Friday, June 15, 2012

The political assassination of Rafizi Ramli?

P.100 Pandan; N.21 Chempaka, N.22 Teratai

Pandan - a six letter word which will mean political death for one of two excellent politicians.

We have been astounded, nope more than that, flabbergasted actually, to read that Rafizi Ramli, PKR’s rising star, has been nominated to stand in that federal constituency against local hero Ong Tee Keat, a six term MP there (including Pandan’s former constituency title as Ampang Jaya) - see PKR’s Rafizi to face Tee Keat in Pandan for GE13 at Malaysia-Today.

Against the tide of the 2008 tsunami, Ong emerged winner in that general election with a healthy majority, and even more amazing, despite two of the state seats within Pandan going to Pakatan. That's who Rafizi will be going against!

Anyway, Rafizi has been endowed with intellectual brilliance, scoring exceptional academic and professional achievements, which means he possesses solid underpinning knowledge for life’s tussles. And he demonstrated this quality in his ingenuity in digging out the NFC scandal where he exposed questionable practice and expenditure of NFC money by its top management, and in those revelations, succeeded in damning more than senior UMNO minister from palace to cowshed wakakaka.

Ong Tee Keat is no less capable, being known as a gifted writer, indicating he has scholastic competencies, an accomplishment valued traditionally as a virtue by Chinese. Ong had actually won several literary awards for his articles. He wrote as a columnist for Sin Chew Jit Poh for nearly a decade. He quitted a lucrative engineering career to participate in politics.

Like Rafizi (or on political seniority, Rafizi is like him) Ong is renowned for his exposure of corruption and inappropriate conduct.

In 2002, when he was MCA Youth chief, he condemned MCA party leaders for acquiring Nanyang Press Holdings Bhd.

Then in September 2006, as deputy minister for higher education, he did it again, exposing alleged embezzlement of funds meant to repair and upgrade vernacular schools. Investigation (by JKR officers) spurred on by Ong’s revelation showed that refurbishment works carried out on SJK(C) Kung Yu in Muar, Johor, was only about RM3,000 worth when the allocation was ten times larger, at RM30,000.

In other words, 90% of funds went missing and was never explained nor accounted for, and which then-Education Minister (not Higher Education Minister) Hisham had strenuously denied was embezzled. Then-DPM Najib conveniently dismissed discussion of that inconvenient 'fact', the missing RM27,000, on the moronic argument that Ong had not passed that issue to the correct Education Minister, namely his cousin Hisham. I bet Ong didn’t do so because it would not only be the 90% funds disappearing but that ‘fact’ as well wakakaka.

When told to apologise to Hisham for incorrect communication protocol, Ong refused, which then forced his minister to apologise on his behalf (without Ong's agreement wakakaka) to save face for Hisham and Najib wakakaka.

does that look like OTK's finger?

Okay, so Ong f* up the communication protocol, but then, was he praised for his exposure of corruption? Wakakaka, Ong was instead censured by the UMNO-dominated Cabinet (where MCA ministers sat in total silence) for speaking out on what ACA should have been investigating.

He was also the Transport Minister who ordered a Price Waterhouse Cooper investigation into the scandalous PKFZ runaway costs. Once again UMNO (and this time, MCA as well) was pissed off with Ong, as I had posted in UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out? 

A sign of this was when Ong, then head of UMNO's supposed chief ally, was besieged by his detractors, like Kuala Dimensi Sdn Bhd's (KDSB) CEO and Bintulu parliamentarian Tiong King Sing (also BN Nasional Backbenchers Club Chairperson) who launched a suit against Ong for the latter’s outspoken and transparent handling of the PKFZ issue. UMNO unusually remained (maybe gleefully) silent.

When Ong Tee Keat counter-sued Tiong for alleging that he (Tiong) gave RM10 million to Ong for party activities, a suit in fact supported by the MCA central committee, CSL criticized Ong “for dragging the party into a legal battle over his personal problem".

In its unusual silence, UMNO showed its obvious dislike of Ong Tee Keat.

