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Najib's necessary reincarnation of Mao Zedong

The Malaysian Insider - Nazri tells why pandas will be placed in Putrajaya.

Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz said:

We appreciate the panda bears because they symbolise the close relationship between Malaysia and China.

That many would poke delirious fun at Najib’s invitation to name the giant pandas is an indication of the acute aggravated acrimony existing in Malaysian politics.

why can't our politics be more civilised like this? wakakaka

No matter how innocuous or trivial a subject that such an invitation is about, so long as it’s from the ‘other side of the political fence’, that invitation would be whacked kau kau. And why should we be surprised when a senior PKR leader set a mean and lamentable example by showing his gleeful rapture in bringing about an early termination in the tenure of Rosmah Mansor as Chancellor of UNISEL, a mere honorary post of non-political significance. Such a political pygmy.

But both sides of politics, with some exceptions in Karpal Singh, Lim Kit Siang, Zaid Ibrahim, Dr Jeya, Nizar Jamaluddin, etc, have been equally guilty in being mean rather than meaningful. Looks like we won't be ready for two-party politics for a bloody long long long time.

Some accuse Najib of American presidential style pomposity when he previously invited the Malaysian public to name his household cat as if they would be interested in the way Americans are in the personal bit and pieces of the First Family, including the breed and name of the presidential dog.

Then there was that ‘First Lady of Malaysia’ (FLOM) title which riled many Malaysians. Maybe Najib should sack his American-Israeli PR firm/advisors.

Nonetheless, Minister Ng Yen Yen acclaimed the giant pandas* would pull in tourists especially from Singapore and Indonesia (virtually ignoring more friendly Thailand), while the DPM went on virtually an orgasmic exultation of Chinese investments and Sino-Malaysian cooperation in the fields of telecommunications, transportation, construction and steel manufacturing under the country's Economic Transformation Programme, and for Malaysia to sell halal products to the 25 million.

Lately, he has back-pedalled on his 'no more independent' Chinese schools, wakakaka.

Red Panda

* and we should refer to these black & white animals as giant pandas or panda bears (Ailuropoda melanoleuca, or black and white cat-foot), because the word panda as used in encyclopaedias refers to another unrelated creature, usually known as the red panda (Ailurus fulgens, or shining-cat) which looks like a Malaysian musang or an American racoon but is not related to them

Red Panda

No doubt the Education Minister would soon follow Yen Yen’s example and enthuse about the likelihood of educational standards improving because our students will then be able to distinguish black from white without a BTN-indoctrinated teacher telling them which is what, wakakaka.

And with Ng Yen Yen also revealing that the female panda to be on loan is already fertile I wouldn't be in the least shocked if the Health Minister will sycophantically attribute her pregnancy to ‘our beloved PM’ (now now, don’t be naughty, I didn't imply in any way what you’re wildly imagining wakakaka).

Because China provided these giant pandas (on loan for 10 years) to some foreign countries, these offers have become known as China’s panda diplomacy, where the names of these pandas could even and have been proven to be politically sensitive.

For example, when China first offered Taiwan a breeding pair in 2005 with the names of tuan tuan (not ke-tuan-an Melayu wakakaka) and yuan yuan, the previous DPP government of Chen Shui-bian (who's incidentally now in jailed for corruption not related to the giant pandas wakakaka) opposed the offer because the Chinese words tuan yuan meant ‘reunion’. Chen was virulently anti-reunion with Mainland China.

So his government sabo the importation kau kau by refusing to issue the permits for the entry of the giant pandas into Taiwan, on the bullsh*t that the local zoos did not meet facility and resource requirements for the proper care and rearing of the animals.

But subsequently the more diplomatic and less confrontational Kuomintang Party came into power in 2008 and accepted tuan tuan and yuan yuan.

But to understand why the giant pandas are coming, and why Najib had requested for them from Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao during his visit to Nanning in April, we need to go back some 43 years, to that dreadful day, 13 May 1969.

Virtually all of us know what happened on that evening, and the subsequent existence of a humongous division between Malay and Chinese Malaysians. Then after June (or was it July) that same year, the Indians were equally traumatized after a mini May 13 in Setapak.

My Uncle who lived through the riots told me a semi-tragic semi-humorous story. When May 13 occurred, one of his Indian friends lambasted him with an indignant and very nasty “You Chinese are troublemakers!” But after the Setapak incident less than two months after May 13, that same friend told him in the same outraged voice “Those Malays are troublemakers!”

My Uncle grinned as he told me he truly struggled to resist taunting that Indian friend with a sarcastic riposte that “No, it’s you Indians who are the real troublemakers”, mind you, just to tease him for his reckless accusations.

