Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chinese King Makers?

As GE-13 approaches, guess which UMNO person is the most worried man on earth, or at least has shown stress through all too frequent public statements?

No, it's not Najib, nor Zahid Hamidi, nor KJ, nor Muhyiddin, nor Hishamuddin, where perhaps the last two are far too thick to know their fate, thus may not worry at all wakakaka, though I heard Hisham has been advised to move from his current federal constituency of Sembrong where 40% of the voters are Chinese.

Politically accident-prone, the Home Minister has a natural talent in offending the Chinese and Indians, so even thick-skull him would have realized by now that the Chinese and Indians won't be too fond of him. And he has correctly assessed, no, more probably advised (as he is far too stupid to think for himself), that he'll be stuffed in Sembrong in the next general election - for more, read The Malaysian Insider’s (TMI)'s In Johor, Chinese set to snub BN in polls.

The most worried UMNO person is Dr Mahathir who has in the last few days become more and more strident, making TMI headlines in a fashion not unlike the repetitive shouting of a Star newspaper boy selling early morning editions in market places or road junctions (like kaytee did aeons ago in good olde Penang, wakakaka).

The following have been credited to him:

(1) Dr M: GE13 will be about race

And we should ask him why after 52 years of Independence, our every day lives, thoughts and especially politics have been about race, bearing in mind he was PM during a hefty half of those 52 years. We should also ask him what have been his contributions towards such a race-conscious Malaysian society.

(2) Chinese voters are kingmakers for GE13, says Dr M

As I posted in Ah Jib Gor and the Casuarina Tree 3 weeks ago, Chinese Malaysians have found themselves in an undesired political situation where they could possibly play the role of ‘king makers’ in the next general election.

'Undesired political position', that's right!

Most Chinese Malaysians (with exceptions of some younger ones) prefer to stay out of the spotlight, not so much to carma (cari makan – they leave that to MCA and Gerakan politicians wakakaka) but to seek an independent and unimpeded living with the minimum of government interference.

The Chinese would probably appeal:

“Leave us alone to conduct our business and seek high quality education for our children – just do not impose more and more barriers, impediments and unjust quotas to restrict our business practice and educational pursuit.”
But alas, every political party, especially PAS, UMNO and PKR are hopefully investing in the Chinese political blue chips because their voting power (despite the gerrymandering and their only 30-ish% presence in most mixed constituencies) will be quite significant and perhaps even crucial in 60 to 70 federal constituencies, making them into The Reluctant Ones, who will be deeply hated by the losing side wakakaka.

Probably the only party which doesn't give two sh*ts about Chinese support is HRP because they know they won't get it, wakakaka. These HRP guys dream of whacking Dr Jeya in Sungai Siput and Dr Rama in Batu Kawan, reminding me of the Indian story of the 3 baskets of crabs wakakaka. 

But poor Dr Mahathir is not only worried about the coming voting landscape but deeply resents it. If there is one thing that deeply offends and annoys Dr Mahathir, it's the thought of Chinese being in a superior position to Malays in any field or in a situation where they (the Chinese) can affect the political outcome for Malays, particularly UMNO.

After years of observation of him, his statements, actions, etc, I suspect he just can't stand the very picture of, say, more Chinese millionaires than Malay ones, more Chinese doctors, engineers, dentists, graduates, you-name-it than Malay equivalents, so on so forth.

I'm not so sure whether one could call him a racist, when we consider his feelings (if we step into his shoes) have been that Malays, being the majority in their own country called Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, should rightfully (in terms of numbers and heritage) be the majority in each and every Malaysian sectors of ownership or profession.

Thus if there are 3 Chinese millionaires (and he is not against them per se), then there must be 6 to 7 Malay millionaires, and with that attitude or belief carried as a grievance on his shoulders like two humongous chips, he had thus set his policies when he was PM. I believe he is still very emotionally governed by this belief.

Mind, he is not so concerned about the ethnic percentages in the civil service, police, armed forces and several hallowed departments.

Yet, king makers or not, Dr Mahathir had on a number of occasions admitted it was Chinese support which got him over the line in 1999, though he has now somehow twisted this admittance by asserting that the 1999 support, where Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh lost their seats, was because the Chinese, in not voting for their own people (like Karpal Singh, yes, Bhai's real name is Kar Pah Sing) had believed they would benefit in doing so, that was, abandoning their own people like dear old Bhai.

