Friday, June 08, 2012

UMNO Education Ministers

Through the years UMNO Education Ministers had each been a bane to the party’s image, playing political football with the education of our young Malaysians just to promote their personal party standing.

Now, can anyone remember the UMNO Education Minister whose decision to post non-Mandarin qualified headmasters to Chinese vernacular schools led eventually to the draconian Ops Lallang? Can anyone remember that same Education Minister whose proselytizing policy on compulsory weekly doa even for non-Muslim school children led to angry anguished aggrieved non-Muslim parents?

Can’t? Go ring the Hindu temple bells of Kampung Rawa and you may remember, wakakaka.

Obviously that mean mercenary mentality of UMNO Education Ministers hasn’t changed for today’s Higher Education Minister, with Khaled Nordin f*ing around with the PTPTN and consequently severely threatened poor students in their ability to pay to continue studies in UNISEL, just for his own siapa jaguh syiok sendiri.

DPM Muhyiddin who is also Education Minister supported Khaled in withholding the student loans just to indulge in a game of one-upmanship against PKR, but Khairy Jamaluddin spoke out against the ministerial decision, warning that it’s wrong to jeopardize the students educational progress.

Though both Muhyiddin and KJ are both unpopular UMNO-ites, the difference in their policy opinions showed not only the vast gap in their respective mentality, the saga of generation gap where Muhyiddin bloody brutishly believes that punitive action could be sprayed around like a shotgun blast, and damn the collateral damage, and then stupidly wonders why UMNO is losing support among the young, ...

... but also the difference between an Ox-like Education Minister and an Oxford educated bloke.

Thanks to the policies of a succession of UMNO Education Ministers, we have inherited a pathetic educational system that has deprived generations of our youths of their due decent learning. And one of the most unfortunate fallouts of their serial kicking of the educational system football has been in convincing Chinese parents not to trust the national stream schools, leading to further division among our youths

But as they say, there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud - at least those kids sent to vernacular schools have been spared the unmitigated vicious vitriolic venom of some BTN-ized racist headmasters.

And we must not allow Anwar Ibrahim to get away from the PTPTN saga, for wasn’t he the one inciting the students not to pay back their loans? Obviously he hasn’t been satisfied with breaking the police cordon at Dataran Merdeka during the April rally of Bersih 3.0. What law next, Mr Reformasi?

Oh, by the by, wasn't he also an UMNO Education Minister? Hmmm, that explains!

Maybe it's time UMNO relinquishes that ministerial post. That may stop the continuous f*ing of our education system.


  1. Anwar Ibrahim is guilty of instigating students for non-repayment of PTPN loans.
    PTPN was right to temporarily hold back payments as a precautionary measure for the two institutions controlled by PKR.

    Support BN for Higher Education.

  2. Chinese vernacular schools are producing a whole generation of Racist Chinese children who grow up to be Racist Chinese adults.

    One school system for All

  3. Aiyoyo KT boy...on AI bashing round again ?

    Just think about this, if you had undergone what AI did, will you not be a changed man ?

  4. "an Oxfart educated bloke"
    You mean the idiot who used to swing a Keris around the PWTC hall ?

    Doesn't impress me at all...

    Just goes to show Oxfarts can be idiots, like anyone else...

  5. "Chinese vernacular schools are producing a whole generation of Racist Chinese children who grow up to be Racist Chinese adults.

    One school system for All" by Anon 11:49 PM

    For a so-called ONE SCHOOL system to really succeed, first we must get rid of those UMNO-sponsored BTN courses which consistantly and incessantly drum into the young malays that this country belongs ONLY to them, creating this 'kita' and the mereka'orang asing/orang lain' divisiveness, refusing to aknowledge that ALL are malaysian citizens of this country and the minorities have contributed enormously to this country, starting from the very beginning their important roles in getting Merdeka for this country.

    No amount of one-school system of putting all the students of different races mingling together in the same schools will create a muhibah spirit if the UMNO and its ilks are hell-bent to sideline those citizens categorised as non-Maly Muslim bumiputras.

    And stuffs like the shameful Intelock nonsense, the separate dual exam marking system - one for the malays and another for the non malays, the overwhelming biasness in the awarding of scholarships and school books loans, Mara english-language colleges ONLY for malays, etc etc etc .....certainly will further drive the non malays away from national school.

    If those Ketuanans in UMNO are willing to close down their BTN brainwashing machine, the next step is to begin the 'unwashing' program, to undo the damage done to the millions of malays who have grown into adults, spread now all over the country, as can be found in racist school headmasters, civil servants, soldiers, GlCs and Military, police force....they are everywhere.

