Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Azmin Ali's lazy laughable logic

The Malaysian InsiderAzmin says up to voters to judge graft probe

Regarding allegations of his corruption when he was private secretary to DPM Anwar Ibrahim, an allegation raised by RPK who was provided with documentary evidence by a former ACA officer, Azmin stated that:

“When it involves PR (Pakatan Rakyat) leaders, especially Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and myself, they are so determined and they insist that my case, after 17 years, be reviewed and revisited. So to me, this is political persecution ..." 

On that, I agree and support his point that the MACC practises double standard bullshit, but then, he f* it awfully by adding:

... and we leave it to the people to judge for themselves in the coming polls ...

an idiotic assertion which proves my point Azmin Ali is only a political midget.

What Azmin has said is basically that popular politicians - must be popular because they've been elected -  could and should be deemed to be not corrupt.

It's a stupid statement of the highest order because those UMNO, MCA, MIC politicians who have been and some will again be elected should, by Azmin Ali's lazy laughable logic, be deemed as 'clean'.


  1. I concede your point that AA may not be the most intelectually capable person around.

    But anyway, bottom line is still he will be standing in Gombak Parliamentary seat against somebody from UMNO uno to uno.

    In PRU 13 in Gombak, thats all that is going to matter. AA is going to go against somebody from UMNO one on one.

    A political midget he may be as a person but when compared to ANYONE from UMNO, AA is still a giant of a person.


  2. Typical anwar Ibrahim talk. If there's a case to be prosecuted, then you go to court. If you are guilty you go to jail.
    Its not the voters who decide. You wont be contesting, if you are convicted.
    You are learning well from your mentor where you drag the people into your personal wrong-doings.
    Will also hold a demo at the courts.tired aleady of you guys.

  3. When its his time to face the music, its political persecution,

    if its someone from the BN camp, then its justice.

    I have a feeling this mangkuk will be elected to hold a very important position if PR wins.

    But then again, if PR wins, Anwar will be PM, so we're screwed anyway.

  4. Never mind wat ever persecutions are, PR MUST be given 5 years to try out becos they have NO experience in 'cheating, corruptions.....!'

    # 'is the 24,200.00 yours !?'
    " m...m...dun know lah...let me check 1st !"

    # Now, WWW15 is FREE !
    another mentri with WWW 79/97(?), juga FREE ke ?

    We poor non vip have to pay rm200/300 !! @#$%^&*.

  5. Don't this all sound so familiar ? Where did we hear all these sorts of talking before?

    Ohhh....55 years of UMNOnites talking ! Just because AA doned the blue shirt of PKR on the outside does not change him one iota from being a genuine, pure UMNO man. So why should we be be surprised or even be enraged ?

    This is Malaysia lah.

  6. I would agree Azmin Ali is not suitable to be a PKR leader.
    However, lost in the feeding frenzy is the original subject of the Press Conference, which the Mainstream Media , as well as Ktemoc seem distinctly disinterested in.

    Its regarding the documents which have surfaced in the French court which appear to show an UMNO-linked company sold secret Royal Malaysian Navy submarine specification requirement documents to the then bidder, Thales, which ultimately won the contract.

    That, to me, is a big elephant of a corruption issue and possibly treason as well.

    Mkini, to its credit, did report on the subject of the Press Conference, but in a separate article

  7. we're already going to reject BN. It's those in Pakatan who offer themselves to us as our political representatives that we need to be concerned about, lest we exchange shit for shit.

  8.'ve hit the nail on the head ! All those who keeps on moaning and bitching why PR-support bloggers are not whacking the BN day in day out just can't seem to get this point - WE HAVE ALREADY REJECT BN, who are beyond salvation.

    So our focus is now fully on those PR leaders who are supposed to be clean and the very opposite of the current corrupt, racist bunch ! Focus on the PR leaders we must, however uncomfortable it is to their blind supporters.

  9. Ktee rejecting BN hoping Anwar will forgive him and his pieces of shit tongue twister comments.

  10. Bull...
    Unfortunately, easily more than 50% of voters still support Barisan Nasional.

    Focusing to fault PR especially PKR day in day out amounts to giving BN a free ride.

    You are part of the problem.