Bloody avaricious Chinese, unlike those who didn't vote UMNO in 1999 and 2008, wakakaka.

Mind you, all this while I had thought the 1999 Chinese abandonment of DAP was due to bloody stupid arrogant PAS who frightened the shit out of them, and which in turn resulted in DAP copping it sweet because of the latter's association with the blood-red Moon through the stupid Barisan Alternatif of 1999.

(3) Dr M: Privilege for non-Malays to keep race image

Today he decided to ratchet up the insult against the Chinese (and Indians) real kau kau, in his by-now standard statements of sheer denial where he put the blame for his faults on the Chinese and Indians, such as Chinese and Indians still talking about themselves, their rights and their privileges, and not just about Bumiputeras.

Then he preposterously claimed that the UMNO government has found that Malaysians are still segregated and that they tried to do something about it but there are objections, presumably from Chinese and Indians.

I'm just amazed by Dr Mahathir's 'creative' memories, his version of history (especially about the period of his 25 years as PM), and his twisted logic.

Chinese and Indians are still talking about their rights and privileges is because they have very few and certainly very much less than even some recent 'new' Malaysians who obtained citizenship just after a couple of weeks residency here.

And then, did it help when DPM Muhyiddin talked about him being a Malay first and a Malaysian only second, a publicly affirmation supported by UMNO's mouthpieces including leading journalists-editors like Kadir Jasin who told us pointedly why he wish to remain a Malay.

Wakakaka, kaytee responded to Pak Kadir why unlike him I wish to remain a Malaysian. I don't suppose Dr Mahathir would want to mention this, a Chinese wishing to be recognized as a Malaysian rather than a Chinese, assuming for one second he was even aware of my letter in CPI to Pak Kadir.

And the greatest insult is that after umpteen generations here, with many Chinese and Indians serving in the Police and Armed Forces, where a number were awarded the SP and PGB, they and their children are still considered less patriotic than The Chosen Ones or even The 'New' Malaysians, and to Dr Mahathir, it's a PRIVILEGE for these non-Malays to retain their racial identities - and just who do think forced those non-Malays into their respective psychological ethnic ghetto?

He has of course conveniently failed to mention the regular insults against non-Malays by his BTN-ized civil servants and teachers who would constantly, with the help of specially written books, remind many of us we are children of dogs or prostitutes rather than Malaysians, and even perpetuations of violence by the UMNO police and UMNO MACC.

As I said, sadly Dr Mahathir has in recent times acquired an amazingly twisted and selective memory because he has obviously forgotten that it was his administration which forced Chinese and Indians to remind themselves that they are Chinese and Indians in their kad pengenalan, borang-borang kerajaan Malaysian, and in their limited quota into universities and non-admittance into UiTM, etc.

It was also Dr Mahathir who stated recently that it is still premature for Malaysians to assume a non-ethnic identity like Bangsa Malaysia.

And now he conveniently makes the victims of his socio-political-educational-economic divisions of Malaysians the culprits and perpetrators of his policies.

Memang Dr Mahathir adalah seorang Melayu yang mudah lupa. But on second thoughts, really, is he the mudah lupa type?

(4) Be careful of your actions, Dr M warns daughter

In the end he revealed his hands, why he has been so stressed and strident, when he publicly slapped the wrist of Marina Mahathir, albeit a very light tap only but nonetheless an amazing unprecedented chiding of his daughter in public.

He warns Marina to steer clear of Bersih because her associations with the NGO, especially its sweet leader, Ambiga Sreenevasan, who has been repetitively threatened, reviled, cursed, mooned and recently 'hung' by UMNO warriors, would hurt the political prospective of his son, Mukhriz - for more see also Dr M backs Mukhriz as next Kedah MB and my January post Next MB of Kedah.

So in the end, we discover that Dr Mahathir's relentless campaign particularly against the Chinese has been for dear Mukhriz, but in that, we have to read too that, despite our perception of him as an iconic force in UMNO, his powers have much waned, even in his once fortress of Kedah.

Where once he could, with a snap of his fingers, ensure Mukhriz's position as that State's next MB, he now realizes he has to work hard, very hard (and the best way would be the usual generous dosage of UMNO-style tongue lashing against the 'greedy arrogant and aggressive' Chinese), to give his son the image of a Heartland guardian and thus a fighting chance, not just against the political opposition but also against the internal opposition within UMNO.