So Rafizi and Ong are both corruption-fighters. But I would place Ong on a much higher pedestal because he spoke out against his own MCA and BN ally UMNO, showing he doesn’t tolerate nonsense, even from his side. Rafizi of course did a good job on NFC but that’s against an enemy camp and required less or even little courage. I would have admired Rafizi more had he spoke out against several recent cases of PKR’s alleged dodgy-ness or even the process of its last party polls. But alas, he didn't.

Be that as it may, it would be a pity to see one of them ousted from active politics (at least for the next five years).

Ong is no doubt facing more opponents than just Rafizi in GE-13. He has mucho enemies in UMNO and MCA, especially the latter, some factions of which I suspect would be prepared to lose Pandan just to see Ong disappear. The possibilities for his candidature in Pandan are as follows:

  • Straight fight against PKR’s Rafizi, or
  • 3-cornered fight against Rafizi and an MCA man [whether Ong stands as an MCA candidate or Independent] placed there as a ‘kacau’ factor

However, given that Ong is probably the strongest BN candidate for Pandan, and Najib is desperate to not only win in GE-13 but also win big, he may swallow his dislike for Ong and endorse the man as the BN candidate and perhaps even warn the MCA off.

Ong has the advantage of incumbency, local popularity and a reputation as an anti-corruption crusader (at least among the Chinese). Last year, I posted that in a survey just prior to the last MCA presidential challenge, the Chinese community had overwhelmingly voiced their preference for Ong Tee Keat to head MCA, but alas, it was just a survey which involved only the Chinese community. The majority of the MCA central delegates chose CSL, … perhaps now realizing that decision was at their own political (though not economic) peril.

Rafizi of course enjoys growing popularity for Pakatan, especially among the younger set, and his own personal profile as the Giant Lembu Killer.

finger licking good? wakakaka

But I wonder, just only wonder you know, idly mulling so to speak, whether like poor Ong, Rafizi too has musuh dalam selimut for him to be nominated for a very dangerous encounter with equally popular Ong Tee Keat, who had as a political novice in 1989 taken the scalp of renowned Malay giant, Harun Idris (yes, that former MB of Selangor) who stood as a candidate in Ampang Jaya for Semangat 46?

Why can’t an important asset like Rafizi Ramli be nominated for, say, Kelana Jaya, now occupied by wakakaka Loh Gwo Burne? His BN opponent will probably be MCA’s Loh Seng Kok who was not nominated for 2008 GE because he had offended UMNO ... and yes, PAS wakakaka ... see MCA MP warned by UMNO and PAS! and 50 UMNO Youths Threatened MCA MP! ...

... but which turned out to be a blessing in disguise because he avoided the humiliation of being trashed by PKR’s Anwar’s personal last minute candidate, his clan man Loh Gwo Burne wakakaka.

aiseh wakakaka

Now, Rafizi Ramli is not only an important asset but potentially a future PM of a Pakatan government, say in about 15 years time.

Best of all, unlike others in his party wakakaka, he is at present not encumbered with the millstone of corruption allegations. I hope he maintains his political and personal administrative hygiene. His few deficiencies, if at all we can even call them deficiencies, would be his relatively young age (like Nurul Izzah), 'in-ness' with Anwar’s inner coterie (which leads us to suspect he is also another UMNO wolf in PKR sheep’s clothing), and ...

... his lamentable and total silence on allegations of corruption, impropriety and frogological misdemeanours in his party. This deficiency is in total contrast with Ong Tee Keat’s blunt and honest straightforwardness, a virtue that my fellow Penang larng Neil Khor had described in a brilliant letter to Malaysiakini as ‘fatal purity’, implying Ong hadn’t and won’t spare even his friends and party colleagues if he believes they’re corrupt, as observed in his very public stand against MCA’s purchase of Nanyang Press Holdings, the alleged embezzlement of schools’ renovation funds by Hisham’s Education Ministry officials and the PKFZ scandal. 'Twas a 'purity' that has proven to be 'fatal' to himself as a leader in MCA.

