Friday, November 23, 2018

Malaysian Spartacus-es

FMT - Malaysia’s endless problem with politicking by TK Chua (extracts):

anak sayangku, ya anak sayangku juga 

In the US, they say politicking is endless. As soon as a new president is installed, the campaign for the next one begins in earnest.

I think Malaysia is not far from this scenario today. Our politicking is endless too, judging from the issues being tossed about, from ratifying the ICERD, Malay rights and Islam, the use of the airport VIP lounge and politicians visiting schools, to the annual budget. The focus is never on constructive aspects, but almost always on negative and political aspects.

We prefer to manipulate and lie rather than look at issues rationally and holistically. We prefer to gain political brownie points rather than try to move this nation ahead. Seriously, I think we have spent more time accusing and arguing than thinking and doing.

mungkin orang tua Cina mudah lupa? 

Do we know why ratifying ICERD is an issue? Because we prefer unfettered entitlements to the equalisation of the inequalities that exist in our society. Our constitution cannot be inherently discriminatory. Our constitution can and will continue to provide protection for the poor and marginalised groups. Any other argument would be spurious.

dei dei dei I did not raise issue of ICERD lah 

Do we know why politicians visiting schools is an issue? Because many are habitually parochial, chauvinistic and even racist. They prefer to incite and cause dissension than to inculcate universal values and build a nation free from ideology, religion and race.

I would prefer that politicians with no track record in integrity, hard work, and service to the people not be allowed to visit and preach in schools. We have had too much half-baked preaching in this country; that is why so many people have become archaic or gone astray.

Do we know why the use of the VIP lounge is now an issue? So many factors come to mind. It could be due to politicking in the sense that perhaps certain VIPs are no longer that VIP.

It could also be due to our lack of professionalism in the past. In the past, perhaps, VIPs were not subjected to inspection because we believed they could do no wrong. I suggest it is now time to do things professionally and properly.

We should cut out the feudalistic and subservient mentality once and for all. Whether VIP or not, everyone must be subject to rules and regulations without exception when it comes to customs and immigration inspection, safety and security. It is a fallacy to assume that VIPs will not commit crimes.

Firstly, it's NOT possible to cut out the feudalistic and subservient mindset in Malaysia. Our history does NOT allow nor enable that.

Secondly, several reasons contribute to the endless battling in the political arena, namely (for example):

(1) In Malaysia it's what the military-police called 'hearts & minds' programme. In simple politico-speak, it's battling for the support of votes, especially from gullible guppies - the 'rage' must be fostered to continue, to incite, instigate, incense the 'believers, more so when lineage, prestige and politico-inheritance are involved, 

(2) There's 'revenge politics' as well - I leave this issue to your know-how, experience and knowledge of recent history where 
Omertà (despicable as this has been and still is) has been unusually shattered for the first time in post-Independence Malay political history,

(3) The current instability of the Pakatan Harapan coalition, especially of the Malay-dependant parties like Pribumi and PKR, coupled by a confused defeated UMNO and a dejected but still-ambitious PAS have and will ensure the battle for the Malay support continues unabated.

There's more but I leave you to them.


  1. One thing Nons need to know is that bowing and kissing the hand of respected elders is part of Malay culture.
    However, that is normally practiced in the context of family and close relatives.

    The practice of public displays of servility to political poobahs demeans this traditional etiquette.

  2. In reality Ah Moc is one of the most insidious Gullible Guppies - on the side of PUSUMNOJib.

  3. Generally, PPBM is still representing a homogeneous corrupt group, and at the end of the day it is just the UMNOism of PPBM, which is propagated by well-connected PKR (to PPBM) and well supported by the unpricipled and shifting DAP.

    In addition, Azizah is weak, and how I wish she would be like Sarah Palin or Pauline Hanson. On the hand, Anwar looks old for his age, and as I see it now, he is less charismatic, and is no longer vocal on political correctness.

    Throwing in my two cents: the way HARAPAN is governing is just seeking to preserve the populist's way of life as it previously exists. What change? Just to reveal lots of allegations and to show case to the people the numerous and counting court cases of the old, whilst enjoying and defending their own newly gotten elite status. Will YB P. Waytha Moorthy resigned? Wakakaka...

