Monday, April 09, 2018

Birth of the Dedak-Eaters

Malaysiakini - The prince and the forked tongue one by Commander (rtd) S Thayaparan RMN (extracts):

The forked tongue one 

is Maddy then a white man?




But really, there is nothing that the young prince said that the majority of opposition supporters have not sublimated, rationalised or justified in their support to overthrow Najib. I would argue that this statement by the crown prince is exactly what the Umno establishment needed. It was exactly what establishment supporters needed because it came from a person who until he made these statements was beloved by a majority of opposition supporters.

I, of course, have a different view of things. I, too, think the Umno hegemon needs to be benched. I know the system needs reform. But I want people to point out the flaws in the opposition like the way how the young prince pointed out the flaws in the establishment. I want the opposition, even now, to realise that they are on notice.

The system is against you? Well, tough cookies. You knew what you were up against when you, me and anyone in the opposition decided that a two-party system is needed to save Malaysia. If you are an opposition supporter and feels as if you are fighting with one hand tied behind your back, that’s too bad.

Remember that the next time you mob against people who have different ideas from the group-think that infects opposition spaces. I do not want rabid mobs thinking any criticism of the opposition means the people making those criticisms are ‘dedak’ eaters or working with the establishment.

Innocent neutral victims have been Maryam Lee, Hafidz Baharom, Sangeet Kaur Singh and many others, wakakaka, including kaytee.

#UndiRosak proponents Maryam Lee (left) and Hafidz Baharom (right) at the forum in Kuala Lumpur January 25, 2018. — Picture by Hari Anggara

Sangeet Kaur & kind hensem & very naive kaytee
(just to the right of Sangeet)



  1. the rest may not be dedak eater, most I believe r either confused or stupid, however, u r definitely a dedak eater.

  2. You talking about yourself kaytee? Sorry sorry you are a rich doctor, no need dedak

  3. Wa lau-eh, suddenly there r these innocent neutral victims: Maryam Lee, Hafidz Baharom, Sangeet Kaur Singh and many others, wakakaka, including kaytee!

    Remember, monkey is yr uncle??

    Wakakakaka…… another wordplay by wordsmith!

    Can u please, please find some spare time, while finding anything that sticks wrt mamak bashing, to read up on how bipartisan creates zilch neutrality?

    Unless, of course in yr self-enclosed syiok-sendiri way, u can once again create yr own little dystopia where neutrality exits!

  4. Freedom of choice does not mean necessarily must choose, isn't it?

    Freedom of speech, association etc also does not mean necessarily must voice out, associate with etc.

    What is Freedom if things are imposed on you and you are not given the Freedom to Deny?

    Who's the one who is rational and loves Freedom?

  5. Uncle, what's the meaning? Why you purposely left out the last 2 paragraphs of the article, especially the last sentense, the most important message S Thayaparan was trying to say :

    "And since the Najib regime has taken a page from the Donald Trump playbook, I will take a page from Hillary Clinton's. Remember Hillary’s slogan, "I’m with her"?

    For the moment, because I want a two-party system, I’m with the forked tongue one."


  6. Ktemoc thinks he could hide among the rest but this just ain't working, wakakaka.

    Ask yourself this : why none of us would accuse the UndiRosak gang or Sangeet or Hafidz Baharom or the Commander for that matter of being dedak-eaters ? However, it is a different story for you and your botak sifu ! Would you care to stop, just stop for a few seconds of your daily rant and spiel to ponder why we associate you with the word dedak, why you and your sifu were singled out ?

    1. read the Net and see for yourself the abuses heaped on Maryam, Sangeet and Hafidz - none so blind as those who refuse to see, wakakaka

    2. Pay attention la....the "we" here refers to the commentators in your own blog la ! Stupid is as stupid does, wakakakka

  7. "Innocent neutral victims ".... bullshit...