Anyway, immediately after May 13, the Chinese harboured hurt, angry and irreconcilable emotions, sometimes expressed openly but often subtly. Chinese boycotted their favourite foodstuff like durians, satay, nasi lemak, nasi Padang, petai, ulam, etc (I would have starved had I been party to the boycott), and warned their community (the women) from wearing sarung kebaya which pissed off my mum and her friend because they wore only Straits (nyonya-type) sarung kebaya when going out, even to the local market, and always sarung at home.

I heard from my uncles that many Chinese trading middlemen stopped giving out informal loans (cash advances) to their mateys, the Malay farmers, fishermen, etc, while some Chinese transport operators also missed out services to Malay kampongs and the rural areas (not sure whether they were just afraid to go into the Heartland or boycotting the Malays).

When Parliament resumed sittings in 1971 and PM Razak brilliantly created the Barisan Nasional (BN) to minimize politicking (with only DAP wisely refusing to join) but which became an alliance that eventually enervated Gerakan and PPP to what they have sadly become today, and effectively made UMNO irrefutably the numero uno bar none in that coalition.

The PM knew he had to reckon with the coming general election in 1974 as he saw the principal problem, the likely lack of Chinese support for BN, one which his son as PM would face 38 years later.

Razak wanted the Chinese to once again support his government as they had Tunku’s Perikatan (Alliance) until 10 May 1969. But how, after the socio-ethnic devastation of 13 May 1969, with Chinese Malaysians coming out all battered, shattered, and ill-tempered?

‘Twas not so much the pogrom per se against the Chinese (though there was that too) because overseas Chinese all over the world have had pogroms against them from time to time.

The Chinese were totally pissed off with the stories circulating among their community, one what they believed (regardless of whether true or otherwise), of the government's deliberate withdrawal of the ‘neutral’ Sarawak Rangers and Federation Armoured Car Regiment from their support of the Police in riot control in KL, and their replacement with Royal Malay Regiment soldiers.
Pogrom is a word of Yiddish-Russian origin, a vocabularied development testifying to the regular persecution of the Jews in Europe (particularly in Russia, Poland, Germany, etc).

Likewise the overseas Chinese, also a race unfortunately and frequently bashed around by the majority ethnic groups in various countries, have such a tragic word to describe the regular anti-Chinese pogroms. That word is p’ai-hua meaning ‘The Driven Out’.

Incidentally, now that we have mentioned p'ai hua, 'someone' (wakakaka) who was once in UMNO, wakakaka again, was very vocal in telling his Heartland crowd that the Chinese could bloody balik Tiong Sun (go back to China).

Anyway, back to the story - once again, Razak struck brilliantly. After analyzing what he believed would show Chinese Malaysians he wasn't anti Chinese per se, in 1974, just prior to the general elections, he did the unprecedented (at least in SE Asia without waiting for Taikoh Indonesia) by establishing diplomatic relations with Communist China.

His BN party ensured that the photo of him shaking hands with Mao Zedong was prominently and repetitively shown up to the general elections.

38 years later, his son as PM faces the same problem of a disenchanted if not hostile Chinese community in Malaysia. Even if Mao Zedong was still alive for a few photo ops with Najib, today’s Chinese Malaysians wouldn't really be interested in that Chinese leader, nor would they be in Hu Jintao.

Gong Li

Kaytee was rather keen to propose Gong Li wakakaka, but alas, she has gone from China to (initially) being a Singaporean wife to now becoming, as widely reported, John Cusack’s girlfriend, so her connections with China has become somewhat tenuous. And Zhang Ziyi, as the ex girlfriend of an American Jew, will be too hot a potato for UMNO or for that matter, PKR, wakakaka.

Zhang Ziyi

Anyway, our cat loving PM must have decided that a modern day equivalent of Mao Zedong would be the lovable cute giant pandas, everyone’s favorite animal. By emulating his dad’s clever pre-election campaign gimmickry, in using a Chinese icon (Mao updated to or reincarnated as Po the Kungfu Panda wakakaka) to win back Chinese voters, he hopes to repeat his father’s 1974 election success.

Po, the Kungfu Panda

And I've heard that more than 60 federal seats in Peninsula have significant Chinese voters which could decide the election outcomes in those constituencies, and which are and will be threatened by PAS and the UMNO … oops sorry wakakaka … Malay section of PKR.

And just in case Chinese Malaysians are too dumb to take up his hints, wakakaka, Bernama informs us that there is currently a Malaysia-China People's Friendship Photo Exhibition (12 to 30 June) at … guess …. wakakaka … yesirree … Wisma MCA, Seri Pacific Hotel, UKM and Sin Chew Daily, where among the exhibits, the famous Razak’s 1974 election campaign photo would be shown, of Najib’s father shaking hands with Mao and Chou, ...

Tun Razak with Chou En Lai

... and naturally also of son Najib and Chinese PM Wen Jianbao.