    1. This is what the Chinese would 3 talk 4....but in the end, after so much froth, nothing substantial, illuminating, constructive or even correct. As usual, opportunistic aspersion and denigration in most parts....

  4. One Minister who has not (as far as I can tell) said or did anything political since May 9 is YB Yeo Bee Yin. She just focussed on her job. The other day in Parliament she answered all questions directed to her ministry in 9 minutes flat, and got a pat on the back from the Deputy Speaker. No fuss, no wasting time. She will do a fantastic job I am sure. Even the opposition MPs respect her.

    Her other “job” in Parliament is to poke Guanee in the back in case he “rests his eyes” again due to overwork and fatigue...;-)

    1. I have a tremendous sympathy and respect for Lim Guan Eng's current situation, working tirelessly to solve Malaysia's mountain of financial woes bequeathed by the previous Prime Minister and Finance Minister.

      Lim Guan Eng has his many faults, but he is doing a tremendous job for the national interest.

      All the while being sneered at by BNJib Gullible-Guppies like Ah Moc.

    2. The worse minister is Lim Guan Eng. He spents all him time politicking instead of doing his job. And China walks away from Malaysia. But does he care? It is ordinary Chinese Malaysians who suffer not him. Chinese tourist boycotting Malaysia, palm oil price drop, ringgit drop, bursa drop and he continues politicking....

    3. This rubbish about 1 Trillion debt is LGE own invention. No international agencies believe it.

    4. just a book-keeper bodeking-obeying Mahathir

    5. When Guanee was interviewed two weeks ago on radio (BFM) he made the comment that GOLDman Sachs must return the USD600 million fees for arranging the 1MDB bonds, “plus more”.... The very next day Goldman share price fell 7%, the most in nearly eight years. A mere bookkeeper’s words don’t carry that much weight. Following on from his interview, Toonsie and others chimed in, and Goldman is now sinking even more...

    6. can agree, lge do best on anything relate to 1mdb n najib. other achievement n task we have to ask marcus, only marcus know what his dad did at home.

    7. Yea.. Likewise, what happened to KLSE when Guanee announced Malaysia's 1 Trillion debt? KLSE cannot recover until today meh..

    8. Yes, Guanee was so powerful he caused even bigger market declines in HK, Sin, China etc. So terra.

    9. Wakakakaka……

      Goooood one le! Bravo.

    10. lge care abt icerd sentiment but dun give a fuck abt utar sentiment, what a cbmf who only know sucking mahathir kok n licking hadi ass.

    11. There is no gainsaying those hell bent to kutuk LGE kow kow. It is no exaggeration to liken his cleaning up the massive horrendous mess in his Ministry to Hercules tasked with cleaning up the Augean stables. Instead of appreciating this obvious achievement, what we have see here are the sheer pettiness, the small-mindedness, the toxic venting and jealousy. Just grow up la, hehe

    12. lge might be bloody scared to show any support for vernacular higher education. boe hood like a former pg cm

    13. "support for vernacular higher education" ...this is called telling tall tales AKA bullshitting.

      When did either TAR College or UTAR become "vernacular higher education"?

      Apart from a small number of courses conducted in Chinese, all the courses are conducted in engEnglish lish

    14. I bet one pubic hair that cheebye motherfucker kaytee do not have the fucking gut tp challenge pasir salak mp in person (must have photo and chrebye kaytee ic hor)

      Kong ciao huey ( 鸟话)

      Cheebye kaytee

    15. Ref "Apart from a small number of courses conducted in Chinese, ..." says it all

    16. looes, I swear time and time again I did NOT fCk your mother so please stop accusing me of being your motherfucker.

      that bloke is your perak mate - was he also your dad's matey or perhaps boss?

  5. TK Chua and Ktemoc gloated over version of what they believe are the ills and realities of politics in Malaysia.

    Both talking about the politiking ills and seeing politiking around them as helpless bystanders and only giving their thoughts just like a religious preacher on all the good virtues and Nothing can go wrong in preaching religious virtues without seeing the realities of uncivilised Malaysians attitudes of greed, racism, bigotry, evil etc.

