Saturday, November 24, 2018

'New Malaysia' - M Indira Gandhi might not think so

Malaysiakini reported:

De facto Law Minister Liew Vui Keong said today that the government cannot be asked to intervene in M Indira Gandhi's search for her nine-year-old daughter who had been taken away by her estranged ex-husband.

Liew told The Malaysian Insight that since Indira took up the case against her former spouse, it is on her to again initiate legal proceedings to find her daughter, despite being granted custody by the Federal Court.

"This case, cannot really ask for the government to interfere because this is a litigation matter taken up by the mother against the ex-husband

That's sheer utter nonsense because in the last court case regarding Indira's children, the court has ruled that the custody of the unhappy (erstwhile) couple's child, Prasana Diksa, be given to the mother.

The 'father' scooted off showing blatant contempt of the court's ruling.

Prasana Diksa with absconder dad, Riduan

Furthermore, MKINI also informed us:

The civil High Court issued an arrest warrant against Riduan in 2014, but his and Prasana's whereabouts remain unknown to date.

Earlier this year, the Federal Court nullified the conversion of all three of Indira's children to Islam, ruling that permission is needed from both parents before changing the faith of the child.

Indira's lawyer at the time, M Kulasegaran, stated that the ruling was clear in that inspector-general of police Mohamad Fuzi Harun must be the one to serve committal proceedings on Indira's former husband.

So WTF is Law Minister Liew Vui Keong tokking-kok? Isn't the RMP an agency fo the government?

And WTF is the IGP doing? There are now two criminal cases against Riduan, namely, contempt of the court and kidnapping. These have been unattended for far too long now.

Is this the 'New Malaysia'? Or is it the 'same old same old'?


  1. Adoi... Jangan dicucuk-cucuk la matey oi! Sometimes, it is better to let it be. Jangan dijolok sarang tebuan.. nanti ramai yang kena sengat. There is a valid shariah concern lah KT?

    Sometimes, the rule of law is just a theory of thin promises; one good current example is innocent until proven guilty.

  2. Meet the new boss same as the old boss

    The Who - Won't Get Fooled Again

  3. There is already a High Court order to arrest Riduan.
    The Federal Court case was an appeal by the then government against the High Court ruling. Since the Federal Court made its ruling affirmimg the High Court decision, the action reverts to the High Court arrest order.

    There is no need for Indira to get yet another order, that would be a ridiculous piece of bureaucratic Bullshit.

  4. Either the ex-husband could not be traced in-country or has scooted of to another country to lie low and thus PDRM could not enforce the court orders.

    My heart goes out to this Mother who can't be with her daughter and no mother should suffer this fate unless she is proven insane, unable to provide or care for her or incapable to perform her role as a Mother to a child. There should be no other reasons to separate her from her own child.

    Her only recourse is for the public to help her. She has to initiate a crowd funding exercise backed by NGOs and others who are sympathetic to her cause and after that offer a reward to locate the whereabouts of her daughter. Let the offer be a worldwide search to locate the child if in another country and it will be a matter of time before she is located.

    That would be a better alternative than waiting for the Malaysian PDRM or Govt. to act to reunite her with the child.

  5. So so sad. While most of us voted for a New Malaysia there is a minority that is doing everything possible, including instigating violence so that they can go back to the old ways.

    We may pontificate and mock the new government in this blog but if people are killed in riots what will we say?

    I forsee more pain and suffering for poor Indira Gandhi. The flames of racism is burning more wildly than it has for many years. The ICERD issue is being exploited, that speech at the recent G3 launch was unbelievably instigating and racist.

    If the IGP were to arrest the kidnapping father, who is a Muslim convert and return the child to a Hindu mother, how many people will be hurt or killed in violent riots. Just look at the recent case in Pakistan where a Christian woman, her lawyer and even the judges lives are in danger, because the court declared her innocent of blasphemy.

    Let’s keep a sensible head. Many people are hard at work to create trouble and also protect their own skins against charges of corruption and Allah knows what else.

    As I said, very sad.

  6. The playbook is well-known and has a brilliantly successful track record ( from a certain point of view) in the Malay population.

    The Maria Hertogh (Nadra) riots by Malays in Singapore 1950.

    The High Court in Singapore correctly, after very proper due process, ruled that as a 13-year old minor, Maria Hertogh could not be considered as legally converted to Islam, without her parent's permission.

    She was ordered returned to her Dutch Christian parents.

    It is said that the Malay policemen who were among the police squad ordered to enforce the Court order cried. Some quit the police force and later joined the anti-British independence movement.

    Instigated by the forerunner of UMNO, for 3 days and 2 nights, Singapore Malays rioted.
    Eighteen people were killed and 173 injured. Many properties were also damaged and burnt.

    So, the 2018 Pakatan Harapan government is right tread carefully on this issue.

    No doubt Indira is legally correct and her child should be reunited with her, and forced conversion of minors is illegal.

    Sorry to say, many Malays are still stuck in Neanderthal territory when it comes to anything that comes near to Race and Religion.