Notwithstanding Rafizi’s silence on many of his own party’s questionable conduct, he is not just a rising star but will one day be undoubtedly a supernova. He’s most of all a Melayu and a very very bright one in a land where 60% of the population are Melayu, in other words a man accepted and destined to be PM or at least the powerful Finance Minister.

Again I ask, why is this most valuable of PKR assets assigned to such a dangerous stand-off against Ong Tee Keat? I’m inclined to believe Ong will win the Pandan federal constituency in GE-13, as he had in the last 6 GE including 2008, and with that, sayang saja, Rafizi will be cold storage for 5 years, unless someone conks off to provide a by-election for PKR to claim as its due.

Why, why, why ... such a stupid assignment?

Okay, I’ll be more blunt, who in PKR pre-nominates candidates for constituencies? Who has stupidly (or maliciously) nominated Rafizi for Pandan?

Can I offer a suggestion, that Rafizi be given Kelana Jaya or Bandar Tun Razak or any other PKR seats which will be more safe?

Don’t do him in?


  1. "Can I offer a suggestion, that Rafizi be given Kelana Jaya or Bandar Tun Razak or any other PKR seats which will be more safe?"

    yet again, you reveal your understanding of political struggle and strategy to be fairly non-existent. i guess that’s why you think some shd be nominated to 'safe' area. i respect otk as u do, but i think pr shd nominate the best against any strong candidate from bn. if pr intended to combat the safe way, better ask them go sit at home playing ps3. every seat is as important as the next one, pr need to win as many seat as possible to form the govt. all pr that possess good quality and well respected shd take a brave move to challenge the equally strong candidate from bn. if lks have the ball and as good as many here claim, he shd handle csl regardless where is the constituency, otherwise ask her to play with her granchildren and fade away.

  2. okay then, ask brave (full of balls) csl to contest lks in Ipoh Timur

  3. Rafizi took extraordinary personal risks in his multi-step exposure of the NFC scandal.
    I think you do not comprehend the real personal and even physical risks that front-line opponents of the regime face.

    Almost all the information revealed was confidential, some of it covered under OSA, bank transaction details covered under BAFIA laws. Various forms of punishment is already being employed against some others suspected of being involved in the leakage of information. I think the only reason Rafizi is not being directly targetted (yet) is UMNO realises a frontal attack on Rafizi would be self-defeating in today's political climate.
    I was told that there is currently a Special Branch task force charged with unearthing any past, present or future dirt which can be used against him. Rafizi better be cleaner than clean, past , present or future, or some unpleasant things are coming to him (unless BN gets kicked out of Putrajaya)

    Ong Tee Keat has damaged his own career by some of the public stands that he made. But as a senior BN figure, he has at no time run any personal or legal risks to himself or his family, whatsoever.

    So I would never put Ong Tee Keat on anywhere near the same pedestal as Rafizi.

    As far as I'm concerned, in the fight for better governance in Malaysia, you are either part of the solution, or you are part of the problem.
    Ong Tee Keat, as long as he is a BN MP or "BN-friendly" MP , continues to be part of the problem. In his decades as an MP, he has never, ever once voted against the many unjust and unwise laws which BN has bulldozed through Parliament.
    Ong Tee Keat may be like one of those proverbial "Good Nazi officers" in World War II movies, but they serve the Nazi War Machine nevertheless.

    Yes, Ong Tee Keat remains a strong figure in Pandan, so PKR would have to put up a strong candidate against him if they are not to treat Pandan as a "walkover".

    Yes, I wish Rafizi would be employed elsewhere, but right away considering that as the outcome of a sinister maneuver is typical of a brainless antipathy towards PKR.

  4. Commonlah! what Ong Tee Keat corruption fighter? he he he.He was with BN all his political life , what as if he doesn't know that BN is corrupted to the core what i would say fairly is that he is less of a yes man compared to his compatriots in MCA but his love to be in power is always there where he starts from being a political sec to dep minister then a full minister. He is corrution fighter !! wa kakaka i would rather vote for Gwo Burne lah

    1. Blind loyalty! D**bass.. Dats y we're stuck btwn the devil and the deep blue sea. Gwo Burne haven't done sh*t... Makan gaji buta.. Isn't that as bad as pilfiraging the country? U use rakyat's money to pay these MPs..