    Are Malaysians so blind to see that such politiking nowadays are attempts to overthrow a lawfully elected PH Govt. thru dubious means in an all out effort to save and continue enriching themselves and their parties and collective groups of collaborators instead of thru the civilised method of Ballot boxes and elections?

    Just look at the current political scenarios and perhaps things become clearer to civil rights groups, liberals, democrats and all those championing Human rights that Machiavelli was right in propounding "The Ends justifies the Means" in politics for the greater good of a country.

    That will take guts, courage and resolve (against emotional and human sentiments being played by foes or friends) from a strong and wise leader using all available instruments of power within his disposal when being elected as a leader.

    And there is no such thing as "Damn if you do, damn if you don't" when saving a country from heading towards a path of riots, civil war and destruction.

    The choice of what a New Malaysia is, now lies before the hands of TDM again as his last chance before he meets his Maker.

    It's also the destiny most Malaysians have to prepare and decide for their country and themselves and the future generations to follow in a civilised world.

  6. Wakakakakaka…

    "it's NOT possible to cut out the feudalistic and subservient mindset in Malaysia. Our history does NOT allow nor enable that."

    M'sia is only going through that labouring phase of nationhood, same as ALL other countries on this earth.

    What makes the new birth difficult is the lack of will to force through the difficult birth!

    Lacking of will ISN'T historical BUT caused by a recent 50+ yrs of meme-ed tongkat trap that a section of the elitist weaklings mati-buta-ly wanted to uphold. They conveniently forget that limited bootstrapping special position has a timeframe!

    On top of that, add that bastardized zombieism that most blurred ummat blindly support.

    Hence u have the current solo soup that leading to yr 1,2&3.

  7. politics is the game of one-upmanship, if one feels like throwing up for having too much then go read dear Thelma once a week
    I think what is putting many off is they invariably associate race and religion into it
    If it's purely on context of subject we should progress and mature in politics

    1. More than off-putting ! It is revoltingly unpalatable and a horrendously intractable task to deal with the monster fed and nurtured for at least 5 decades ! And this monstrosity carefully and consistently groomed by the Umno-Pas twin all this 50 years now have sprung upon us at least 15 million strong, taking positions in all walks of the civil service, in the universities, in the GLCs, in the judiciary....all imbued with not only an unshakable sense of entitlement, but with an almost fanatical fervent belief that only their religion is the REAL religion, the supreme religion...only they have the right to propagate, only their majestic religious buildings ( built with public money ) are allowed to be built far and wide and in every corner, other religious buildings forbidden to display their gods' symbol of faith, not allowed to have building exceeding certain heights..and so on and so forth. And it is almost funny why we are outraged when a mere despatcher thug could give the middle finger at a 'anak babi' beer promoter after she refused to 'cakap melayu' in this 'tanah bumi'.

      Why should they discuss rationally 'purely on context' when they would surely lose out with this strategy ? Their proven method is to rouse up the emotion, to blind the sheeple masses with paranoid fear, to stoke their hysteria such that they should reach that desired stage of "Amok". So no surprise for every altercation when they are unable to get their way, the phrase May 13 would inevitably be invoked in a threatening manner. That's their MO.

    2. A fair observation.

      But a racist lync mob on race and religion embodied in ICERD can snowball into a critical mass rapidly. Yes, as I have mentioned earlier, indeed, something has returned?

      BTW ICERD is also mentioned in the Setapak Declaration. And I agree with HY @ 12.37am what have LKS/LGE commented about ICERD, today? Zilch!

      And as Kiet correctly said 94% Chinese voted for DAP. Who would lose? Think: Which Malay will turn his/her back against his/her own race, if it happens again?

    3. Why should DAP comment on ICERD in this toxic, paranoid environment manipulated by Umno-Pus ? Thank heavens DAP is super smart by not falling into that trap set up by these desperadoes precisely to bring the country into hell fire to save their own skins. These criminals know for sure lengthy prison terms are awaiting them, and some know that bankruptcy are their fate they have seized upon this ICERD as their last straw. They have no problem seeing blood running down the streets, bodies strewn among burnt out buildings. The more the country burns, the better for them to grab back power. So again...thank heavens DAP keeps a cool head.

