Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Corruption below the wind

Scene 1 (reconstructed): Land below the wind, February 1994

Joseph Pairin Kitingan, leader of PBS, was elated. His party won the Sabah state election by 25 seats to 23, a majority of 2. He drove to the Yang DiPertua Negeri’s (YDP) official residence to report to YB that he has the confidence of the majority of the Dewan Undang2 Negeri (DUN).

He was a bit miffed when he found the gate of the YDP’s residence locked. I bet the guards there, when queried, were less responsive than Emperor Qin Shi Huang's terracotta warriors.

Not too long after, he found that, thanks to the Director of BN election campaign (by BN tradition, the Deputy President of UMNO and BN), he was no longer the CM-designate but instead the opposition leader, with his PBS holding on to only 23 seats.

Thanks to Anwar Ibrahim, then Deputy President of UMNO/BN and PM of Malaysia, a new political term was born, ‘frogs’.

Scene IIa & b: Taiwan and KL, September 2008

916! Failed attempt but nonetheless an attempt at déjà vu-ing Sabah's February 1994. Even a disgraceful trip to Taiwan was conducted.

Need I say anymore?

Scene III: Perak (Ipoh), January 2009

The Great One acclaimed the defection of Nasarudin Hashim (ADUN for Bota, Perak) from UMNO to PKR as a change of allegiance which:
... reflected the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave."
New wave my foot, but sweet justice prevailed where Anwar was to be very shortly punished by that very 'new wave', which swung the other way. In a way, it was fitting retribution for his frogological sins of 1994 in Sabah. Unfortunately in Perak in 2009, he dragged DAP and PAS down with him.

The fact was UMNO had deeper pockets, pockets which he had enjoyed when he was in UMNO, but which was used against him and Pakatan in Perak in 2009. 

Scene IV: The past week

I was infuriated when I read The Malaysian Insider's (TMI) headlines Despite defection letdown, PKR focuses on change in Sabah.

Despite defection letdown? Letdown?

WTF? How could failed political defections be considered as a let-down for a political party which dares to declare its reformasi credentials? PKR should have rejected that description by TMI.

If we have any sense of democratic values, we should instead be exclaiming Alhamdulillah, Hallelujah, Kamsiah Thnee Kong, Shiva Bhagawan Ki Jai, Namo Kuan-say-im Por-saat and for atheists like me, Bloody Marvellous News!

Let-down or no let-down, failed or successful attempts, we have been once again assaulted by news and revelations of that most undemocratic practice and worse, acceptance by many, of political leaders seeking defections, again and again and again ...

I know I'm not the only one pissed off with this sleazy sickening sinister underhanded politics, and I dearly love to paraphrase what King Henry II said in 1170: "Will no one rid us of these troublesome politicians?"


Doesn't association with the word say all about the much touted but blasphemed reformasi of Anwar Ibrahim?

Doesn't association with the word say all about the much touted but beguiling changes in Anwar Ibrahim (from his UMNO self)?


It infuriates me not so much because the leopard has shown time and time again, within and outside UMNO, that he cannot change his UMNO spots. It infuriates me because there are people (I'm not talking about anwaristas because they ARE the converted) who still believe this person is our only political hope. Well ........

As Brother Haris Ibrahim said, we should not so much ABU as ABC (Anything But Corrupt) - see his post I said speak up, not talk c@#k!  over at The People's Parliament where he wrote (in reference to corruption allegations against Azmin Ali and his inability to answer to those accusations, and Anwar Ibrahim's silence):
I cannot speak for the rest of you, but I do not think that we are a nation devoid of men and woman of unquestionable integrity such that even as we work to rid ourselves of this most foul and corrupt regime that now sits in Putrajaya, we must resort to replacements who cannot assure us that they are better. 
I deserve that much. 
You do, too. 
Let’s not short change ourselves.


Incidentally, do you know Tian Chua wakakaka? Of course most of us do. Tian Chua was previously known as a wannabe martyr, putting himself in situations where he was jailed, both in Australia and Malaysia. No doubt as a young idealist, he joined Suaram and various international human rights and political movements.

