Sunday, November 25, 2018

Auditor-Generals and 1MDB - Then t'was NO, now 'tis YES

Sun Daily (25 Nov 2018) - A-G: Jho Low’s name ordered to be removed from 1MDB final audit report (extracts):

PUTRAJAYA: The removal of a paragraph or paragraphs mentioning the presence of businessman Low Taek Jho, better known as Jho Low, at a meeting of the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) board of directors was one of the changes made in the 1MDB final audit report when it was being prepared, it was revealed today.

Auditor-General Tan Sri Dr Madinah Mohamad said another change was on the financial status of 1MDB.

She said the directive to make the changes had come from Tan Sri Shukry Salleh, the former principal private secretary of the former prime minister (Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak) on Feb 26, 2016, on the grounds that it was a sensitive issue and to prevent it from being manipulated by the then political opposition

She was appointed Auditor-General on 23 Feb 2018, taking over from Ambrin Buang. Note that she was NOT yet AG on alleged changing date of 26 Feb 2016.

Star Online (30 Oct 2018) - No tampering of 1MDB report, says former Auditor-General (extracts):
KUALA LUMPUR: There has been no tampering of the original audit report of 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), says former Auditor-General Tan Sri Ambrin Buang.

“There is no tampering. I don’t know what he (Wong Kah Woh) means,” he told reporters at the Anti-Corruption Summit 2018 at Hotel Istana near here on Tuesday (Oct 30).

Wong, who is Public Accounts Committee (PAC) deputy chairman, claimed on Monday (Oct 29) that the Auditor-General’s report on 1MDB was tampered with

We have the former AG who has proven himself, his professionalism and expetise to us throughout a number of years, saying there was NO tampering.

But now we have a brand new (as yet unproven) AG saying the AG's report has changed or tampered with two years ago when she was NOT even the AG yet.



  1. Wakakka..."proven himself, his professionalism and expetise to us throughout a number of years, "

    He bowed to a crooked boss to orotect his rice bowl...or maybe unspecified other threats.

    Your idol destroyed many people and instititions to cover up his crimes in 1MDB.

    Of course Ambrin Buang would say no tampering.
    He would not incriminate himself.

    1. thought of the "recverse"?

    2. The separate, independent indictment of so much wrong-doing related to 1MDB by the US DOJ and Malaysia's Attorney General (independent of the Auditor-general's report) makes it much more probable that Ambrin Buang is the liar when HIS version cleansed Jho Low of any role in 1MDB.

      Ah Moc is just an ostrich burying his head in the sandm


    4. Anyone and everyone that does not knuckle down to sucking Jibby's dick earnestly and with such relish like you must be a liar and a childish bullshitter.'s another bucket of dedak for you....go enjoy with your wine and women...and come back for more as we need your services now more than ever...don't give up, as we will be back in power soon...there's freedom to write anything we like now, so spin, spin and spin, and write more twisty shit to destabilize these green horn bastards and we will be home free...back to the good old days, yippee...gravy train will be chugging soon, seronok nnyyyaaa

  2. Obviously 1 is lying in this case. So who?

    It's a simple case of determining who has their own personal interest at stake by exposing this matter.

    Is the new Auditor-General trying to find fame by insinuating that the old Auditor-General amended the audit report?

    Or, is the old Auditor-General trying to cover-up his own mistake by bowing to the wishes of his masters previously in the hope that it will never be exposed?

    Was any crime committed by this act of amending the audit report?

    If yes, then he has betrayed the Rakyat's trust by holding the post of Auditor-General. No amount of cari-makan excuses is acceptable for those holding such important Govt. jobs and positions.

    Pay for your betrayal to the Nation.

  3. People who deal with propaganda and spin understand well that suppressing or editing information is often more insidious and more effective than telling outright lies.

    That is because lies often get unintentionally exposed by subsequent contrary information, while it can be very difficult to find out what facts got suppressed or committed.