  8. This one by OutsyedtheBox worths circulating:


    I have heard that video of the Policeman (Deputy IGP or something) reading out that list of people, including YB Waythamoorthy, who the Police are going to interview as witnesses or 'persons of interest' over the ongoing spate of racial and religious name calling etc.

    May I remind the Deputy IGP - tell the traffic policeman to wait BEFORE the illegal U turn to discourage people from making the illegal U turn. What is the point of catching them AFTER they make the illegal U turn?

    In the same way, what is the point of waiting weeks before reading your list of people who are inciting religious and racial hatred. Just arrest them or call them in IMMEDIATELY after they made that remark or made that posting on social media. Be quick. Dont wait weeks and months.

    And differentiate those who are initiating the problem.
    Be smart enough to differentiate the trouble makers.
    Be smart enough to know who is provoking and who is being provoked.
    The two are NOT the same.

    It has been six months and two weeks since the kleptocracy was overthrown by the people. A whole house (bayt) or system of laziness and corruption has collapsed. We are now in a period of transition from the old and corrupt to a newer and perhaps better system. Let us all work towards that. After a slow start the housecleaning is also picking up speed.

    And there is a predictable reaction from the old guard - the corrrupt, the lazy and the easy money parasites. They are reacting.

    But believe me they have no backbone.
    Now is not the time to back down.
    We have won the elections, fair and square.
    Let us not lose the peace, through their dirty tricks and scare tactics.


  9. Cont 2of3

    Here is a snapshot of what is happening in the country now:

    The Board of Directors of FGV Holdings Berhad announce on 23.11.2018 commenced legal proceedings in Kuala Lumpur High Court against –

    Dato’ Mohd Emir Mavani Abdullah (“1st Defendant”), the Company’s former Group President / Chief Executive Officer and Non-Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Farisan Bin Mokhtar (“2nd Defendant”), the Company’s former Senior Vice President, Business Development of Downstream Cluster, at the material time.
    Rasydan Bin Alias Mohamed (“3rd Defendant”), the Company’s former Senior General Manager, Downstream Cluster, at the material time.
    Ahmad Tifli Bin Dato Mohd Talha (“4th Defendant”), the Company’s former Chief Financial Officer.
    Tan Sri Hj. Mohd Isa Dato Hj Abdul Samad (“5th Defendant”), the Company’s former Chairman and Non-Executive Director.
    Datuk Dr. Omar Salim (“6th Defendant”), the Company’s former Non-Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Datuk Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun Narrashid (“7th Defendant”), the Company’s former Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Dato’ Yahaya Abd Jabar (“8th Defendant”), the Company’s former Senior Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Datuk Haji Faizoull Ahmad (“9th Defendant”), the Company’s former Non-Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Tan Sri Dato’ Paduka Ismee Ismail (“10th Defendant”), the Company’s former Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Tan Sri Dato’ Dr. Wan Abdul Aziz Wan Abdullah (“11th Defendant”), the Company’s former Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Tan Sri Dr Sulaiman Mahbob (“12th Defendant”), the Company’s former Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Datuk Nozirah Bahari (“13th Defendant”), the Company’s former Non-Independent Non-Executive Director.
    Datuk Fazlur Rahman Ebrahim (“14th Defendant”), the Company’s former Independent Non-Executive Director.

    The suit concerns Company’s acquisition of 100% equity in Asian Plantation Limited (“APL”) via a voluntary conditional cash offer in 2014. The Company brought this action for loss suffered from their failure to discharge their respective fiduciary duty, duty of fidelity and/or duty to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence.

    The Company seeks the following reliefs against the Defendants –

    Damages totalling RM514 million for loss from the acquisition APL. Alternatively, damages for loss from the acquisition of APL to be assessed by Court;

  10. Cont 3of3

    My comments : RM514 million !! If FGV wins this suit, these folks are going to become bankrupt. I say brader, cepat transfer your assets to your wife. Now is the time to find out siapa lebih sayang siapa - suami atau isteri.

