them r hp6, unskilled & unprofessional saya-yg-mengikuti-perintah kaji buta trashes!

      Anyone still remembered autopsy reports of tbh (post-mortem, conducted by Dr Shahidan Md Noor of the Sungai Buloh Hospital), kugan (professional misconduct of Dr Abdul Karim who had carried out the flawed first autopsy), Karuna (forensic pathologist Dr Sharifah Safoorah Syed Alwee Al’ Aldrus on the cause of Karuna Nithi’s death) & many others.

    2. I thought I wanna be near Adib today. I went to IJN Emergency and told the doctor I have bronchospasm and my heart is weak. No chance; the doctor said it is just cough and phlegm. Paracetemol, prednisolone, and mucosolvan liquid will be just right. I told him that I need regular nebulizer machine but he said my lungs are clear, but he just prescribed the budesonide inhaler canister instead. Wakakaka. Anyway, I heard that BOMBA filed a police report that Adib was not sandwiched by the BOMBA trucks. Hmmm.. what can I say.

    3. Wakakakaka……

      Only fool who knows nothing WILL try very hard to impress others with bombastic technical terms of zilch consequences.

      He forgets terms r just for labelling (wakakakaka… reminds me of another habitual labelling fool!), the cure is the aim.

      Meanwhile, while keeping rote labelling to heart, all the good/bad effect is lost. Thus, the patient gets no cure while the fool just stick to the norm to get his usual cut from the pharmaceutical company for promoting these drugs ONLY.

      I have seen many - recently that cut&paste John clown.

      Add one more from u, just prove my conviction about these bunch of syiok-sendiri morons.

  5. Rm150k is the root cause. Very very cheap yet disastrous consequence.

  6. Does it not all smells of a plot by someone diverting attention from the smell of corruption in a court settlement case not fully executed by covering up the tracks? Or does it not smell also of even politicians involvement to suit their bigger agenda of toppling TDM and the PH Govt via one of these incidents to arouse voters sentiments based on race and religion issues?

    It looks more and more like political interest trying to ride on or collaborate on a smaller plot of some corrupted guilty parties to the court settlement having gone wrong halfway in the Seafield fracas. The whole incident seems to be concentrated on burning up sensitive perception issues of race, religion, greed, gangsterism, inefficiencies of PDRM, opposition Ministers and TDM, state govt, courts, rule of laws etc. in this Seafield fracas.

    What would have really happened on the morning of eviction of the temple grounds by court, developers and enforcement personnel based on a court order and a date already postponed several times to execute the eviction and handover notice if those thugs being hired to so call clear the premises of the priests and his followers beforehand is not executed? Would it have also generated into a riot by rampaging angry mobs of thousands of temple devotees with no leaders in sight leading those mobs?

    In all probability, there may be just a handfull of protestors, some arrest of protestors and things quieten down or perhaps another postponement again which has happened before so many times when some parties have reneged on whatever settlements agreed upon. Wasn't it known clearly that a replacement temple is to be built on another piece of land by the developers settlement of RM1.5 million? When you see a court settlement being made a few years back, you also wonder "Why wasn't the temple built before the demolition and eviction order now being enforced? Is it because the settlement funds was not paid, the land was not given or someone has hijacked all the monies and land? Now, who are those involved? Lawyers? Developers? Temple Administrators? Politicians?

    When you see known racists and bigotted politicians, NGOs, associations, gangsters, groups and even bloggers previously affiliated with the opposition parties now coming out of the woodwork to pretend to fight out the fires ignited, it is a sign of a hatched plot gone wrong and needed to be cleaned up fast before things become clearer of the hatched events created to point the fingers back at the Master planner who has even a bigger agenda at hand.

    And the reason for an attempted plot went horribly wrong when angry devout Hindus mobs of thousands unexpectedly emerged upon hearing the ringing of their temple bells seeking help, done by perhaps an innocent devotee seeing their priests and temple been under attacked by perceived radical Islamists as what has happened on and off throughout the country before.

    Majority of Hindus being as devout and fanatical like Moslems in religious issues in Malaysia tend to be easy meat to be used again and again by unscrupulous evil corrupted men.

    Only fools do not see things in the right perspective and are emotionally led like sheepies.

    It is the responsibility of a Govt. to investigate, stamp out and deny these evil corrupted men from furthering their aims of disuniting and destroying a whole Nation.

    Nobody (rich or poor, Moslems or non-Moslems, Malay or non-Malays, royalty or non-royalties, whichever political party, NGOs, Civil Societies, Govt. or non-Govt, businnesses, companies etc) gains from a destroyed Nation engulfed in conflicts and in flames.

    The only people satisfied with seeing everyone and a country destroyed has always been evil corrupted men who are have lost their sense of humanity.

  7. Harapan wanted to b the gomen. They won and now they r the gomen.
    So, Deal with it!!! or with any other crisis. Tak boleh menuding jari at other people or party or previous gomen anymore.