I had then deemed him as somewhat an eccentric wannabe martyr but basically a nice guy, though some years ago one of my girlfriends told me she disliked him for unnecessary physical confrontations with the Police (hence the title ‘wannabe martyr’), though to be fair to him, in those earlier days (prior to his PKR membership) he hadn’t gotten around to biting policeman yet wakakaka.

Now, see what TMI has written about him in Despite defection letdown, PKR focuses on change in Sabah:
When contacted late last night PKR vice-president Chua Tian Chang who is said to be the pointman for the defections
WTF, “…who is said to be the pointman for the defections ….”

What has happened to that nice though eccentric wannabe martyr, a Suaram warrior who has now been described by TMI as being involved in political defections, a sinister sickening subversion of the supremacy of the ballot box?

How are the mighty fallen ........! – 2 Samuel 1:27 (KJV)

Tian Chua is Hakka, but if he understands Penang Hokkien (or get someone to translate for him if he doesn’t) this is what I would describe of his transformation from his former self to his current PKR personality, ‘Ch’arm mm tio larng’.

If you understand what I have just written in Penang Hokkien then you will know why I've brought in Tian Chua’s case in this post, but if you don’t, then my translation of that Penang dialectal phrase for you is ‘Mixing with the wrong company’, and you know who I meant by the ‘wrong company’.

And when one is with the wrong company, and/or supporting same (obdurately and deliberately disregarding clear & present evidence) then one is likely to have suffered from or would eventually suffer (and accept) the contagious corrupt compromise and subversion of democratic practice, process and principles.


  1. There is a good reason why UMNO is so desperately focused on trying to destroy Anwar Ibrahim. He is still they lynchpin of the Opposition coalition.
    This is not to say that other Opposition leaders also make very important contributions. But Anwar is still the key focus point.

    If Anwar could be destroyed or at least neutralised, two major electoral issues could be greatly simplified.
    a. The willingness of Malay urban voters to trust DAP in a contest vs. Barisan would be seriously affected
    b. The willingness of rural Chinese to support PAS in a contest vs. BN/UMNO would be diminished.

    UMNO has thrown everything it has against Anwar Ibrahim, including the kitchen sink.

    It didn't and it still doesn't work.

    Ktemoc's latest effort is just piddling.

    Su Tu.

  2. Frogs born because of Anwar?
    Not one word crooks created by Mahathir and Najib.
    Ktemoc keep talking cock and bull.

  3. Najib is using billions to buy votes and this idiot is talking cock again.

  4. Poor Tian Chua not spared for his pleasure.
    His insults to others have no class.
    This is a BN man.
    Now I understand why few want to throw shit to this blog.

  5. Katemoc sees any n all of Anwar's faults (including imagined ones)

  6. Frankly, I'm far more concerned about the latest developments in the Scorpene mega corruption scandal. The Malaysian government is determined to suppress any query
    Or debate on the possible sale of national secrets to the French company which was at the time bidding for the award.
    Something stinks to hell here, but is being ignored, including by this blog's owner.

  7. If Helen of Troy is said to have caused the launching of a thousand ships, well, this fellow seems to be the inspiration for KTemoc to lauch a thousand posts. ;) He must be an invaluable muse to you, KT!

    If you're worried that he would occupy the throne in Putrid Jaya (which he so achingly yearns for as everyone can see) and thus get to perpetuate UMNO's type of scoundrelly traditions, you can rest easy. A reading of the tea leaves and animal entrails represented by various pundits suggests that he has very little to no chance at all of realising his dream in the coming GE.

    Considering his age, the window of opportunity is fast closing for him, and if he can't make it this time you can very well say that the window will be slamming shut. Too bad for him, but that looks like to be his takdir. Well, religious folks tend to tell each other in hushed tones not to do bad things as one day bad things will surely befall the doer.

  8. Good job you gave a translation of that "Ch'arm" thing, I had read it as "Ch'arm" as in seductive quality. Then I read it in Malacca Hakka-Baba as in "hamm kah..." A number for each tone as in chemistry would help - with that "larng", I understood that as something usually paired up with "pah", meaning "manhood"!