    There is mention of this number 4000. This is the supposed number (4000) of the old guard (the UMNO/BN Ministers, party bigshots, other party members, cronies, stalwarts, runners, henchmen etc) who should be brought to justice for corruption, abuse of power and stealing.

    Now the 4,000 are without a leader. They are not Ronin. They are just lepat pisang that is getting very lembik, very quickly.

    The above legal suit by FGV is just one example. I think many more will come after this. This is not payback time. This is 'accountability' time. You know what you did last summer. Now its time the world knows about it as well.

    The more foolish among them have decided to pull the racial and religious camouflage over their thievery and corruption.
    "Its an attack against Melayu."
    "Its an attack against Islam."
    Pi dah mabuk.

    Hence the threat of violence on December 8th.

    To all honest and law abiding Malaysians - do not be afraid.
    The good will always triumph against evil.
    We have seen this happening one more time on May 9th.

    Never, ever in the history of mankind have the thieves, tyrants, terrorists and theologians stayed in power for too long. In the end the people always throw them out.

    Again to all honest and law abiding Malaysians - do not be afraid of them.
    Now that we are in power this is the time to rid the country of all these pests.
    And we will do it properly and legally.
    By the book. By the law.
    Malaysia shall be a shining example to the whole world.

  11. Cont 4

    Back to these kleptocrats. This is a period of serious transition for them. They have lost their perch. I know these folks. There are a few types among them.

    There are those you can find in the bars and clubs around town, in Bangsar etc. Then there are the halal types who you can find in the nasi Arab joints and in the non Muslim but 'halal sticker' upmarket restaurants.

    There are those who spend time in the masjids. You can meet them at the Masjid in Bukit Damansara, Taman Tun, Subang Jaya, Taman TAR, Section 7 of Shah Alam etc. The "upper class" masjids. (Have I missed any masjid - sorry).

    Weeks ago I heard some of them were sharing notes (after the sembahyang Jumaat) about who among them is going bankrupt. True story. I can point names and name fingers (some Jack Sparrow again).

    But they are also taking stock of the situation.

    Since May 9th there have been no mob executions, no one has been hung from the lamp posts, no one has been chased down the street or had their heads shaved in public. Malaysia Baru is more civilised. And this is where the danger lies as well.

    The new kafir Minister Gobind Deo said there will be no more censorship of the Press. The Press can write whatever it wants.

    Herein lies the threat. Much of the mainstream media is still owned by the kleptocracy. So they have begun their spin all over again. Twisting the news, slanting the story, playing up "their" hatreds etc. They are taking stock of the situation.

    Legally we cannot stop them. It is their right to speak freely. The trouble is these are among the 4000 lepat pisang who run their media. So there is going to be more racial and religious bigotry on the rise. This is Malaysia Baru. The Press is now free. They can write and say what they want.

    Other than the Press, they are also testing "the ground". I believe their call for a massive demonstration on December 8th is just the beginning. They hope to create chaos and violence. They are also taking stock of the situation.

    Believe me if they get to demonstrate on December 8th, there will be more street demonstrations after that. It will not stop.

    The decent and honest people in Malaysia must keep their eyes open.
    The harder work starts now.
    We have won the war against the kleptocracy.
    But we must not lose the peace.

    Let us all speak up.
    We speak up for Law and Order
    For the Rule of Law.

    Ask the NGOs, ask your MPs, ask the Ministers, ask the Government, ask the Police "What are you doing about all these hate mongers, these racists and religious retards who are spewing hatred everywhere? Exactly what are you doing to stop them?"

    Free speech is not a license to create racial and religious hatred.
    Just arrest them and lock them up.

  12. Cont 5

    Tangkap saja mangkuk-mangkuk hayun ini semua. Termasuk geng lilit kepala tu. Gunakan NSC, SOSMA, POCA, POTA dan segala apa yang mereka sendiri pernah gunakan dulu. Inilah masanya bagi mereka merasai sedapnya ubat mereka sendiri.