Perhaps in this, the Chinese are indeed king makers, though a perverted surrogate form used by him for a wee bit of bashing as part of his campaign to make his son the next political king of Kedah.


  1. Who, or rather, which party ( BN or PR) would benefit more should that racist slimy double-headed snake kick the bucket right now ?

    Hanging is too good for this indian ular. Right now, many atheists pray there's really a god out there just so only burning in the hotest hell is the only just outcome for this kerala mambu.

  2. KT I like your thinking. The wakaka is even growing on me!

    He is kicking up a storm to rile up the rakyat, even using daughter as fodder. And when everyone is not looking, that's when he will deliver sonny boy into the MB seat.
    People, see through his tricks.

  3. I have a different take on this.

    Dr. Mahathir's statement on Chinese being the Kingmakers in GE13 is not meant to be a statement of fact. Apart from the relatively small number of mixed seats with more than 35% Chinese electorate, its not true anyway.
    Dr. Mahathir was playing Racial psychological manipulation, principally directed at the Malays.
    He knows that many Malays now understand that most of the problems facing the country are either the direct result of UMNO misrule and corruption or aggravated by it. What is holding most of them back from supporting "The Other Side" is the fear of losing Malay political power and the crutch of "Malay rights" or "Malay special position" whatever you choose to call it.
    Like it or not, many Malays are still heavily dependent on the Government, in a way which most Chinese are not.

    Dr. Mahathir is playing to those fears.

  4. You should read his Malay Dilemma to know his mind.

    In one passage he says that those who choose not to be assimilated into the mainstream culture should occupy a 'disadvantaged' position or something like this (I can't remember the exact word he used).

  5. yeah yeah yeah.

    lots of jabbering against Mahathir s/o Kutty.

    But end of the day, I suspect if given a choice between Nazi like super racist like Mahathir s/o Kutty vs DSAI, such is ktemoc's extreme prejudice against DSAI, he will prob vote Mahathir s/o Kutty.

    I wouldnt believe a closet loving Barisan Najis fan like ktemoc at all!


  6. Mamak Botak will be nobody when Mamak Kutty kicks the bucket and consider the lowlife at age 86 , it will be soon.

    Just hope that the curse upon Bolehland will end with the demise of MK.

  7. Mahatiu is any time better than Anwar Al-Juburi.....ha...yes...that is true

  8. kanneneh this chowceebai ktemoc is full of shit.
    not human, not ghost, what is he?
    a figure given by god to let malaysians enjoy teasing him.
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  10. I am leaving the above 2 comments, purportedly by Anon of 4:20 & 4:25 PM, June 30, 2012, but in fact by Monsterball (or under various other but equally pathetic nicks) to show the old man's vindictive and malicious nature.

    He first came to my blog to pompously offer/pose himself as my defender wakakaka - defending against what/who? He embarrassed me by his vile offensive and salacious obscene languages, for example, frequently indicating his lustful fascinations with visitor Buttercup's cup size, not realizing Buttercup is a male.

    When he finally realizes I was not supportive of his bad behaviour especially his obscene comments, he turned hostile towards me and then (again pompously wakakaka) assumes the role of defending Anwar Ibrahim where he starts to attack me ad hominem, not on politics or on points in my posts, but with filty obscene abusive comments against me personally - good for Anwar wakakaka to have such a dirty old man as his defender ;-)

    Incidentally he once assumed the same pompous role of defending Susan Loone but you know what, was soon banned by her because of his racist comments wakakaka. He begged and begged and was eventually allowed back on compassionate grounds (old man ma, wakakaka).

    Just read his comments above and witness his vile vicious vindictiveness, laced with distasteful obscenities.

    He is of course incapable of developing his own blog, because he can't even spell B-L-O-G wakakaka. However, if he can, then I would recommend he names his blog as the "Hideous Hadyaai Humper" (where humping is only on a wannabe basis because of his physical disability). Alternatively he could name his blog "DOM" [Dirty Old Man wakakaka], but which may require a compulsory PPPA condition like "Parents are warn to keep their little children away" wakakaka.

