Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Revenge of the effete snob

In July 2007, a PKR blogger by the name of Nathaniel Tan was hauled in by the police for investigations on a post in his blog, related to allegations against Johari Baharum.

I joined dozens of bloggers in registering our protests against Nat’s detention and appealed for his release – see To PM AAB - Please free Nathaniel Tan.

Nat Tan had once served as Anwar Ibrahim’s private secretary and thus, at that time, an anwarista wakakaka – not sure what he is today. Nat was the bloke who would ask me (via comments in my posts) why I ‘hated’ PKR or Anwar, when I blogged my usual, wakakaka.

Nat is also the same bloke recently described by Zaid Ibrahim as an effete snob for writing/talking cock, wakakaka, to wit, criticizing Zaid Ibrahim among others for changing political parties more than once. Zaid lambasted him as follows (extracts only):

In Nathaniel’s calculus, one has to be blindly loyal at the cost of one’s own principles to qualify as having integrity.

There must be many Nazis that Nathaniel is proud of, seeing as they stood by Hitler to the bitter end. On the other hand, Sir Winston S Churchill must be a spineless party-hopper since he crossed from the Conservatives to the Liberals then back again.
Churchill had many qualities - some good, others bad - but lacking principle or integrity is not one of them.
Who is this pompous writer to go around with his own constructed “integrity-barometer” castigating others for lack of principle? If he wants to test his mettle and is willing to let others measure the level of integrity in his system, then I bid him welcome to the world of politics.

Just in case you may wonder what Zaid had meant by ‘effete snob’, well, it means a range of things, but I will attribute to Nat the mildest one, namely, an ‘over-refined elite’, someone who is residing (intellectually if not physically) in an Ivory Tower – a dreamer disconnected with reality or the real world wakakaka.

Ivory Tower

Okay then, let's examine another piece by the effete snob wakakaka. On 02 September 2008, just 2 weeks before the infamous Malaysian bullsh*t of all times wakakaka, I posted September 16 - shall Malaysians 'rise above their goodness'? in which I said the following about Nat:

I have to confess I like Nathaniel Tan, who writes at periodic intervals for Malaysiakini. He is a nice earnest young man who is apparently sincere in the politics he believes in, and in the man he reckons will deliver (on 916) ..... incidentally I share with him some of his former beliefs BUT definitely, absolutely and irrevocably not his latter - wakakaka.
Nathaniel used to work for Anwar Ibrahim – I don’t know what’s that political relationship now but you may bet he’s an Anwar Ibrahim supporter. He has just written for Malaysiakini an article titled Sept 16: What will 'cornered animal' BN do?
The title itself tells you where his political sympathies lie. To him, UMNO is the cornered animal just because Anwar has been boasting about katak-fication, whereas (again according to Nat) Anwar who fled to the Turkish Embassy had merely dropped in for coffee at the ‘invitation’ of the Ambassador - wakakaka.
Sometimes I feel sad that a bright young man like Nathaniel can be so easily bewitched by a renowned snake oil salesman who will promise anyone anything so long as it serves His Brahma-ic Majesty to ascend the political throne.
Mind you, notwithstanding his bias for Anwar Ibrahim, Nathaniel wrote a number of truths in his article. He reckons UMNO may be about to turn nasty towards Anwar Ibrahim, and enumerated the various possibilities.
But he overstretched himself when he alluded to the possibility of political assassination. He wrote: Assassination, in all honesty, is probably still a bargain as well. Yes, there will be a massive uproar, Anwar will be martyred, and discontent will reach unprecedented levels. Yet, at the end of the day, police investigations will be inconclusive, Anwar will be gone, and Pakatan becomes eminently vulnerable.
I don’t believe Malaysian politics would ever sink down to such a level ..... racial riots (chop up a few Chinamen or Indians), yes ..... but political assassination of an UMNO or former UMNO bloke, absolutely no ..... there is a line drawn in the sands of the heartland that won’t ever forgive the person responsible for that. The assassin might as well politically assassinate himself.

Incidentally, Nat is the scion of a well-to-do family where he was known to be picky about food, as once revealed by his ex girl friend, Soon Li Tsin. In July 2007 when he was confined by the police for a couple of days, his GF was allowed to visit him in the cell with some food (probably a local dish), but he asked her instead for gourmet sandwiches wakakaka.

Gourmet sandwiches ;-) hmmm, maybe he was living up to his 'effete snob' image, several years before Zaid dug into him.

However, Nat recorded a black mark in his Malaysiakini’s article for advocating and rationalizing Anwar’s frog-ology, where I wrote as follows:

... towards the end of his article, Nathaniel put in his bid for Anwar Ibrahim. He wrote appealingly: One controversial option to forestall any such drastic measures by the powers-that-be is for Malaysians to push for a change of government – either by crossovers, or calling for a snap general election (a potential last resort for BN, which is good for democracy, but unlikely to forestall the ruling coalition's demise).