    Like KT said..."at least those kids sent to vernacular schools have been spared the unmitigated vicious vitriolic venom of some BTN-ized racist headmasters."

    And last but not least, at least the standards in these verncular schools ( not all though ) are commedable.

  6. Singapore Minister for Education is Mr Heng Swee Keat. He has no Datukships but has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and Master in Public Administration from Harvard University. Malaysia has never had any Minister of Educations who have similar achievements except for mediocre ones.

  7. Quote: But as they say, there’s a silver lining in every dark cloud - at least those kids sent to vernacular schools have been spared the unmitigated vicious vitriolic venom of some BTN-ized racist headmasters.

    Many Malays are deeply and unapologetically racist and yet you have some of them coming here (like that Anon of 11:49 PM above) claiming that the Chinese are racist. And this Anon subscribes to the simple-minded and patently flawed assumption that "One school system for ALL" will miraculously foster unity and universal brotherhood among the different races. What utter rubbish! Not just great minds think alike, but on the opposite side you can see obviously simple-minded dunggus like that Anon 11:49 PM above and his like-minded ilk all think alike too.

    It just takes one of them to utter some specious nonsense like "One school system for unity" and you have the whole unthinking bunch echoing those words like as if this is an irrefutable fact. It's not hard to see that these people are moved not by any deep thinking on the matter but are motivated more by chauvinistic emotion.

    Just like the saying "Birds of a feather flock together", people with similar background, culture, religion, and even dietary preferences, do tend to gravitate towards each other and prefer each others company. This is a natural tendency. Simply lumping children of all races together into one school and hoping that this will somehow lead to brotherly love and comradeship between the various ethnic groups is wishful thinking and is just not going to happen.

    If these people are really sincere about building a strong bond between the various races, then the first thing they will need to do is to look into the institutionalised, government-sanctioned discriminatory practices and replace them with more equitable ones. This will be much more effective in forging unity among the disparate races than anything else.

  8. This is ABC knowledge.
    Who does not know?

  9. ktemoc as usual is talking rubbish.

    The real choice is this.

    Continue with Khalid Nordin from Barisan Najis as education Minister of take a chance with say Azmin Ali or say DSAI as Education Minister again ?

    There is NO 3 rd road !!

    No matter what, once u r against Barisan Najis , DSAI is in the equation for sure, somewhere.

    ktemoc's constant sniping of DSAI assumes that u caqn have Pakatan without DSAI.

    No bloody way.


  10. Did Anon knows that the chinese schools do not teach racism but respect for elders? Only BTN teaches racism to the malays as a result they become snobish. I really hope that BTN will be replaced by some good moral teachings.

    One school system is not a solution as the standard of national schools are poor. Also teachers calling students names like "pendatangs" go back to India and China will not help. The nons will feel victimised. And the malays will form their own cliques, likewise the other races. So, you may be in one school but they can also be no integration. In fact, fights may also break out between these two groups.

    Don't forget malays and indians also study in chinese schools. And they can assimilate well. And chinese schools treat these non-chinese well. And chinese and malays, also indians can mixed well with each other in chinese schools, but not in national schools. Why? Think about it.

  11. The Malays are fundamentally racist and discriminatory from the get-go. And UMNO is particularly virulent in its disdain and rejection of the Nons.

    Do remember that in the early days of UMNO when Datuk Onn Jaafar suggested allowing the Nons to join there was vociferous and outright rejection of the idea, so much so that he found himself eventually sidelined in the organization.

    Further, when you have a religion that imbues its followers with an Us and Them attitude - Us the Believers and Them the Infidels - then you'll find a group of people who will easily and casually reject others outside their group, and who consider their discriminatory attitude as good, desirable and correct. This is very similar to Bush's "Either you are with us, or you are against us" stand. What is deeply disappointing about this is that such people are absolutely convinced that they are right and therefore immune to reason and thus extremely resistant to change (in their attitude).

  12. Anon of 1:39 PM, June 09, 2012, actually every race (not just Malays) has racists within its midst. The extent to which those racists exert themselves depends on many factors, such as examples and public declarations of political-social-religious leadership, the nature and conduct of education, the legal system (whether it condones racism and the punishment for racism), etc.

    There are of course racists in both Australia and NZ, but in these two countries, you can see the best examples of political-social-religious leadership speaking out against racism, and for human rights and equal rights, and where the public-religious educational system promotes respect for others, with the legal system coming down hard on nonsensical racism.

    In Malaysia unfortunately some in the ruling party promote racism instead of curbing it. The BTN, Perkasa, Utusan Malaysia etc are nasty examples. That's where the problem lies.

  13. And the record for the worst Education Minister is of course Anwar Ibrahim.
    He also owns the prize for worst Finance minister, worst DPM and worst Belia Minister.
    And undoubtedly the lousiest opposition leader. And unelected one at that.
    This fella is shameless.