  5. Wow, what a surprise Anwar's nouveau blue-eyed boy sent to fight OTK. Should have put him in the late Lo' lo's seat of Titiwangsa.
    Or better still he takes over Gwo Burne whathis name in my constituency of Kelana Jaya. Not that I am voting for him. Will vote the MCA man. At least I have seen his face.

  6. otk will NOT be in the list submitted to bn...oops umNO for GE13 lah !!

  7. KT is being naive here, OTK will not be nominated by Chua to contest in Pandan.
    CAV and OTK are arch-enemies.

    Chua AV will want to take care of his pink-lip son, can you imagine what will happen to Chua AV presidency if Chua AV senior and Chua AV junior both lost in GE13 and OTK get elected ?

  8. Alright, KT, let me boil down what you have written into one sentence: Rafizi Ramli and Ong TK are like two prim nuns in a houseful of willing and brazen prostitutes.

  9. KTemoc wrote: He was also the Transport Minister who ordered a Price Waterhouse Cooper investigation into the scandalous PKFZ runaway costs. Once again UMNO (and this time, MCA as well) was pissed off with Ong, as I had posted in UMNO prefers Ong Tee Keat out?

    All the thieves and rascals were rubbing their hands with anticipatory glee looking forward to divvying the loot among themselves and then along came this fellow who threw a spanner in the works! So, no one should be surprised that the thieves and conmen would want to kick him out with alacrity!

  10. y many hy? i commented only the first, kt blog were invaded by monsterus? that's bad.

    imitation is the highest form of flattery, so thanks. lks stay in ipoh timur is fine, she is not that young anymore and ipoh is a truly 'safe' and quiet town for retirement. long live dap and long live emperor, at least for another 50 'safe' years.

  11. No Choice 12:29 am...
    Whatever the faults of Loh Gwo Burne, the amount being plundered from the country by BN's cronies, from RM 1/2 Billion Perimekar to "minor" cases like the NFC makes Gwo Burne's MP salary look like spare change....

    Or maybe you're not able to count anything beyond a few thousand. One Tribe in Papua New Guinea had no word for anything more than one hundred....just "Many"

  12. The good thing is, OTK has not announced whether he will run for the Pandan seat as a BN candidate. That in itself could mean that PANDAN does not spell the end for one of the two mentioned. PKR may have approached OTK and may have offered him the seat should he take it up against BN, leaving Rafizi to contest elsewhere. It is a risky and a calculative political move to announce Rafizi's name in Pandan. The reason COULD be that PR would see OTK as almost sure to run in Pandan. For Pandan to be out of BN's hands, they would have to either, get OTK to run there against BN or to win Pandan with a very strong candidate. The option of allowing a weak candidate to contest there without much hope is a weak option. So, instead of going against him, they would rather he run against BN and hence the announcement and the slight mention of offering the seat to OTK if he goes against BN. As for LKS, he can and most probably will go down to frontline Johor, along with many other big names, even DSAI since they have said Johor would be the frontline. I would be happy to see DSAI take on Muhyddin in Johor. I wouldn't want PR to waste time in going against Najib as a poor performance in the GE would inevitably result in UMNO dealing with Najib and putting their number 2 up for the UMNO presidency (and IF that's a BIG IF BN has majority, the PM's post). So, DSAI's objective is to kick out their potential no. 1 as well.

  13. HuaYong,
    Are u also suggesting AI x NR, AA x MY matchup?
    It will be the next rumble-in-da-Malaya-jungle matchup.

  14. It will be good to have both OTK and RR in the next parliament. I just hope I will not be proven wrong.

  15. " Tilam tilam, lama tukar baru ...
    tilam tilam lama tu...oops UBAH ubah !! "

  16. Ong Tee Keat a corruption fighter ? funny...

    Hey, of course Ktemoc is creative...