    I am not here to split hairs but when down in Singapore, their natives pay no attention to the suicide missions of the martyr-wannabe "Tian Chua" ("heavenly snake") , simply brush him off with "Oh! But he's only a Hakka!" and a "Malaysian Chee Joon Suan" as in "waiting for his army"

    I won't write Old Tian Chang off just yet, I think he should think about biting the supporters of Herr "Anwar" Himmler, do a coup and topple mein Herr. Only then can he come to the same level as LGE who can match Chua's broken Hakka with his pidgin Penang Hokkien.

    Lord Jim (as came to civilise and lead the "natives")

  9. It's clear Ktemoc is a BN supporter.
    Do not let him fool you how much he respect LKS and DAP.
    Not once he quote anything from Malaysiakini, the famous Malaysia Internet blog.
    This blog is set to promote supporting BN with his agree to disagree tactics to fool Malaysians and out come this post to expose what he is.
    News like Najib's future son-in-law is a con man does not interest him.
    News like Najib spending billions to make Malaysians happy and buy votes do not interest him.
    His malicious character keep insulting PR politicians describing all as frogs and toads.
    Ktemoc hides his face and name like a coward, from far far away land to talk cock and bull of Malaysians affairs.
    He is not a man at all.
    Men do not carry tales like him; unless he is a BN man.
    Now you know why few keep pouring shit into his blog.

  10. Lord Jim, 'larng' canot be mistaken for the 'lam' in lam-p'ah. In the former the word ends with a hard 'g', while your word wakakaka ends with a swallowed (wakakaka again) 'm'.

    To the rest (including the Hadyaai prowler wakakaka), as I said before, there is no necessity for me to post much about BN for the reason we Pakatan supporters (me only DAP wakakaka) will be rejecting them (or most of them wakakaka again). It's the wolves in sheep clothing within Pakatan who must be exposed, so that we don't exchange one shit for another equally or even more shittier shit. Like Haris Ibrahim I don't buy the argument we have to vote in AI and AA regardless - both smell just as bad as the shit we aspire to chuck out. Hence my post is about ensuring we don't get, or at least don't be gullibly led by the nose by, a former UMNO man who sat in luxury in that party for 16 years and did nothing for us (au contraire), while still perpetuating his old tricks outside UMNO.

  11. Ktemoc supports only DAP, not other Pakatan parties.
    Since there are exactly Zero cases of DAP contesting head-to-head with UMNO, Ktemoc is basically saying support UMNO vs. PKR or PAS.

    Bagus Bagus...

  12. Ktemoc, you are rambling on and on about nonsense.

    there is one way to overcome this. Pass a law that bans 'party hopping'!

    Against the constuition?

    Pass a constituitional amendment then.

    Whos the govt of the day today thats against the above?

    DSAI izit ?

    u dumbo!


  13. Well,
    Seriously, let make it clear that our comments (yours, mine & even ktemoc) does not mean anything. In another words, you don't get any rewards even if you felt that you may win the debate.
    I am really tickled by ktemoc of exposing the wolves behind sheeps' clothing. Ktemoc has been heavily bombarded with Anwar's great betrayal in 1994 sabah hostile takeover.

    Think over! Is that the only hostile takeover being committed in Sabah? Ktemoc has the habit of omiting many many important points to suit the agenda.

    Kaytee sook,
    It was not the first time Pairin waited outside the governor's house. Have you forgotten about 1985 episode meh? Pairin knew he won the state government by 11pm. Of course, you may as well blame Anwar Ibrahim having a hand on the then "nearly successful" hostile takeover.
    Well, I felt that the episode that anwar ibrahim has fingered your sister's cat hurt you badly....Hahahaha

    Since we are at the business of exposing anything & everything, let us ask these questions

    1) In 1985, why prompted mustapha to team up with harris salleh in taking over sabah state government with only 22 seats as compared with 26 seats by PBS-Pasok?