    In this case, it took a regime change for staff who had to be involved in the action to come out freely to speak the truth.

  4. Wakakakaka……

    What level of sycophancy r u displaying le!

    Buta2, masih nah cari pasal to defense yr idol!

    Let the story unrolls lah.

    Be a man, when the truth comes out!

  5. Jho Low was requested by Saudi Arabia to attend one 1MDB Board Meeting in September 2009, as the representative of Petro Saudi International, in regard to its US$1.0 billion investment in a JV with 1MDB?

    1. Yes this means Jho Low was acting for Middle Eastern Partners and NOT Najib's partner. That means Najib was right all along. He treated Jho Low as a professional partner of Petro-Saudi. CIA/Mahathir/Soros people go round world telling everyone Jho Low is Najib's proxy...Is it really?

      So if 1MDB was scammed who ordered it scammed? Definitely not Najib. He was just fighting a bush fire after he discovered the scam.

      Now for a person like Jho Low to purportedly scam any sitting Prime Minister in the world means only 1 thing:He had the backing of CIA/USA.

      Probable modus operandi:

      1. USA wants regime change in Malaysia: replace BN with Anwar/DAP as pro-amerian anti-china government by any means

      2. CIA/National Endowment for Democracy/Soros Foundation ordered Najib's child 1MDB be bankrupted to tarnish his reputation and forment electoral loss.

      3. They hatched a scheme with Petro-Saudi (pro-amerian saudi nationals) and co-opted IPIC operatives (Abu Dhabi) to scam 1MDB. Goldman Sachs officers were ordered to help. Jho Low conveniently step in to help since he was with TIA before. (or was it CIA hahaha). He went round town claiming to act for Najib....

      4. Unsuspecting Najib agreed to partner Petro-Saudi. Jho Low acts as middle man for Middle Eastern CIA operatives. Bond declared. IPIC MD (CIA corrupted) created fake AABAR BVI so bond money can be diverted into fake AABAR without knowledge of Emir of Abu Dhabi. This scams 1MDB and created false impression that Najib scam 1MDB. Money stolen by CIA instead.

      5. Singapore colluded with CIA to accept scammed bond money. Created electronic records of transfers to justify future 'investigations into money laundering' on behalf of CIA. (Singapore incentive is overthrow Najib to destroy ECRL which is a serious threat to Singapore port operation as all outstanding issues with Malaysia eg water, pedra, railway line had all been settled before May 18 election!! Yes Singapore co-opted DAP and supported DAP to overthrow Najib).

      6. Malaysian Central Bank colluded with CIA to facilitate electronic transfers....? to create e-RECORDS. We know some of the officers there are anti-Najib....

      7. As many electronic records of 1MDB transactions were created to leave electronic trace of money transfers so as to implicate unsuspecting Najib. Why was RM680 million transferred from Tanore into Najib account? And when Najib discovered the money he returned RM650 million BACK TO TANORE...because he knew someone was creating electronic record to implicate him (the RM 30 million shortfall Is that the cost of electronic banking charges or he kept it???)

      8. Singapore quickly accepted complaints from Khairuddin to 'investigate 1MDB'. BUT SINGAPORE NEVER OFFICIALLY CHARGED Jho Low but implicated him via aspersions because by then ALL Malaysians were faked-news into believing Jho Low was Najib's proxy.

      9. Isn't it surprising that Jho Low cannot be found? CIA/Soros/Mahathir people claim he is in CHINA but CHINA HAS CONSISTENTLY DENIED THAT ALLEGATION!! China does not benefit from hiding Jho Low.

      10. So where is Jho Low? He had served his masters the CIA well and they are protecting him or they have already silenced him to prevent this conspiracy theory from being outed hahahaha?

    2. Based on company law, no one other than duly appointed Directors and Board members should have attended the meeting.
      Pedro Saudi International is NOT a shareholder in 1MDB and has no business sending any representative to such a Board meeting.
      All in all, This is just one more symptom 1MDB was a highly irregula and improperly managed organisation.