  17. If you analyse the 2008 election results carefully, you would realise Ong Tee Keat is in a very precarious position.
    He retained Pandan with a small majority, but all the State Seats under P100 are held by Pakatan Rakyat - PAS and DAP respectively.

    The conclusion is that he has a modest personal following in Pandan. A few thousand people - fewer than 3,000 out of an electorate of 64,000 + were willing to vote for Ong Tee Keat , even though they voted for DAP and PAS at the state level.

    PKR definitely needs a strong candidate to unseat Ong, and as far as I'm concerned that remains an important agenda in Pandan.

    Ong Tee Keat, unless he quits BN, remains a servant and supporter of the Barisan Nasional government, with all the negatives that implies, and I for one, support his opponent.

  18. i were from lee kim sai constituency n hence i know otk well, i read his writing much earlier from 当代文艺, perhaps when he were still in mu. but i would give my vote to a dog that contest against any candidates from bn including otk. tell me what he did, or he can do since purged out from the president seat?

    simplex, yes, i hope this is the case but the possibility is low. anwar n aa is a scum if i read correctly the message from this blog, and lks, lge is true fighter so i expect more from the latter. lks was never from ipoh and penang, i see no reason y he cannot go direct to the heart of bn, i dun think csl is that thick face to choose one with more than 60% malay. i bet san choon would win seremban against man hin when i am still a school boy, i will bet lks win in any constituency with chinese more than 50% in johor (sorry i dun know exact which exactly). no more safe seat mentality please.

  19. amazing, otk won pandan in 2008 with just 3000 votes? wakakaka

  20. OK, maybe I didn't write that clearly enough.
    OTK won with a majority of less than 3,000 votes, even though for the State seats within the same constituency, the were clear majorities for both DAP and PAS.
    That means there were some 3,000 people who split their votes - DAP/PAS for Selangor, BN - Ong Tee Keat for Parliament

  21. "Yip he enjoys insulting others and call it joking.
    Keep throwing shit into his blog to fight him."

    Who else but that malicious old monster ball with his yip, yip, yip....still insisting with putting his sh*t here....banyak thick face, thick skin when he knows he's so unwelcome here and will be clicked away in the morning.

    Tak malu lah this self proclaimed Freedom Fighter....podah ! No fury like an old man kena rejected, hahaha.

  22. Anon of 9:53 PM, June 16, 2012, if OTK won by 2961 majority, say for round-figure simplicity, 3000, while the two Pakatan candidates obviously won the state seats by some degree of majority, then there had to be more than 3000 split votes supporting OTK. I opined that the voters did what Penangites have been doing for years (except in 1969 and 2008) where they elected BN for State (for development) and DAP for Federal (to voice their dissatisfaction), except in Pandan in 2008 they switched parties around to maintain OTK as their favoured MP. That they did so against the tide of the political tsunami was an indication of their allegiance to an individual. Since 2008, OTK's Lone Ranger reputation has grown in his personal favour. He's seen by many as being a victim of MCA and UMNO's politics.

  23. But more importantly what about the endangerment of Rafizi's political future by placing him against formidable OTK? We have to be realistic and level headed and not just fantasize that the 2nd tsunami will wash PTK away. Rafizi may not be perfect but he is a valuable asset to Pakatan and unlike some in PKR, is still considered as clean. Is he seen as a threat to some in PKR, the way Zaid Ibrahim was?

  24. There's no fantasise about a 2nd tsunami. In urban areas , dissatisfaction with BN has Grown since 2008.

    Why do you think Najib keeps delaying and delaying GE13 in spite of the scores of A to Z alphabet soup Transformation plans which he has rolled out ?