  14. Buttercup,

    Did you know that the only period over the last 40 years that the Malaysian government ran a Budget surplus was when Anwar Ibrahim was Finance Minister ?

    The rest of the time has been Red Ink all the way, the worst being the Current Finance Minister, non-other than your beloved Najib Razak

  15. Anon 3.52pm

    Oh really. That's news to me. Daim and Ku Li so much better.

    Elaborating KT's reply to Anon 1.39pm.

    If the Chinese is the majority race, they will be more racists than the Malays.
    If you have worked in a Chinese company. you will know it.
    It's tough to rise up in a Chinese company for a Malay.
    But it's easy for an Indian or Chinese to even be CEO in a Bumi company.
    And we allow other races to outshine us. We can share our wealth and our entitlement. Which the Nons won't or want too.
    If not we will not be call the gentlemen race by the British.
    I think because relighion calls for equality among mankind and should not trample the minority.

  16. You guys have been bashing Anwar (literaly as well as figuratively) for years , painting him as the scum of the earth, the Devil Incarnate, the worst racist in Malaysia, the most unconscionable, Machiavellian , corrupt snake-oil peddler in Malaysian history...

    It doesn't seem to work...Anwar's following has been steadily increasing...

    Better pay back the money you've been funded with.....

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Buttercup, I second your opinion. A Malay will stand NO chance in going up as high as a CEO in a Chinese company but not so for a non-Malay in a Bumi company. I have seen for myself how Chinese staff will not teach their Malay colleagues so that their Chinese bosses will think that their Malay staff are stupid and lazy. The Malays toil in the heat, doing ther mediocre, dirty work while the Chinese staff will sit in the air-conditioned office doing the office work. And oh yes, there will be a Malay receptionist and office-boy to meet the 30% Bumi quota ...

  19. Buttercup,
    I very rarely bother to visit Ktemoc's blog these days, but here are some facts and figures.

    Anil Netto, no admirer of Anwar Ibrahim, had taken the trouble to compile some statistics sourced from Bank Negara.

    Najib is the worst Finance Minister in Malaysian history, measured by his stewardship of The Government of Malaysia's finances, which I consider to be the Primary Duty of the Finance Minister.

  20. norman fernandez5:15 pm, June 09, 2012

    If Chinese schools nuture racism then how come in the 50 years we have not heard racial abuse by a Chinese teacher on a non Chinese student in a Chinese school. Now, compare with the regular incidence at government Sekolah Kebangsaan schools.

  21. Absolutely. I am speaking from experience. I was used by my Non company to do all the dirty work. But when it comes to promotion, was never considered.
    My qualification and ability was much better than some of my NOn higher-ups.
    Yep, the Malays are employed as drivers, peons, clerks, dispatch boys to make up the 30% bumi participation.
    And we are always told this is a Chinese company what.
    But in a Malay company, the nons are always welcomed as an equal office worker. Always invited to all our gatherings.


    Anil Netto like Terence Netto is an Anwar ass-licker.
    Don't have credence as a fair writer.

  22. haha, I am just amazed by KT's ability to take a swipe at Anwar. Well, he has his point for being skeptical.

    However, just browsing through M'kini, you have to admit Anwar is the man, skillfully dismantling BN forces. No one even come close.

    "Anwar: I'll show mine if Muhyiddin shows his"

    "Non-citizens warned against 'hijacking' elections"

    Who knows, he may even get non-citizens to vote for PR... but then he could be crucified by Bersih ppl... Could we someday see a UMNO+Bersih alliance???

  23. Buttercup, I am amazed you would want to work for a Chinese-owned company. It is well known that Chinese (I don't mean the Chinese in China but Chinese like all over the world) bosses are among the worst to work for - they are stingy as hell, they pay you a pittance; they are slave drivers - they would strive to squeeze every drop of work out of you for the miserable amount to pay you; they expect you to work beyond the normal work hours and yet won't pay you for the overtime.

    And get this - Chinese employers treat ALL their workers meanly not just the Malays. Haven't you read of that Chinese owned electronics assembly plant in southern China where its workers practically lined up to commit suicide - so badly did they treat their workers! And this company is not an aberration, a one-off. There are many, many Chinese companies which are like that except that their workers are not rushing off to commit suicide ... yet.

    If I were you I'd avoid working for a Chinese-owned company unless I am truly, really desperate for a job. You will be much better off working for the government, or a Western company or even a Japanese company.