    2) Did Pairin commit illegal constitutional act by "forcing" Adnan Robert to sack Mustapha? Especially Mustapha was sworn in as chief minister of Sabah at 4am. Guess how long Pairin got to wait at the gate till he got reelected

    3) When Mustapha has instituted court case against Pairin, what did Pairin do to circumvent this? Amending the state constitution by specifying clearly the power of Governor in appointing chief minister? Ah so, ktemoc, Pairin & PBS underlings including Jeffrey are saints.....Hahahaha

    4) On 28th October 1985, what did Pairin instructed his underlings to do when Adnan came to state legislative assembly?

    Many many more issues to undercover......Hahahaha.......Lets play ball over this man.....

  14. Just to enlighten ktemoc

    Nah! the link!


    You can only fool us once but not all the time. Not all those you endorsed especially the sabahan politicians including the revered Pairin are saints
    In the case of 1994, Pairin was clearly outmanoevered. Too bad! It's Pairin who backstabbed Mahathir in 1990 & It's actually Mahathir returning the favour

  15. If Anwar Ibrahim breaks the law, you can be 100% sure the police will have their handcuffs on him before he even stops talking.

    Either he broke the law, in which case he should be arrested and charged.

    Or shut the F* up.

    There are far more serious Real Crimes being committed, especially by people in the Ruling regime, and getting away with impunity.

  16. BN Cybertrooper...

  17. Haris Ibrahim's commitment to opposing UMNO and BN has been questioned after his dalliance with the MCLM movement, which ultimately turned out to be BN-parrot under the cover.

    Fortunately it got exposed before any real damage was done, and he was smart enough to quit after the exposure.
    Those who dabbled in it now find themselves considered damaged goods.

  18. wakakaka, have eyes but don't read - didn't I write that expelling most of the BN is already a given so, for a start, which party/coalition does Pairin Kitingan belong to today? Are Mustapha (UPKO, BN) and Harris Salleh (BN) still in the game?

    And lamentably, sunwayopal and to a lesser extent, looes74, seem to lack the civility to debate without resorting to abusive language - how to have a 1st World 2-party democracy? Typical anwaristas wakakaka

  19. aiyoh, me an Anwarista ?

    Hardly, I just want to see the end of Barisan Najis regime end with Najis Razak once and for all.

    But for the above to happen, for better or for worse, DSAi and AA lies on the path leading to Barisan Najis' destruction.

    And I am not willing to even cede 2 seats to Barisan Najis.

    So my vote goes to these 2 fellas becoz I know when it comes to parliament time, they surely will vote AGAINST Barisan Najis.

    I pity u

    u will even go to the extent of supporting UMNO dogs in Permatang Pauh and Gombak such is your blind hatred.

    Tsk Tsk.

    Now when Pakatan comes to power, if ANYBODY else other than DSAI comes to power, i have ZERO issues!

    But first and foremost, Pakatan must comes to power! And if DSAI must b PM for that to happen , I am fine also. If he doent get to b PM, if he is just Welfare Minister, I am fine also.

    That is the difference between u and ktemoc the loser.

    ktemoc is willing even to sleep with Barisan Najis just so long as DSAI doesnt get to b PM.

    I am willing for ANYBODY in Pakatan to b PM whether DSAI or anybody else. I am fine.

    see the difference before u start labelling people as anwaristas.

    what a loser.


  20. Anon 9.14am

    Glad that you are the only one who realized that KT is a DAP hard-core supporter. A voter too.
    The others did not get it. A crying shame for them who think KT is a BN man or cyber-trooper like you guys are fond of saying it.
    I have been saying all along that KT is only a DAP card-carrying member. That is why I like him. We are mutual admirers club of Anwar haters.
    Looes74 is a rabid Anwarista in Looney's blog just like pathetic old man MonsterBall and family.
    Loess is much missed in Din Merican's blog. They need the numbers of Mahathir haters there.
    And who is Pairin Kitingan, Jeffry Kitingan, Lajem Ukim and Bumburing?
    All are possible frogs. Infact Sabahan politicans are congenital party frogs.
    In, out, in out. Hope they know how to find the way home.
    And do you noticed that frogs are mostly in opposition who want to be in BN. Not the other way round.
    That is why Anwar is still hoping for this people to join his party.
    Recently he embarrased himself (as usual) by anticipating the defection of Bumburing and Lajem.
    But it did not materialised. Typical fate of that loser. Hahaha.