But I'm sure Najib doesn't want the following photo wakakaka.


  1. I agree.
    Father's Day more important.
    Without father, there is no ktemoc.

  2. This is the day to talk love and not crack jokes and insults politicians and actress.
    Who is laughing?

  3. Yeah right, Malaysia-China PEOPLES friendship and common understanding to kick out the parties in one party state, start with BN, then PAP and finally CCP.

  4. Not sure about GE13, but the usual modus operandi of UMNO/BN is that for a few months running up to the General Elections, the Keris will be kept safely in the closet until UMNO/BN is reelected.

    It has been reliably proven that the attentive memory of the Malaysian electorate is maximum 1-2 months.

    Anyway, they can't keep up appearances too long...tak boleh tahan...vampires have to feed, soon....

  5. Given the level of pettiness Karpal Singh has shown in his continuing ANIMOSITY towards Penang DCM Prof. Ramasamy, I'm tending towards classifying Karpal as a political pygmy as well.

    And I'm glad you quote Kua Kia Soong's May 13 book.
    Ask Kua how he would regard Lim Kit Siang - political titan or pigmy ? You may find the answer (if Kua chooses to be candid) very revealing.

  6. Bombard The Headquarters – My Big-Character Poster From Mao Zedong

    "Adopting the reactionary stand of the bourgeoisie, they have enforced a bourgeois dictatorship and struck down the surging movement of the great cultural revolution of the proletariat. They have stood facts on their head and juggled black and white, encircled and suppressed revolutionaries, stifled opinions differing from their own, imposed a white terror, and felt very pleased with themselves."

    Zhou Enlai "It is too soon to say.", "All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means."

    Tun Razak achieved one of the most brilliant diplomacy move to counter the West hegemony with the establishment of relationship with China.

    The current batch leader of Hu, Wen and son of Razak are working together to suck the peoples blood dry.

    Dulu lain sekarang lain.

  7. Mr. Ktemoc, no one is perfect.
    Don't pick on weaknesses of others and have fun.
    And don't create nonsense to have a discussion.
    Do you read Malaysiakini?
    So many current issues all pointing against BN.
    Why are you avoiding talking important issues where Mahathir and Najib are being gunned down.

  8. Vote for a Change of Government11:00 pm, June 17, 2012

    I'm one of those who poked fun at the Prime Minister's invitation to name the pandas.

    For a young voter, Humour is an outlet , an alternative to despair.
    I'm thoroughly disappointed with the way Malaysia is governed,
    disappointed with how any and every attempt for genuine change is being blocked, sometimes violently, by reactionary forces,
    demoralised in the face of so many who supposedly support reform, but continue to give every excuse why the current regime should be retained,
    give excuses after another why they should not support those who offer a change in government.

  9. Latest sexy girls are the GIRLS' GENERATION singing group.
    Ktee must keep up with the time.
    And for actresses, he needs to see "Dragon Gate" starring Jet Li.
    So many new sexy girls.
    That's why his post is boring, so behind time.

  10. NTR's next move shall be to invite PAS again to the folds of BN through a political manouver in PAS and buy up some PKR MPs. Next, will come the PRU 13.

  11. NTR's next move shall be to invite PAS again to the folds of BN through a political manouver in PAS and buy up some PKR MPs. Next, will come the PRU 13.

  12. NTR's next move shall be to invite PAS again to the folds of BN through a political manouver in PAS and buy up some PKR MPs. Next, will come the PRU 13.

  13. Corruption , nepotism , idiocy , incompetence , bigots , racist , non transparent , plundering - every characteristics which can be found in this current bunch of mafia calling themselves the government . Now they r using a bunch of poor , delicate and endangered animals as their political tool . A country with poor maintenance record as well as lack of empathy towards animal welfare is going to be trusted with the well being of these animals . That is why a change of regime is needed . Opposition is not perfect that they have shown better governance in Penang , kelantan and selangor than BN ever did . And whatever anwar may have done in the past , what this current bunch is doing is worst . But most importantly , a change in govt will show both BN and Pakatan , that people are watching and will not be afraid of dumping them in the next election if they don't behave . BN has become so corrupt as the people have been giving them a free ticket to power for 54 yrs. no party should be allowed to be in charge for too long unless they really are doing a good job .

  14. Make sure the panda does not die while it's under our watch. Otherwise there will be a Sino-Malaysia war.
    And no prize for guessing which side Malaysian Chinese are on. Including KT, hahaha.
    I am taking part in the Panda naming contest. And I wonder what is the prize the winner will get.
    Didn't Najib had a contest to name his cats? Forgot who won and what prize was given.

  15. Buttercup is a reprehensible sewer racist, but Ktemoc seems to be partial towards him, while other far more responsible comments get deleted.