  11. Either side have their 30% fanatics. So the balance 40% holds the card. And 40% is nothing to be sneezed at.

    By the looks of it, the incumbent still holds the edge....but we all know their game.

    Winning by slim majority just won't cut it for them, 2-thirds majority will sew up the Opposition Coalition well and good for eternity as overwhelming sweeping changes will be implemented immediately after GE13 should BN ( or rather UMNO ) gets the much-salivated keep out PR for good. That is why their goal is unwaveringly the 2 thirds by hook or by crook.

    The more Anwar who foolishly come out openly with all sorts of schemes to frighten these UMNO blighters, the more these cornered, desperate rats will turn even more vicious and malevolent as their very lives are at stake.

    See how one old man even at 86 who supposedly have 'retired' are holding courts almost daily in cohorts with his schemers in an effort to chart the destiny of this country. GE 13 will be a game changer for all concerned.

  12. I think Buttercup is not coming to this blog because of Monsterball.
    Dont know why Monster has obsession about male Buttercup.
    Here he comes again when we are beginning to have a serious discussion.
    Why is he so disgusting???

  13. Yes we can....put Malaysia back on the footing of the 1957 constitution, before UMNO hijacked it.

    And the First step is to vote UMNO out of power. Can we do that ?

  14. Mahatiu should be grateful to his daughter,if not for Marina's kindness and righteousness,he would not have live to the ripe age of 86 years and in good health.

    Perhaps Marina's good deeds has help to less Mamak's sin.

  15. Besides this blogger's numerous scathing but right-on-target attacks on Anwar, this excellent piece on Mahathir can be considered one of the very best todate !

    Bravo KT. Keep it up.

    The good doctor of course will never get to read this fine piece about himself. What a pity....many non Malays ( and some Malays too ) would really like 'the great man' to find out what the general populace, in particular the non Malays, really really think of him, via articles such as this.

    It seemed that the good doctor has a team of 'minders' managing his blog and all comments that are contrary to his own views are duly banned/deleted. Mainly for his own ego, but lately more for his health ....he might just keel over and kick the bucket instantly at the revelation of such unvarnished and bitter truth about himself.

  16. " Most men can handle adversity but if you want to see the real character of a man, give him power " - Abraham Lincoln

  17. The vulgarities spewed forth here really cheesed me off from putting my pov here.
    I have so much to say about Dr M's statement on Chinese being kingmakers. Also about Miss M.
    But if I do, then the target will shift to me.
    And I bet you, after this you will see a string of comments using my nicks by the same person to gun me down. Worse, that sicko will pit me against you and other sane commentators here.
    I better catch on my sleep to stay awake for the Euro final tonight.
    Better to cheer the sporting people than bantering with the ball here.
    Take care Kaytee.

  18. Dei you frust old man monster and your kuncu2......asking KT to apologize ? bhwakakakaka.

    There is absolutely NO reason at all why he should say sorry ! The only time he will say sorry is when he has completely lost his mind and knows not what he's saying ! The moment he says sorry is the moment all his faithful readers here will leave him in droves.

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    Just give up, will you Monster SS Goh of 105, Jln USJ 2/4Q, Subang Jaya ? Kekekeke

  19. Started by Tun Razak and perpetuated by Dr M, see how we have all come to this sorry stage this special report by the Human Rights Org about the Institutional Racism and Religious Freedom in Malaysia :

  20. Where were the Chinese in 1995?
    1999 ?
    2004 ?

    The answer is they voted overwhelmingly for Barisan Nasional. That's right. UMNO.

    No one forced them to.

    So don't blame it all on Mahathir.
    You guys supported his - and UMNO's policies, time and again.

    Who can blame him for thinking he had the green light to proceed with the continuation of his race-based policies ?

    Even in 2008, the majority of Chinese in Johor supported BN/UMNO.

    The Chinese in Malaysia need to take a hard look at themselves in the mirror

  21. Eh wah....RPK who was previously villified by people like Tanah Melayu is now actually echoing the blogger's latest write-up " Dosa Cina dan India kepada Malaysia ". What a turn around eh ? hahaha.

    Aren't ALL malaysians sleeping at that time ? All in deep slumber...with only the MSM their ONLY source of news and the maamk king threatening another may 13 ?