  21. only anwaristas would accuse people like me of 'hating' anwar wakakaka - to them if you don't love anwar, then you must hate him. I was told exactly that (of me hating beloved anwar) by Nat Tan (Zaid Ibrahim's effete snob wakakaka) some 6 years ago wakakaka

  22. Buttercup, I'm certainly a supporter of DAP, based on its C.A.T and thus far, generally (though not completely perfect) good performances, but I'm NOT a card carrying or hard core member.

    As for Anon of 9:14 AM, June 13, 2012, because I stated I support only DAP, he's as silly as those anwaristas in stating "Since there are exactly Zero cases of DAP contesting head-to-head with UMNO, Ktemoc is basically saying support UMNO vs. PKR or PAS".

    Did I say that?

    Did I recommend that unless one votes for DAP, one should vote for UMNO?

    Either our education has f* up the reading & comprehension ability of Malaysians wakakaka, or our standard of political participation is so poor.

  23. Ktemoc Nat Tan (Zaid Ibrahim's effete snob

    Nat Tan is a finer man than you will ever be, Ktemoc.

  24. The twisters are teaming up.
    So many current news to expose Najib and support Anwar, not done.
    Tian Chua is Anwar's important man, down he goes.
    Endless twisting and fooling all.
    That's the name of the game.
    Can't beat them, join them and starts all over again.
    How brave, how righteous can a ghost blog owner be?
    All are idiots, don't know how much Ktee love Anwar.
    Shit man ask all to trust him.

  25. Kaytee,
    Wow! what simplistic reasoning. Don't agree with you on issues including Anwar Ibrahim would be branded as Anwarista! Clap! Clap! Bravo! Bravo!
    Again, our comments including yours does not really matter. So what if you feel that you have won the argument, it's what people thinks matter
    Just as cooking, once you put in too much fire onto that fish, it would be overcooked. Once that happen, that's it. It's damaged. I believe you ain't that stupid! Of course, you may surprise me!
    There are many smart people who have gone stupid due to overindulgence. Heard of Razaliegh blew it with kadazan headgear. Uncle Lim's robocop that nearly sunk DAP in Penang.

    I am still tickled to ask you : Why you so like that? Did Anwar Ibrahim fingered your sister's cat in Cheruk Tok Kun? Aiyoo....

    Harris Salleh not in the game? Why STAR folks Aftering Harris head? Jeffrey Kitigan of STAR signed pact with who? USNO-Baru led by.....
    Show you the link already.....Still wanna pretend to be clueless what actually happen in Sabah.

    Are you really that naive & guillible? Gosh! my words been very kind to you. You keep repeating the crime Anwar did in 1994 when the mastermind is none other than Mahathir. If you read my link properly, you would realise that most sabah politicians ain't innocent. Some have friends in high places including UMNO top echolen. Pairin is very unlucky to bet on the wrong horse

    What if Musa/Razaleigh won, you think Pairin & his gang would be in such sorry state

    Lets plug in the holes created by Kaytee. Blind guides leading the blind.....Both falls into the pits

    Between, my area is a DAP area. No issue supporting Pakatan. I heard that Gerakan has made moves in recapturing Penang. Don't be surprised if LIM GUAN ENG LOSES BIG IN GE13

  26. Anon,
    I have seen better! Been into Dr Raffick's blog or anil netto's blog. They whack Azmin Ali, Anwar Ibrahim & kaytee's beloved Lim Guan Eng kaw kaw. Yet, these folks never exhibit the kinda hysteria kaytee is exhibiting
    I am wondering what the heck kay tee is. He's definitely not a leader just as Raffick who led the NGO called VICTIMS & Kaytee not environmentalist like anil netto

    Aaah folks,
    Kaytee supported Nuclear Energy in Malaysia.....Aiyaaa.....See, I have not even touched the parts that he purposedly left out just to suit his agenda. Anyway, he's yet to explain what's him with anwar. Raffick has done his peace.....He's one heck of a fella who caled a spade spade.....A good man

  27. Anyone who is serious about dethroning BN/UMNO and understands the reality on the ground in Malaysia knows that Anwar is largely indispensable to the effort..