    Mereka tidak mempunyai sokongan daripada semua warga Malaysia yang waras, yang suka hidup harmonis dan yang hidup mematuhi undang-undang negara. Sokongan mereka datang daripada kumpulan samseng, penyamun, pencuri, perasuah dan penipu. Maksudnya diri-diri mereka sendiri.

    Bagi saya Disember 8 adalah peluang keemasan bagi negara kita membersihkan persekitaran kita daripada tahi ayam dan tahi kucing ini terutama sekali mereka yang belum lagi atau terlepas daripada dihadapkan ke mahkamah atas tuduhan jenayah bersama "pemimpin" mereka.

    Huru hara? Rusuhan? Pergaduhan? Kematian? Let them try.

    Tangkap mereka semua dan campakkan saja dalam penjara.
    Mari kita lihat berapa lama mereka boleh tahan.

    Mamak, JUST DO IT!

    Dont be influenced by those political lalang. It's a tough decision & it won't look good for new M'sia. They will label u mahazalim ver2.0 for this operation lalang2!

    So be it.

    We have the laws (never their origin, trying time call for handy tool) & the rule by The Rule of Laws that all those mfer breeding hearts r crying out has its time NOW!

    1. Well, that luar kotak fella forgets that HARAPAN only wins 50% of the votes, and who are mostly nons. The other 50% almost all are Malays. Like it or not we are now divided by race. We are already in conflict mode. The risk is high and DAP knows that. Ask LKS/LGE.

    2. Hence a real man with the WILL to do operation lalang2!

    3. I dont mind cheebye motherfucker kaytee is apprehended and tortured under lalang2

    4. looes, I swear time and time again I did NOT fCk your mother so please stop accusing me of being your motherfucker.

      Labor won Victoria so Pauline is in bad mood, which means she needs to be "comforted", Comfort Man, wakakaka

  13. TAR College and UTAR are of tremendous importance to the Chinese community, especially the lower income group, if they do not make it to public universities.
    DAP will have to sort out a support mechanism for them from the new Government.

    One open issue is MCA's continued outsized influence over the administration of these two institutions, even as the flap over funding shows that MCA has no significant tangible contribution to the financing of those institutions.

    MCA has for decades harvested political capital from TAR College and UTAR.
    Time for MCA to relinquish control if these institutions are to continue receiving government funds.

    1. Not only political capital but material capital too.

      cf Koon had offered RM30 million to build a hostel adjacent to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in Kampar, Perak, six years ago.

      It was turned down by utar.

      With the UTAR Kampar campus snub, more than 20,000 students were left to look for accommodation outside their campus.

      These expensive rooms from building built by the anticipating MCA vultures!

      Thus, the need to chop MCA political umbilical cord from ALL the educational body!

    2. koon donation always come with stupid condition, he lack sincerity, ask him to fuck himself.

      lge must tell us if public university would enrol non malay base on merit n result before he try to play politics with mca/tarc/utar, or else ask tis cbmf to get lost.

    3. Koon's request for his scholarship IS clear & open.

      His RM30 million donation to build a hostel adjacent to Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) in Kampar, Perak, was clear & open.

      Unless yr rd played up again!

      More likely, there is another udang hiding behind yr f*cked-up rant.

      The most likely cbmf to get lost IS u!

    4. if tis fucker is sincere, go buy a piece of land nearby n build a hostel, foc for utar student. n y dun u try reply my question on behalf of that cbmf, non malay can now enrol uitm so we tatc n utar can close shop?

    5. Judging from the f*cked emotive surrounding ICERD, who's that politikus to bell this issue of non malay can now enrol uitm?

      WRT taruc n utar can close shop - ain't u forgetting about choice vis-a-vis meritocracy? Tsk… tsk… consistency, my foot lah. More likely another dedak carpetbagger in the forming state!

      Buying a piece of land nearby? Just to enrich those penghianat bloodsuckers?

      U definitely was born yesterday w/o brain!