    OTK will retain some personal following if he stands as an Independent. If he stands as BN, he will be considered BN

  25. Pada padangan saya, dia tak de lah bijak sangat. Cara dia bercakap memang style orang Terengganu, kuat menyindir dan cepat sikit otak dia react pada soalan2 atau persekitaran. Samalah seperti Ostad Azhar Idrus. Cuba dengar pada ceramah2nya. Semua seolan dapat dijawab dengan cepat dan kebanyakannya dalam nada menyindir atau disoal balik atau dipusing balik. Ini adalah kelebihan orang Terengganu. Cara pemikirannya seperti ini, jika ada kemalangan, seorang akan berkata kakinya patah, dan orang Terengganu akan kata nasib baik atau mujur tak mati atau sebagainya.
    Saya ada terbaca wawancara The Sun bersama RL dan salah satu komen yang tersangat bijak dari RL ialah NFC tidak sepatutnya dikurniakan projek tersebut kerana NFC tidak pernah atau mempunyai pengalaman dalam ternakan lembu.By the same token, RL pun tidak sepatutnya di letak bertanding dimana2 kerusi parlimen atau DUN kerana beliau tidak ada apa2 pengalamana bekerja sebagai wakil rakyat. Wakil rakyat akan dibayar gaji dan elaun oleh kerajaaan.

  26. Folks, make sure you don't fall for the "Repeat a statement often enough and it becomes a fact" trick.

    Ong Tee Keat is comparatively strong in MCA terms (most of the rest are likely goners in GE13), but NOT FORMIDABLE in Pandan.
    A sitting Deputy Minister at that time, he held an embarrasingly razon thin majority of 2,961 out of an electorate of 64,497, up against a PKR Unknown Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud (as in Syed WHO ?)

    A strong candidate from PKR definitely has a good likelihood to dethrone him.

    My attitude towards Ong Tee Keat is pretty unforgiving. Whatever interesting noises he may have made in the past, Ong Tee Keat remains a servant and supporter of The Dark Machine. Not once in his decades as an MP has he stood up against the many unjust and unwise laws which BN has railroaded through Parliament.

    If he stands as a BN candidate or BN-friendly Independent in GE13, he must be opposed and defeated, like the rest of his ilk.

  27. Ong Tee Keat can join PR and stand else where.

  28. Monsterbaby, and according to your logic what should we then do about Anwar Ibrahim who in far more powerful positions in government than OTK, for a humongous period of 17 years, did buggerall for his so-called reformasi, not one measly skeritt, not one sub-atomic iota, nto oen manmanlai bit?

    To quote you, "Not once in his decades as an MP, [Ministers in various portfolios, DPM, acting PM] has he stood up against the many unjust and unwise laws which BN has railroaded through Parliament, {some of which were initiated by him]."

    Tell me please ... if you ever can.

  29. Ktemoc,
    Please check Anwar Ibrahim's Parliamentary voting record since August 2008.
    To answer your question, as far as I'm concerned, we should support Anwar Ibrahim TODAY>

    The same Anwar Ibrahim of UMNO pre-1998 would similarly have needed to be opposed, but I wasn't of voting age and not politically aware for almost all that period.

    For most of the other 10 year gap from 1998 to 2008, he was an involuntary guest at Sungei Buloh.

    I'm consistent in my opposition to UMNO and Barisan Nasional.

    If Ong Tee Keat henceforth disavows the Dark Regime, joins Pakatan Rakyat or stands as a non-BN Friendly Independent, I will respect him.
    Anything less are just interesting noises from a servant and supporter of The Dark Regime.

    NOT until then.

  30. Monsterball

    Have you ever thought Anwar will lose in Permatang Pauh? And Nurul Izzah will lose in Lembah Pantai.
    That is why they are now searching for a safe seat for her somewhere in Province Wellesley.
    It seem Anwar is bent on perpetuating his dynasty in sending one of his daughters to contest in Sungai Bakap.

    Greg Lopez

    Why should OTK give way for Rafizi even if he joins PR? He's very popular in Pandan.
    Anyway, thanks to Anwar for choosing blue-eyed boy to contest there.
    So smart yeah Anwar, LOL, to pitch Rafizi there where he will be slaughtered by OTK.

  31. Buttercup,
    Yeah, Anwar may lose in Permatang Pauh. In truth there are ZERO safe seats for PKR anywhere, especially in the face of BN-created Bangla and Indon Instant Malaysians.

    As I pointed out, OTK, then an incumbent Deputy Minister, barely scrapped through against a PKR NOBODY.