    Whack him when he strays, by all means, but the full throttle anti-Anwar campaign which Ktemoc runs on his blog definitely places a suspicion about his true intentions.

    Anyway, the only "ground" Ktemoc really knows is possibly just a few suburbs in Sydney, Australia.

  28. It seems that bad things happening in Penang. Perhaps, ktemoc should focus on that......Else, be sure Gerakan would be back ruling Penang again


  29. Things are more troubling for DAP in Penang than most people realise, and a lot of it are self-inflicted wounds from the DAP.
    That's the reality on the ground.
    Still, Pakatan Rakyat will almost certainly retain Penang state, but the winning margin may be surprisingly small. I emphasise "Pakatan Rakyat" because it will take a multi-racial, multi-party approach for success.

    DAP-gungho-go it alone attitudes will bring a lot of grief. The type DAP supporters... wakakakaka...who are as rabidly anti-PKR as they are against UMNO are typical examples of this type.

  30. Personally, I do have my Red Lines on elected representatives switching sides - here's mine.
    If it gets t o the point that BN is at the losing end after GE13, Sarawak Pek Moh will likely offer Anwar his party's support, to save himself from heavy prosecution. That I absolutely cannot accept. That fella is right at the top of the list of people Pakatn Rakyat must bring to justice and on no account should there be any side deals to save their skin.

  31. Monster, rather pr as a whole is not too perfect organisation. I have to agree with kaytee actually pkr has the most problems. But to pin the entire problem on few fellas are simply too far fetched

  32. Wah...bukan main lagi...all these Anwar ( and sometime AA) fanboys/girls got their panties into a huge twist everytime their god was shown evidence of having feet of clay. Or rather, having shown their god whose feet were stuck in deep stinking sh*t right up to the thighs.

    Please lah, all you anwaristas......this is getting kind of boring. Same old, same old accusations of 'BN/UMNO supporter', 'A sexual abuser of cats and others' wives and daughter', 'A nobody, not even recognised by journalists' ( hehe..big deal to be recognised by journals ! ) 'A cracko', and many more name-calling using foul, abusive words. All just because one is not willing to blindly postrate before their chosen god.

    Why not offer rational counter arguments instead of just abusive name calling? Or perhaps they could not gather up even a shadow of decent defense for the indefensible ?

  33. He jumps from one job to another like a frog, is OK.
    Politicians jumping around like frogs, cannot.

  34. shameless. using a nick (Freedom Fighter, etc wakakaka) to praise his own self, or enunciating his "contributions" to Bersih or his "good behaviour" at Lim KS's blog wakakaka - malu lah, bay kian siow, pordah wakakaka, but will still come here despite the non welcome to leave salacious puerile obscene Hadyaai-ish comments

  35. Have no fear, KT. You are doing good in your blog.
    That impotent old man actually loves your postings. He cannot think and rationalise like you.
    He keeps coming here again and again to have some knowledge. But bodoh sombong to admit that.
    Commenting here in many forms to create the impression that you are hated.
    We can see from the writing style that it's that same old hag pounding the keys with purile nonsense.
    Using my nick to pitch me against you and everyone here. He cannot get away from this Anwar-type street fighting.

  36. There are deep, deep problems with the way Malaysia is being governed.
    The way I see it, you are either part of the problem, or part of the solution.
    Given the way NO BN MP or Representative has spoken up to support Bersih 3.0's demands for Free and Fair elections, I have to consider all BN MPs are part of the problem of governance in Malaysia. That's just basic fact.

    I will support Pakatan Rakyat regardless.
    When we have a full blown two-party system, which can only come to fruition when Both sides have had at least one term on the Opposition benches, then I will demand equal accountability from Both sides.