    There must be a god who finally took pity on these hapless malaysians by deciding to make the twin-evils of the father-&-son team of Dr M and Anwar go against each other and thus was born a big enuf opposition to take on the 54 years old juggernaut monstrous UMNO.

    Prior to this falling out, these two were such a tight team, all in their posh offices, flying in their jets and in their Zegna suits, with billions in their private accounts, planning and scheming endlessly for years and years to lead the dumb malays by the nose and to trample the minorities.

    Now when these two evils split and fight each other, we now have a chance to bring down the evil empire first and then we will deal with the devil's son later on. What choice do we have ? Beggers cannot be choosers lah, faham ?

    But first....UMNO MUST GO ! Our young generation demands this. The old generation have finally woken up too. UMNO must Go !!!!

  22. Ei Monsterball, cukup lah. We are thoroughly fed up with you lah. Shut your sh*t trap here, ok ?

    Go check into a mental ward before your heart, filled to the brim with such bitter bile, give way and stop beating. Do you want to mampus sitting right there in front of the computer spilling out vile, obscene and the foulest curses and words ? Malu old, the oldest guy here, at 79 or is it 74 ( whatever lah ) don't you have at least some dignity and decent manners ?

    Why are you so attracted to this blog site ? Can you stop coming here ?

  23. Only BN racists have dignities.
    We only know how to walk the talks.
    Buttercup aka Anon 6.46 AM is big time hypocrite Muslim.
    Love to gamble and drink hard stuffs.
    We drink mineral water and take over PutraJaya one day.

  24. Anon 11 PM
    You should know that RPK is now the darling of UMNO , prime time material for TV3 and TV9.

    He still sometimes whacks UMNO, for special effects purposes, but its a different RPK now.

  25. Anon 9:50 Am

    When one is weak, the 'david' fighting a 'goliath', one must learn never to indiscrimately make enemies left, right and centre and all over lah.

    Itu lah Anwar itu....making enemies even before reaching the finishing line. Good people like Haris and RPK have done so much and when they turn sour, esp RPK, the repercussion is much more damaging than one can imagine. It says alot about one's character when one just can't keep friends, making enemies at a drop of the hat.

  26. Call for the resignation & arrest of UMNO, MACC & PBB leaders NOW. Twitter quote: ‘Mubarak cried and resisted leaving the helicopter that took him to prison. Why do dictators love to act like big babies’ Let this, Gaddaffi & Saddam etc be a warning to others. Your PM’s Impeachment & CM’s arrest are long overdue. Scorpene scandal is only the tip of the iceberg. Think, before the arrival of internet media, twitter & blogs, how much has been plundered, squandered and hidden by Sarawak’s PBB & KL’s UMNO. Malaysia has become a big laughing stock. Howard Zinn: “….…Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war, and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves…(and) the grand thieves are running the country. That’s our problem.” Don’t tolerate another day, not even another hour!

  27. Foreign psychics are predicting the fall of BN/UMNO/PBB, & ascendance of PR/PKR/DAP/PAS. Corruption is a crime. We urge all cronies, TanSris, Datuks, YBs to heed your conscience and dignity and withdraw support for the criminals now. Hopefully you’ll be granted amnesty from prosecution. Twitter quote: ‘Mubarak cried and resisted leaving the helicopter that took him to prison. Why do dictators love to act like big babies’ Let this, Gaddaffi & Saddam etc be a warning to others. Jumping ships and a domino effect has started! Pundits expect this to set in motion a domino effect as Sabah leaders fled the decaying BN, helping to pave the way for the country's first regime change in 55 years… God is wonderful and BN is crumbling like Idi Amin, Suharto, Marcos, Ben Ali, Mubarak, Gaddafi & Assad in Syria.

  28. The best quote for Malaysia, for posterity! :”The rakyat own this country, the rakyat are this country. We are the boss, you work for us. We put you where you are, so you be grateful to us and do your job properly. Stop all your bullshit and corruption and start doing your job.” Alvin Kassim.
    "The people who own the country ought to govern it". John Jay, one of those who wrote the U.S. Constitution.
    “ Democracy is government of, by and for the people". Abraham Lincoln.
    "There is nothing mysterious about the foundations of a healthy and strong democracy….They are: Equality of opportunity for youth and others….The ending of the special privileges for the few; The preservation of civil liberties for all…” US President F D Roosevelt