    Like this one probably will, but this comment is still up, I'm exposing here this blog owner's prejudice.

    It boils down to that any Anti-Anwar idiot, even those with revolting comments are welcome.

  16. Anon 11:03 PM 17 June said:
    Latest sexy girls are the GIRLS' GENERATION singing group.
    Ktee must keep up with the time.
    And for actresses, he needs to see "Dragon Gate" starring Jet Li.
    So many new sexy girls.

    Is this Jet Li one of the new sexy girls? Never heard of her.

  17. All you have heard seen in this blog are old sexy girls.
    Ktemoc dare not insult our Michelle Yeoh.
    He knows if he do that,regardless being faceless or nameless, he will be hunted.
    Never heard or seen the movie
    "Dragon Gate" is one's problem.

  18. Jeyan, you have said it brilliantly!

    Any govt that remains in power for too long invariably becomes extremely arrogant and tyrannical. Therefore, being ushered out to pasture is good for them and will help to improve their character. It is definitely very good for the rakyat.

    Mother Nature has always planned for things to move in cycles - like the seasons of spring/summer, autumn/winter; and for living things the ever-repeating cycle of birth, growth, decay and death.

    That's why we witness the eventual ouster of the Congress Party of India after its being in power continuously without a break for 30 years. Same thing happened with the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan which ruled uninterruptedly for 54 years but it too got kicked out and replaced with another party.

    Mother Nature's way is always best. Without death and an ending there will be no renewal.

  19. NTR's next move shall be to invite PAS again to the folds of BN through a political manouver in PAS and buy up some PKR MPs. Next come will come the PRU 13.

  20. When the public was asked to name Ah Jib Koh's pet cat, many offered the name 'Tuya' and some went for 'Altan'....but alas, these names bite the dust, heheheh.

    Now let's try our luck with naming the pandas, shall we ? A pair of names for this twin-set :

    1. Ketuanan & 1Malaysia
    2. Hung Tu Ah & Hung Zi Huat
    3. Si Sepet & Si Botol
    4. C-No-Evil & Ear-No-Evil
    5. Ping Pong & Pong Ping
    6. Interlock & Intercause
    7. Tam & Teh ( as in Hitam & Putih)
    8. HidupCina & MatiCina

    You guys definately will do better than these names which just happened to roll off the top of the head...let's get the ball rolling shall we, show our patriotism ;-)

  21. bad day at Hatyaai? Again? wakakaka

  22. Father's Day is a good good day.
    Why be bachelor?
    Buttercup got wife no children.
    Both Balls have no power.
    Hatyaai is better than King Cross
    keow teow soup better than toast and bread.
    Two frustrated idiots jealous of the blessed ONE.
    Insults done in the past never forgotten.

  23. I support Kayveas...good guy...

  24. If there is anyone worse than someone commenting under various nicks (pretending it's by various people who support his position) it's a shameless person commenting under one nick then assuming another nick to praise or support his earlier comment wakakaka - shameless pariah

  25. muahahaha kaytee, rats smell hor :D

  26. I thought the dude isn't around any more or gone into senility?

  27. I agree with KT. Be forthright. Be brave enough to use your handle Monsterball.
    Don't use my nicks or others to post comments pitting us against one another.
    That Anwar tactic is so old lah Ball.
    We know you missed this blog. You are so sore that in other blogs you were being lambasted left and right.

  28. Malaysia is a snake-infested country. Even the centre of cities have their serpentine residents.

    No wonder so many of our politicians on boths sides have such reptilian characteristics as well.

  29. Who actually is this senile dude who has gained notoriety by posting nonesensibilities and vulgarities? Is he/she an escaped asylum patient?

  30. Where is Monsterball?
    His Balls shrunk?
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    I will visit him and shut his mouth.

  31. Don't worry KT.
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    Let him come.
    We are waiting.

  32. Man ! you chinese really think highly about yourself ,sinocentrism aka nazi ,hilter would be proud of the chinese for being the bigest bigot in this planet.

  33. Probably Ktemoc Uncle tak beritau dia how the Chinese loan was given to the poor malay farmers or fishermen. In the end, the Malay had to pay more not enough to cover the initial loan.Modus operandinya macam ni lah.
    You bagi loan spt baja dan towkay cina janji akan ambil balik hasil tanaman pada harga sekian2 untuk bayar loan baja tersebut. Tapi tiba masa menuai, towkay cina tersebut akan datang dan beritahu harga pasaran dah jatuh teruk dan dia terpaksa ambil pada harga yang jauh lebih murah."Price Fixing".
    Akibatnya, the poor malay farmer could not even cover the initial loan and no money for his family.

  34. MOTHERFUCKER Ktemoc!!
    Clean shit here in the morning, you do hear?