    6. since its not a good idea, y kacau tarc n utar now?

      u seem not to grasp y the existence of tarc, its bec no choice n no meritocracy, if lge can ensure there is choice n merit base, y need tarc n utar?

      go kampar n walk around la, so many jungle so many land so few people. ask the fucker to buy the land behind the university face jungle n build the hostel, somemore he can sub the construction to gamuda or mudajaya at lower than market price to make it a real donation, not the tok kok type.

      rebut u no need brain one la.

    7. Wakakakakaka……

      Location, location & location!

      But how do u know le & yet fart all over the place!

    8. koon fucker wrote a letter to lge telling not right for govt to terminate gamuda contract, stating various reason, then what make him think utar n the development plan surrounded the area need to be amend just bec of his donation? his intention is to tell whole world how mca benefit from utar via development, but to many, its a win win situation for a almost dead town. do tis fucker never use tis kind of biz model to benefit gamuda n mudajaya, its a mahathir modus operandi whereby all crony did tis.

    9. What a mind twists by a personal egoistical fart!

      Koon's letter about gamuda contract was facts based. A contract can only be terminated based on solid reasons of contract clauses violation. Otherwise, what's that 'rule of law' that u so frequently fart about?

      "utar n the development plan surrounded the area need to be amend just bec of his donation?"

      Records & minutes of early utar administrative discussions had NEVER mentioned about any futute plan for that piece of land that was proposed to be a hostel. Thus, utar & MCA never disclosed the reason(s) to reject koon's offer!

      Utar needed fund to expand the campus. Hostel is in the plan. Koon's donation came in handy & the full RM30M could be fully utilised to furnish the hostel for the benefits of the students. & yet u suggest for him to either come up with more money or use part of the donation to buy land that is available to built a hostel!

      Indeed "to many, its a win win situation for a almost dead town."


      Yes, a win for kampar town's vitality.

      BUT along came those mca vulture rent-seekers, who have an advanced knowledge to sapu all the choicy surrounding lands for a song before the announcement of building the utar campus in kampar.

      Forcing the students to rent expensive outside campus rooms reduces

      A)the flow of available cash, hence reduces the degree of business expenses within kampar.

      B)additional financial constraints on the students & families.

      C)benefit those cbmf rent-seekers, who r mainly non kamparian absentee landlords.

      But silo "scholar" like u, can't see these economic facts lah. Hence all these irrational farts!

      Perhaps, u r one of those vulture rent-seekers, who has invested in some properties in kampar after getting the utar campus headwind!

      Shame on u, superficial bleeding heart!

    10. i said koon lack sincerity, u argument shd stress on this key word sincerity. what mca did is a well known fact. yr have the habit to debate something not relevant.

      1) utar remain one of the lowest fee university with relatively good education quality.

      2) its oso a well known fact mca hew see tong donate the land for utar, he found a way to recoup his "investment", we could claim this is disgusting but fact remain utar offer opportunity to the poor non malay student even if include house rent, tarc no hostel as well, n most university hostel is cater for only 1st year student. 以地养校 is a way to support chinese education.

      3) y koon insist on hostel alone, utar need funding on many other things, can this fucker n brainless idiot like u do something more sensible?

    11. What r u calling 'habit to debate something not relevant.'!!??

      Whether Koon lack sincerity or not is debatable. The fact is his money is on the table to take! The utar students benefit.

      hew see tong donate the land for utar, he found a way to recoup his "investment".

      So what? He saw an opportunity to revitalize his land holdings as a uni campus can upscale his otherwise waylaid landholdings in a presumed dead town.

      By donating part of the land & recoup his money from the associated over spilled business activities proved he is a brilliant businessnan who can outthink the normal moneyed scrooges.

      In fact, many nowadays property developers do likewise by donating part of housing estate land to Chinese vernacular schools (price & sec) as an attraction for the investment in that housing estate.


      "以地养校 is a way to support chinese education."

      Only if that land is been put to GOID use - not necessarily commercial!

      But, as usual, yr silo view CAN'T see to that!

      To each his own - perhaps koon's emphasis is on people. What's the use of HW if u don't have the right SW. Case in point - those 153 provided kangkung/racist factories!

      BTW, I happen to think that koon is sincere & honest, definitely not brainless & munafik like u!