    Support for Barisan Nasional in urban areas has slipped even further since then.

    OTK may still barely win in Pandan in GE13, but if he stands as a BN candidate, he isn't going to slaughter ANYBODY

  32. Talking about Instant Malaysians, I am reminded that Ong Tee Keat is effectively a supporter of the continued corruption of the Electoral Rolls by Barisan Nasional.

    He has recently voted in support Barisan Nasional lines to defeat Pakatan Rakyat motions to discuss concerns about the voter rolls.

    That's why I repeat -

    Ong Tee Keat serves and supports a corrupt government and must be opposed and defeated if he stands again as a BN candidate.

  33. Glad to know that.
    Love is important.
    Ktemoc loves to tell jokes?
    Are you sure?

  34. Guys,
    I got to agree with kaytee this time over this Rafizi. Of course, I would prefer Rafizi to stand in so many places where PKR MPs defected. Plenty of seats out there. Start with Kulim Bandar Baharu. Again, it seems kaytee has a grunch with Guo byrne.
    Again I wanna ask Kaytee this question again. If he's no leader nor follower, what the fuck type of animal he is.

    Your agenda, please!

  35. Monsterbaby,
    On the contrary to what kaytee make us to believe that rafizi is "clean", Rafizi is on good books of Azmin Ali, kaytee nemesis. Hahahaha! Hence, why I ask for Kaytee's agenda to tui lam Loh. Did Loh's daddy got dirty photo of what kaytee's youthful past.
    Notice Rafizi did say if Ong were to join PR, Rafizi would step aside
    It's very non kaytee. I thought kaytee would do a story on PKR hogging on Pandan seat. I say PKR is not up to mark in taking Pandan. All we need is to put Teresa Kok there. Ong sure mampus one. But you know PKR always be PKR, wanna chope the place for itselfs. If possible, Ong Tee Keat.....Hahahaha

  36. Kaytee,
    Why don't you put it that PKR is incompetent in getting hold of Pandan? You say that different story when PKR nearly take over Senadin state seat.
    I say give Pandan to DAP. Put Teresa Kok there, I guarantee OTK would shit in his pants. PKR being taiko in choping the seats.

    A tactical move in freezing Pandan seat for PKR while hoping Ong Tee Keat joining PKR. I repeat Rafizi is just as blue eye boy of Azmin Ali aka Himmler.......Hahahaha

  37. Kaytee,
    How about asking Rafizi to be MB of Selangor? Ask Pendamaran DAP fella to fuck off! Oh Kaytee!

  38. It's pretty amazed that kaytee has gotten us into believing Ong Tee Keat as reverence as the foreign minister down south. Perhaps, kaytee might be a novice in political outmanoevering.

    Lets me enlighten our Kaytee on the battle of Aljunied that saw the sacking of one heck of a foreign minister....Ooops! Ex.....Hahaha....One bendover singh down south even say that fella can stand for President of Singapore....Hahaha

    Wat this shit!

    See Kaytee,
    This is the kinda conspiracy that I don't like about PKR. In actual fact, it's not just limited to Anwar Ibrahim or Azmin Ali alone.....It's the whole damn organisation

    Bring us back to what the heck kinda animal kaytee is. He is dead set against Anwar Ibrahim, Azmin Ali but yet omit folks like Rafizi who happens to be the blue eye boy of Azmin Ali. Then he goes after Loh kid & omiting folks such as Pendamaran fella from DAP
    One wonder the hell Kaytee's agenda.
    Read Rafizi's statement. I will campaign like hell for OTK if he joins PKR. Smell very fishy right

    Just admit it! Your analysis is wrong about Pandan thingy. Be objective on your whacking. In fact, DAP should be up at arms in asking PKR to reevaluate their fanstatic grabbing of seats.
    As for OTK, Just put Teresa Kok there. OTK will sink. I guarantee

  39. It's all for grabs......Just as Patton & Montgomery is rushing over Messina.....Likewise with PKR & DAP....Well, guess it's time we need an Eisenhower.....Hahahaha

    For Kaytee enlightenment......Hahaha