    3. 11. [Mr. Low simply asks that the public keep an open mind regarding this case until all of the evidence comes to light, which he believes will vindicate him.]

      Kiet, please allow me to add 11 as above, ya mate.

      It's going to be interesting. At this juncture, everything now hinges on Goldman Sachs. Just look at their arranger fees? Mind boggling! In addition, how much money was siphoned off to Goldman Sachs staff? How much money was siphoned off to the two Arabs? How much money was siphoned off to Jho Low?

      How much money did Najib get? Only RM30 million? But I read even that it was due to foreign exchange and bank charges. So, he got nothing but aspersions (fitnah)?

      The most intriguing for me since a couple of days ago is how come the CEO and the Board Members of 1MDB are never in the loop in this 1MDB-gate? None of them was implicated / sued at all? Not even called up by MACC?

      On the other hand, we just look at FGV's financial spree in the alleged acquisition of Asian plantations case; all the top management and BoD members (together 14 of them) are all sued/implicated for allege breach of their fiduciary duties.

      Why not LKS/LGE/TT recommended likewise for 1MDB? What? The top management and BoD members of 1MDB have NO fiduciary duty at all? Only angguk-angguk and geling-geling like puppets on the strings?

      Kiet, dengan izin, I would like to tumpang your hahahaha-ing. Hahahaha..hahahaha.. Wow it is better than weed, mate. Thanks matey. Wakakaka.

    4. I have attended several board meetings as an ex officio by invitation. No problem?

    5. Wakakakakakakaka

      I enjoyed reading cooked up conspiracies in the face of overwelming evidences to the contrary when a full fledged Malay Moslem patriot with vitrolic shouts of "Demi mempertahankan Agama, Bangsa dan Negara" are supported as a Patriot instead of being condemned as a Kleptocrat and
      Traitor to his country.

      Let me help those interesting conspiracies by adding more:

      12. So, MEIO (Malaysia's External Spy Agency under PM Dept.) was instructed to write to the CIA to switch sides and seek support for the BN Govt. using Govt. funds by the millions and millions.

      13. Ahjib tried to bribe Trump/CIA to switch sides by helping to buy more aeroplanes and make America rich again by more investments using Malaysian GLCs and GLICs, Pension, Retirement Funds.

      14. Ahjib also tries to make China rich by approving projects like ECRL, SSER pipeline, MKIP, Malacca port, Forest City etc.

      15. Ahjib also tries to make Singapore richer by approving HSR, exchanging KTM land for JV to develop another piece of reclaimed land, selling more sand and giving up all claims to Batu Putih.

      Yup, Ahjib was conned, misled, cheated all due to conspiracies by CIA, China, Singapore etc etc etc. including all his Malay/Moslem collaborators whether
      in Govt. or public or political parties.

      Wakakakakakakaka Kipidap. Dongidap.


      The Swiss Attorney General’s office said on Tuesday it had launched investigations into two officials from PetroSaudi - which ran an energy joint venture with 1MDB from 2009 to 2012

    7. Wrong!!

      12. Najib knew CIA was overthrowing him. MEIO wrote to CIA not to interfere in Malaysian elections and to stop interfering even if NAJIB wins by ONE vote . BUT CIA OUTED THE LETTER to make MEIO director look bad....

      13. Yes Najib supported Trump because they are pals and he knew Trump needed to show to Americans that he can Make America Great Again. So he bought Boeing.

      Remember Singapore also bought AIA and UBS to support Bush.

      Trump does not control American deep state which continued to destabilize Malaysia despite Najib's support of Trump.