  7. Zahid Hamidi questions Saifuddin if he is Muslim and stirs up an already boiling cauldron of hate. But Latheefah retorts if he is also questioning Palestine because they have ratified ICERD.

    We question why DAP/LKS/LGE are quiet as a church mouse. I am sure we understand. I am sure we see the trap laid out by UMNO/PAS. Their intent is the age-old formula. Incite the Malay-Muslim to run amok. Then put the blame on DAP. We allow our hatred for DAP/LKS/LGE to be used, yes even manipulated, by them.

    This blog could do better. Instead of falling into the same trap, by questioning the inaction by the Law Minister and IGP and putting blame on the New government, while ignoring the fact that the previous government also did not bring the kidnapper-father to justice, the bloggers on this site can be a little more supportive, back Malaysia’s ratification of ICERD, and not allow the minority rabble rousers to have their way.

    1. the question is would daplkslge keep quiet if they r still in opposition? so what the diff btw dap n mca?

    2. n now tis cbmf dad n son make use of 513 to threaten us?

    3. It's ONLY proper that dap remains quiet in this racially overcharge one-upmanship!

      Any words from dap, in the official announcement, will add fuel & opportunistic chance for the ketuanan freaks, zombies & blur-sotongs to run amok!

    4. relaks la hy.. go watch rami malek in bohemian rhapsody. injoi..

    5. Who's using 513 to threaten the Non's AGAIN?

      R u another ridhuan tee in the making?

      For WHAT?

      Yr bruised ego vis-a-vis the mom?

      RD moron!

    6. i thot only umno would talk abt 513, now is lks n lge turn to remind the chinese, y dun they tell us 513 could happen b4 the 14ge?

    7. They r probably not as good a clairvoyant as u lah!

      Perhaps, u have had some potentful fart inducer to enhance yr 'vision' le.

      Just say it, we understand as we understand kt's abundantly farts about his idol.

    8. i am not the one who tell there is 513, i dun have the crystal ball, the dad n son seem to have it. or u oso have it?

    9. Then, what's the point of yr fart?

      Syiok-sendiri fart to placard yr egoistical diatribes against the father&son!

    10. my point is if it is not a threat, mean dap crystal ball shown a 513 is coming. so which is which?

      see, u run in circles again n again.

  8. Big difference.

    DAP if still in opposition would be barking in support of ratifying ICERD.

    MCA is in opposition now and so far Wee Ka Siong has said NOTHING about ratifying ICERD.


    2. Hidden black hands ( we know who these usual suspects are, right? ) have now paid for the overnight rise of yet another rabble rouser group namely the dastardly 3G who had openly instigated the Malays to bunuh Bangsa DAP.

      If LGE and LKS were totally irresponsible, they would be responding by shouting and yelling righteously at the very top of their voices, challenging these violent rascal thugs so hell bent on instigating their people to run amok and to cause a riot. So LKS and LGE and the DAP leaders were very correct by keeping totally mum, by not getting involved at all, and this is causing such ire among the Najib camp dedak bloggers and propagandists, who now in retaliation, start taunting DAP for being cowardly mouse, not ' barking' like when they were in opposition then. How to start a rioting fire ball which will burn Malaysia if these Cina DAP refuses to play ball ? The only way is to draw them out... to shrilly accuse them of being chicken, of being like a mouse, of abandoning ICERD, for being like MCA, for being a hypocrite.

      But LKS has the final say : what's the point of ratifying now when it brings us another May 13. This says it all.

    3. Wakakakakaka…

      Now, even those normally hiding below the surface closet jibby/ketuanan/zombieic sycophants r rising to be the champions of the cause - instigating their people to run amok and to cause a riot.

      Indeed, what's lacking now IS an casual sacrificial lamb - the usual dap bulls.

      LKS and LGE and the DAP leaders were very correct by keeping totally mum, by not getting involved at all, and this is causing such ire among the Najib camp dedak bloggers and propagandists, who now in retaliation, start taunting DAP for being cowardly mouse, not ' barking' like when they were in opposition then.

      Just don't play their desperado game!!!

      Let mamak shows his NEXT moves when the time has ripen - just so to teach these cbmf a hard lesson.

    4. i never claim lks n lge is right or wrong, i just said they r not that diff with mca, one they accuse all the years.

    5. Wakakakaka……

      Circumstances, circumstances lah.

      But can u understand?

      Has MCA ever facing the SAME tense surrounding issues as now of DAP?

      All these yrs MCA just busy tak tau to jaga the nasi periuk of their top dogs(pun intended).

    6. The hypocrisy has been that while MCA 8under BN govt was conveniently "dumb" amidst controversies, the DAP then was condemning-criticising MCA for being so. With such bullshit righteousness so publicly and frequently expressed, the DAP today with its proclaimed hubristic righteousness should NOT fall into the same disgusting category it had sneered at. Padan muka tasting its own pompous-righteous medicine

    7. As in NOW, facing a group of wounded preys, whose individual members r been picked & charged one by one?

      Which situation IS more critical & can easily blow out of hand?

      Raise yr head from the sand lah & there isn't any cold beer for a dump(pretended) ostrich!