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Will PERKASA now go to war?

Star Online - BN manifesto: UEC holders can enrol at public universities (extracts):

PETALING JAYA: Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) holders can enrol into public universities, provided that they obtain a credit in Bahasa Malaysia and a pass in History in the SPM exams, according to Barisan Nasional's election manifesto.

The same also applies to citizens with overseas examination certificates that are equivalent to SPM and STPM.

The UEC is issued to graduates of Chinese independent high schools.

The United Chinese School Committees' Association of Malaysia has been pushing for the UEC to be recognised by the Government.

At present, UEC leavers can apply for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation loans for their tertiary studies, as well as enrol into local teachers' training colleges.

The Sarawak government has opened its civil service to UEC holders. They can also enter public universities in the state.

Is above true?

I wonder whether it's the same as GST-ed kerang and kembong? Wakakaka.

GST-ed by a reporter from The Malaysian Insight


Mind you, it's not quite the FULL recognition yet by the government, because the candidate also needs a credit in Bahasa Malaysia and a pass in History in the SPM exams, but still it's better than zero recognition. Perhaps Dong Jiao Zong will continue working towards FULL recognition of the UEC by slightly modifying its syllabus for the UEC exam to cater for those additional government requirements.

Until the current BN manifesto for GE14, the UEC has only been accepted by overseas countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, etc on top of Chinese speaking nations like China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Bizarrely, it seems that the only country not accepting the UEC (until we now hear differently from the BN GE14 manifesto) is Malaysia.

In March just a mere month ago, the Malaysian Chinese News published Tun M: Delay in recognising UEC as Umno is afraid of losing Malay votes, extracts of which follows:

On how Pakatan Harapan would support the development of Chinese education in the country, including building Chinese independent schools and recognition of the Unified Chinese educational certificate (UEC), Dr Mahathir replied: “Right. However, Chinese independent schools are set up by the Chinese. They want their Chinese education, mainly education from China.

What utter bull.

What a humongous lie that Chinese independent schools want their Chinese education to be mainly from China. Wah, Mr Tai Tok-Kok. That has been the perpetual bullshit to suppress the recognition of the UEC.

Despite the Chinese independent schools following as closely as possible the Malaysian educational requirements, Mahathir has singularly been the man who was strongly (and I suspect STILL is but perhaps now silently, wakakaka) against the UEC.

Under him, the Malay-dominated government was determined, whatever, however, to NOT recognise the UEC which ironically has already long been recognised by 400 foreign tertiary educational institutions throughout the world, including universities in France, Germany and Russia, let alone the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, NZ and Chinese speaking nations like China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Yes, Mahathir's virulent opposition to the UEC started back in 1975 when he was Education Minister. Was he influenced adversely and severely by his election loss in Kota Setar Selatan in the 1969 GE due to Chinese votes going to Haji Yusof Rawa Abdullah, the president of PMIP (PAS), after he sneered at Chinese votes, saying he didn't need them.

Hj Yusof Rawa obtained 51.97% of the votes, thanks to Ah Chong, Ah Beng and Kow Knia, who merely accepted Mahathir's haughty advice wakakaka.

Anyway, as Education Minister in 1975, Mahathir threatened the Chinese educationists about issuing the UEC.

According to Dr Kua Kia Siong in his book, Protean Saga: The Chinese Schools of Malaysia, Mahathir as UMNO Education Minister must have hated the idea and existence of the UEC so much that when he heard about Dong Jiao Zong's plans and programs for it, he summoned the Chinese educationalists to parliament and told the leaders "... that UEC had better not be held or else ...".

He did not ask for any response and dismissed the Chinese educationalists with a curt "That is all."

Undeniably he hated things Chinese, especially the UEC, meant for Chinese educated students to help them (but on their own finance, educational efforts and merits) get into overseas universities as the local ones have an unfavourable quota for the nons.

That was in 1975. Obviously Dong Jiao Zong didn't give two hoots to his very racist nonsensical warning, and correctly so as the 60 independent Chinese high schools in Malaysia (with 23 in East Malaysia) have been funded privately by the Chinese community and philanthropists like the late Lim Lean Teng, who was Han Chiang's long time benefactor.

The UEC has survived for 40 over years, NO thanks to and in spite of Mahathir. And you Chinese want to vote him and his racial Pribumi? Sheesh.

I wonder how Mahathir feels right now, and whether his NGO the ultra PERKASA will go to war as Ibrahim Ali had once warned the government it would do if the authorities ever recognises the UEC.

Mahathir and his PERKASA 


  1. What an irony, stopping Malaysians learning their own mother tongues or any other languages besides the national language (Bahasa Melayu for West Malaysians and BM/English language for East Malaysians). Diversity in cultures, languages, race, religion is a Godsend gift to Malaysians and not meant to cripple Malaysians just for the sake of power greedy ultra leftists.

    It would be advantageous for any country and citizens when it's citizens are multilingual esp to major world languages of use in economics and knowledge. More so with the Digital/Information Revolution and rise of new economic powers in this world.

    Only fools, misplaced patriotism, racists looking for support and votes as their primary objective would continue to hinder or stop it's citizens for learning more languages and seek better opportunities for themselves and thus prospering their country in return.

  2. Stop fellating Najib or you will go blind...

    1. LOLOLOLOL...especially the blind part...LMAO

  3. u mean bn can only put tis in a manifesto but did nothing when they r in power? n u blame mahathir for tis?

  4. Ktemoc has stopped all pretensions.... he is officially a Najib supporter... publically fellating Najib in every post

  5. And "You help me and I help you" said he'll bathe is kris in Chinese blood. And you Chinese want to vote him and his racial UMNO? Sheesh.

  6. Penang lang like kt would call him a 'pua care kia' splurging without a care in the world... this is insane..filling a stadium just to stage the numbers to announce a manifesto that probably only bn diehards will believe in...a live broadcast would have done an equally good job...and why did he keep repeating aku janji when it should be kita janji seem as it is a bn manifesto...can't help but feel he just made the components look irrelevant and insignificant