      14. Wrong: It is the other way round.
      China wants ECRL, SSER, MKIP, Malacca port and Forest City TO DEMONSTRATE TO CHINESE MALAYSIANS THAT CHINA SUPPORTS NAJIB AT HIS ELECTION. China also asked AliBaba and Tencent to help by investing in Malaysia. When the Red Shirts became rowdy Even Chinese Ambassador helped by telling OFF Jamal's RED SHIRTS to lay off Petaling Street demo....that was to defuse the situation to help Najib....Investments from China helps local economy and stabilize the economy which kept booming.... China even bought lots of palm oil with NO ceiling to help Najib Felcra issue.

      But all these China help FELL ON DEAF CHINESE MALAYSIAN EARS WHO WERE BRAINWASHED BY PAKATAN IN THEIR ECHO CHAMBER OF FITNAH......the rubbish about China BUYING UP MALAYSIA...when it is actually China investing so Najib can win.

      What did the Chinese Malaysians do despite China's help? : They read nothing, they heard nothing, they saw nothing and proceeded to VOTE PAKATAN....Now you know why I hate that 94% of Chinese Malaysians....they betrayed Najib and betrayed China who took great pains to help Malaysia....

      15. Najib signed HSR TO signal to chinese Malaysians working in Singapore that Najib and Lee will settle all malaysian-singapore affairs amicably and beneficially to both side. HSR will benefit Malaysia tremendously rather than Singapore in the long run. He also settled all outstanding issues. Done to show Chinese Malaysians they should vote Najib....But those deaf, mute, blind Chinese Malaysians working in Singapore were so brainwashed they saw nothing, they read nothing, they heard nothing and proceeded back to kampung to Vote PAKATAN. Should you hate them that 94%? YES!! The actions of Najib in amicably settling all issues with Singapore was lost on them....

    8. Wakakakakakaka

      Oh Gosh! What a terrible mistake the 94% Nons and the 25% Malays who voted TDM and PH has made. They and their generations must suffer the wrath of Hell for victimising Ahjib who was so innocent and was a terrible victim of so many conspiracies both within and without the country.

      Ahjib was actually a Patriot and Trully Great Malay/Islamic Leader of the country called Malaysia and only PAS, UMNO and BN leaders and their supporters knew but kept quiet before the GE14.

      And now the enemies of our Great Leader Ahjib is also planning to lay murder, CBTs, fraud, corruption, sodomy, treason charges etc. on him and all his supporters like Kiet, unknowns etc etc.

      Kipidap. Dongibap.

    9. Yes terrible mistake for 94% Nons to vote Pakatan. There are consequences for voting pro-American Pakatan/DAP

      Today palm oil price crash in Malaysia. China switch to buying from Indonesia because of anti-China DAP/ Mahathir attitude and China-bashing by LGE since May 2018

      Let us see how Teresa Kok is going to convince China to buy Malaysian palm oil. The Chinese Malaysians are going to suffer because they voted Pakatan.

      They don't read what happened in Ukraine, in Georgia, in Iraq, in Libya, in Poland, et when pro-American parties win elections and run pro-american policies. The countries suffer economic decline, security decline, increase crimes, corruption worsens, social services decline, racial relationships worsens. That is the American gift to countries which elect pro-American parties. Now it is Malaysia's turn....

    10. Wakakaka... "palm oil price crash in Malaysia. China switch to buying from Indonesia" are either ignorant or think the readers here are ignorant.

      Palm Oil is a globally traded commodity, and there is little difference between Malaysian Palm Oil and Indonesian Palm Oil.

      Any difference in prices between markets get quite quickly evened out by arbitrage traders who make profits on small differences in prices between markets.

      If the price per tonne for Malaysian Palm oil drops, making Indonesian palm oil more expensive, these traders will move in and buy more Malaysian palm oil to sell to buyers who don't care which country the commodity comes from (plenty of such buyers in the global market). That is why it is called a GLOBAL COMMODITY.
      Where it comes from doesn't matter much over time.

      The primary driver for the current fall in palm oil prices is because the fall in global crude oil prices presses down prices for Biodiesel, which is now a major usage for palm oil.
      Also the EU has stopped all subsidies for palm oil usage for Biodiesel, due to environmental concerns about slash and burn deforestation linked to palm oil cultivation, making palm oil less attractive.