  24. Anon, you are really a racist by saying that the malays are hardworking in a chinese companies and the chinese not willing to teach the malays. I have malay staffs under me and they refused to work. They were employed as typists and has worked in the govt. dept for ten years, but when they come to the private sector, they cannot performed. She told me she cannot type well. Then asked her to do some filings, she said it is very dirty but I and some indians are doing her job. Ask her to carry the files, she said it is too heavy, but we have been doing that too.

    Then another malay girl always on the phone. Office hours start at 9 a.m. but come at 10 a.m. Then 12 o'clock disappear for lunch for 2 hours. Then 2.30 p.m. went to prayer room. Then come back talk on the phone some more with her children. Then 5 p.m. sharp went home and we are still working.

    Then when we got a chinese girl, she was so hardworking. This is true in many instance. Of course there are also some exception where the malays are also hardworking, but rare. I do not know why. And in my dept. more malays then chinese are employed even though it is a chinese company. And malays were also promoted to chief. So Anon do not be a laughing stock by your narrow minded view. You have not really been to the corporate world. And at this modern days, you are really outdated.

    To me I really hope to see the malays doing well and hardworking. To me, chinese or malays or indians are no different to me. We just want some good workers.

  25. Penang Chinese are very fickle minded, and have been known to have bouts of extreme support for BN.
    In 1995, Penang Chinese nearly fullfiled (by a margin of just one DAP remnant) Koh Tsu Koon's wet dream of a zero opposition in the Penang Legislative Assembly.

    It was a devastating tsunami, long before 2008, except it was a Pro-Barisan Nasional Tsunami.

    Who knows what will happen in GE13 ?

  26. Maybe UMNO should relinquish the Education portfolio, so says KT. Haha, dream on. It's not gonna happen.
    The PM, DPM, Education and Defence are key posts which must be held by a Malay, the majority race.
    Even if Pakatan were to be the ruling party, these posts will not be held by the DAP. That Anwar fella and PAS leaders will be fighting for the post.
    Why the big hoo-ha about the freeze on PTPTN loans for Unisel students. Wasn't it Anwar and Khalid who were shouting for free eudcation and abolishing the PTPTN loans? Cakap tak serupa bikin.
    So why not start with Unisel the Pakatan college. It was just a temporary threat and is now lifted.
    But you see Khalid and Anwar crying foul. So much for boasting Pakatan can give free education.
    It has proven to the world, that they cannot provide free education and it was just empty promises.
    BN has called their bluff.
    And the Malaysian Chinese and Indians should consider themselves blessed for having Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina and Tamil.
    No where in the world including Singapore where you have such schools. There's even a student population of one in a Tamil school. It's really wasting money.
    See the Chinese school Lick Hung in Subang for example. It looked like a university.
    Why do Chinese schools keep on asking for subsidies when they are richly funded by the Chinese tycoons.
    When are we realising one nation, one school if Chinese parents continue to send ther kids to vernacular schools.
    And now that fees for private schools are lowered, they will start pulling out from national schools for private schools.
    Chinese can afford to send their kids to private schools and Chinese schools. Yet they want JPA scholarships to study abroad.
    It show selfishness and kiasuness to want the best of both worlds.

  27. Anwar and Khalid were calling for free education and disbanding of PTPTN in the context of Pakatan Rakyat taking charge of the Federal Government.

    The merits and demerits of that can be argued out, and I am sure Pakatan is full prepared to engage either Muhyiddin Yassin or Khalid Nordin in public debate on the issue. Personally, I disagreed with Anwar telling PTPTN borrowers they need not continue servicing their loans. What you agreed to pay, you have to pay.

    Singling Unisel and other Selangor-owned institutions to show-off BN political control of PTPTN was the height of power abuse and juvenile irresponsibility.

    These childish antics show it is high time UMNO/BN vacate their position and let real grown-ups take over the running of Malaysia.

    Bullshit Buttercup Mentality

  28. >>>>>>Chinese vernacular schools are producing a whole generation of Racist Chinese children who grow up to be Racist Chinese adults.
    One school system for All


  29. BN government allocates RM 180M to Indian business community.

    I just need a modest few thousand dollars more capital to grow my business. Looking forward to supporting BN in GE13

    Cheers for Najib !

  30. yes cheers for Najis Razak.

    Lets hope Indians in Malaysia continue the progress they made for the last 50 years under Barisan Najis for the next 50 years.


    The Indians and Barisan Najis deserve each other.


  31. "f Chinese schools nuture racism then how come in the 50 years we have not heard racial abuse by a Chinese teacher on a non Chinese student in a Chinese school. Now, compare with the regular incidence at government Sekolah Kebangsaan schools." norman

    norman you must be a "katak bawah tempurung".there are plenty of problems but unreported. in fact ,a chinese parent wrote about it but instead got insulting for telling the truth.