  37. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2012/06/14/rm13-7b-supplementary-bill-tabled/

    BN Government comes back to request additional RM 13.7 Billion Ringgit.

    Anwar Ibrahim was correct when he said after the Budget presentation last year that the Deficit projections by the government were unrealistic.

    Najib pulled a fast one on the nation. In a properly functioning democracy, the Finance Minister would be facing censure for a dishonest budget.

  38. childish or senile old man, probably the latter wakakaka, back frustrated after ANOTHER unsuccessful Hadyaai attempt wakakaka to kacau but one mere click ... and he's gone, down the drain where he belongs wakakaka

  39. pity the frustrated old monster rearing its ugly head here after been kicked out!!! hehehe! so useless and valueless cheapskate!

  40. tian chua were from melaka, most of those from melaka know lim emperor well, that is y tc rather mix with a bunch of bad democracy practitioner than a emperor, u know la, emperor have no bounds when come to dictatorship and power, already kene vote down in melaka but thick face enough to kiss the ass of penangites, what a no shame bastard emperor.

    btw kt, i rarely see one that write so many words but said so little, is that ur trademark?

  41. Penangites are no fools.
    Label Lim Guan Eng as you like.
    It's the election results that counts.
    He is no bastard emperor, but you are entitled to your opinion.
    Why bring tian chua into the picture?
    Penang will stay with PR.

  42. who said penangites are fool?
    fos right?
    mahathir n bn always say election result count, u sound bn dun u?
    of course i am entitle to my opinion
    u dun read the article b4 posting ur comment?
    i can agree with this, pr, not dap.

  43. Many ex Dap members loathed the leadership of that party right to the bone.....and accusations of dictatorship/'emperor' abound.

    But compared to the irredeemiable UMNO/BN or even the sleasy PKR leadership and the fatwas-trigger-happy PAS, malaysians would anytime go for thlis type of 'emperorship' who is realistic enough to insist that the PMship should be a Malay....not to mention their efforts so far to walk their talk about transparency and accountability.

    I have met many, many ex DAPs who have huge axes to grind with their former party, with not a few who are as rotten as the UMNO/BN bunch....indulging in bribery, corruption, exhortion, slandering, cheating, double-dealling, all with impunity. DAP did well to get rid of these opportunistic lying leeches.

  44. DAP is Corrupt...6:19 pm, June 15, 2012

    "as rotten as the UMNO/BN bunch....indulging in bribery, corruption, exhortion, slandering, cheating, double-dealling, all with impunity"
    The Big Question is - how many of these Wolves-in-sheep's clothing are still in the DAP Leadership ?

    If we vote Pakatan Rakyat into power at the Federal Govt level, how many of these will end up in top Government positions ?

    I don't buy the "DAP is Lily White" assumption made in this blog, and much as I loath MCA and Gerakan, I'm not prepared to exchange them for another corrupt party.

  45. Hua Yong is a BN guy.
    Go read all his comments at Dr.Hsu's blog.
    This kind love to discuss everything under the sun, except corruptions and current issue.
    Ignore him.
    He is a pure racist.

  46. LOL...there are many BN Wolves in Sheep's clothing in the internet, pretending to be "Non-Partisan" or "Against misdeeds on either side"

    If you examine carefully what they focus on, they are really BN-cyber-troopers.

    Hua Yong is one obvious one,
    Ktemoc - I have my suspicions, but I reserve judgement.

  47. cybertroopers I can tolerate, and indeed welcome their comments, if intelligently argued. But I shudder at the non-relevant filthy obscene vulgarities of the Hideous Hatyaai (wannnabe) Humper wakakaka

  48. "I don't buy the "DAP is Lily White" assumption made in this blog, and much as I loath MCA and Gerakan, I'm not prepared to exchange them for another corrupt party."

    Alamak....how to compare MCA,Gerakan with DAP lah ??? Just cannot compute !

    Heard of anyone lately, or even for the last 50 years, ever dare declare that DAP is filled to the brim with dirty scounddrels and rotten to the core ? So how to compare this party to the other 2, especially MCA ? You are talking about different species of animals lah.