  6. No surprise. The previous AG declared Najib 100% innocent of 1MDB crimes. The current one is prosecuting him on multiple crimes.

  7. Madinah is saying the AG’s draft copies (not final copy) was ordered altered by PM’s private secretary. The previous AG is saying the final copy was never altered after it was released. Both could be correct.

  8. now many imitate lks, the best model of msia politics.



  9. Wakakaka...apparently, the original, uncorrupted draft copy of the Auditor General's report is still available.

    Actually, they should have destroyed the evidence while Najib was still in control...

    I expect Ambrin Buang, Shukry Salleh and Ali Hamsa will soon all be singing "I am an innocent man" as they are confronted with the facts.

    "Najib made me do it...."..will be their last remaining defence....

    These senior top level officials could well be facing obstruction of justice charges..... and their reputation in tatters..


      Perhaps, just a red herring?

  10. "Bond declared. IPIC MD (CIA corrupted) created fake AABAR BVI so bond money can be diverted into fake AABAR " --- Kiet

    "No money was lost, all the money still with 1MDB" --- insist Unknown from day 1 until now but contradicting himself by agreeing with Kiet with his "please allow me to add 11 as above, ya mate"

    Does the revelation of the audited report of 1MDB compromise the security of Malaysia? I thought an audited accounts review who were the management 1MDB, what is the business model and future business direction of 1MDB, the numbers pertaining to the assets and liabilities and contingent liabilities if any, of 1MDB. Do the revelation of all these information put anyone life in danger, compromise the country security? Why so difficult to complete and submit the annual accounts for the last few years? So much so reputed Accounting Firms refused to sign without qualification or even declined to accept the auditing job?


    1. Hi-ya!

      Memang saihe lah. These guys r the 'best' kangkung that the system can cultivate ma!

      They read what they want to read & what they can understand within that small mind of theirs. Otherwise, they cut&paste, preferably from the alpha zombies' farts, & along the way tambak additional shit s to add to the cesspool they r so enjoying swimming in!

      They DON'T understand anything outsides that cesspool lah!

  11. Najib Razak, Finance Minister of Malaysia statement to Parliament (at the time)

    "“Mr Low Taek Jho has also never ....... had any business relations with 1MDB. All decisions involving 1MDB’s financial dealings are made by the management and board of directors of 1MDB".

    So What the Fuck was Jho Low doing attending a 1MDB board meeting ?

    1. As a representative of Petro-Saudi. Not a representative of 1MDB. So yes, Najib is right.

      According to, PetroSaudi was founded in 2005 as a private oil company by Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdel Aziz and his business partner Tarek Obaid, a former banker. The company grew from drilling and oilfield management into trading, opening offices in London’s Mayfair district that have pictures of Saudi royalty and are decked with national flags.

      "At the heart of the 1MDB-PetroSaudi relationship is a 2009 agreement for the Malaysian fund to invest US$1bn in a joint venture in exchange for the Saudi company bringing in mineral extraction concessions in Turkmenistan and Argentina allegedly valued at US$2.7bn, according to the US complaint.

    2. Regardless in what capacity Jho Low attended the 1MDB Board meeting, his presence makes (then) Finance Minister Najib's statement to Parliament a lie.

      "Mr Low Taek Jho has also never ....... had any business relations with 1MDB" - simple English unless you are an ostrich burying your head in the sand.

    3. Khairy of the few remaining thinking persons left in UMNO....

      “If there is an order to erase Jho Low’s attendance at 1MDB board meetings, then it is a serious move which is disappointing,” .......

      “The presence of Jho Low in 1MDB board meetings was never reported to the then Barisan Nasional Cabinet ministers before,”


      Lim Guan Eng labelled those who had played a role in tampering the 1MDB audit report as traitors. .....Correct, Correct, Correct, Correct...