In other words, Nathaniel was justifying and asking the public to support the insidious political frog-hunting which Anwar had successfully demonstrated as his specialty in Sabah in 1994, when he turned Pairin from democratically elected CM into opposition leader with just a few croaks, yes, that disgraceful deformasi subversion of the ballot box to seize power via the grubby back door.
He apologetically rationalized (attempting to fool his own conscience and values): While less than ideal, these remain some of the few ways we can avoid a descent into chaos and desperation within BN, and by extension within Malaysia.
And before I end, a word from Anwar Ibrahim’s favourite author who had, in Anwar’s own words, succoured him while he was in prison: 
... Hie thee hither, that I may pour my spirits in thine ear, and chastise with the valour of my tongue all that impedes thee from the golden round ... (Macbeth 1.5.25-28)
Macbeth & Lady MacBeth

We are told that the ambitious Lady Macbeth (who wants to be Queen) said the above to persuade her husband to ‘rise above his goodness and accept her evil ways’ if he wanted to succeed.
Sounds familiar? It’s certainly vintage anwarista-ism.

But today I must confess I am absolutely delighted that Zaid Ibrahim’s effete snob wakakaka, my dear Nat Tan, beat me to excoriating Terence Netto.

Well, effete snob or not, Nat came up with a letter to MKINI titled Netto berates Faekah - for doing the right thing? lambasting (not dear Nat’s style to lambaste wakakaka) chiding Netto for his article Selangor MB's pol sec Faekah at bay, and Netto certainly deserves it.

Once I posted that whenever Netto writes, you can be sure of two things: apart from requiring a dictionary, he’d be promoting Anwar Ibrahim, which led my dear Susan Loone to wakakaka in Facebook.

In fact, in an earlier post Evangelist or Charlatan of Democracy? I revealed how utterly flabbergasted I was by the extent to which Netto used his penmanship to support Mr Manmanlai.

In Netto's Malaysiakini article The link between Anwar and Dickens he unbelievably made a preposterous comparison between Charles Dickens as the supreme artist of democracy and our Defective Defacto Anwar Ibrahim.

There's nothing wrong in Netto’s promotion of Anwar per se as we all promote someone we like (like kaytee does for Karpal Singh wakakaka) or attack someone we dislike (like kaytee does on Anwar Ibrahim wakakaka).

But Terence Netto exceeded the bounds of rational belief in the above mentioned Malaysiakini article, where he wrote the following in praise of Anwar:

You only have to give him a pedestal and this evangelist for democracy will use it to espouse the themes of freedom and equality with an ardor that is comparable to the ferocity Dickens displayed in attacking their lack in English institutions of the 19th century …

Evangelist for democracy? And dear Terence, what democratic message did your Anwar Ibrahim send to us when he attempted to seize government with his shameless 916 tomfoolery?

Apart from a wrong choice of word in ‘evangelist’ (which those religious hounds might exploit to Anwar's disadvantage) I have only three words, all starting with ‘P’, to describe Netto’s adulation of Anwar Ibrahim as a paragon of democracy, namely:

Poppycock, preposterous & pordah.

Evangelist for democracy? Wakakaka!

What drew Nat Tan into his current criticism of Netto has been the latter's latest piece indirectly supporting Anwar – and what do I mean by ‘indirectly’?

Given the symbiotic relationship between Anwar and his darling boy where it's virtually impossible to separate their individualities, I opine that Netto’s article was in support of darling boy because it was a chastisement of forces on the opposite side to the blue-eye boy, and thus by kaytee's extrapolation, an indirect support of Anwar.

Netto's Malaysiakini article was Selangor MB's pol sec Faekah at bay in which he did the unbelievable again, writing about the MB, Khalid Ibrahim, as follows:

However, he has been slow to recognise as the PKR leader of a state regarded as a jewel in the federal crown that politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties and managing expectations of the party faithful.
Oblivious of these aspects of his role as MB, he has courted trouble with sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - whose 10 years (1998-2008) in the political wilderness before the Selangor government was captured by a PKR-led opposition has had them ravening for whatever rewards were to be had.

“… politics is also about providing opportunities, rewarding loyalties ..... of the party faithful”?

“… he has courted trouble with sections of the party - mainly ex-Umno members - ..... ravening for whatever rewards were to be had …”?

My god, what are you saying, my dear Terence?

As if that was not bad enough, Netto then went on to criticise Khalid’s political secretary, Faekah Husin, the target of PKR’s inner coterie, for not cultivating those in the party who would be crucial to the fulfilment of her (alleged) political ambitions.

Now, would I be correct in saying that, according to Netto, Sweetie doesn’t given a rat ass f**k about, to use a Penang term, cheet hor ch’ooi (wiping the Tiger’s mouth with fat, meaning 'greasing people's palms').

If my assumption is correct, then kudos to this clean and incorruptible sweetheart.

I won’t steal Nat Tan’s thunder for his chiding of Terence Netto, so do peruse his letter to MKINI titled Netto berates Faekah - for doing the right thing?

On second thoughts, maybe just a wakakaka.


  1. I find it pretty revolting to read your attack against a private individual who has never said an unkind word about you.
    Nat Tan is not a public persona, not a politician.

    Ktemoc has really gone beyond the pale.

  2. It's so funny you put on such a misplaced outrage. Stove it monsterbaby if you can't read English.

  3. This Nat tan is a super NERD! and maybe reading too much comics. If he's normal sudah kerja bank or go into biz maybe jual dvd petaling st or handfon at sg wang... wakakaka

    btw Anwar will not be martyred.. coz it will do lots of damage to bn. ppl will point it to them so they need him alive.

  4. Don't always agree with you, but totally agree on the "needing a dictionary" part when it come to Mr Netto's articles :)

    The best writers write so that 5 yrs old can understand to get their message out to the masses... Mr Netto write so that readers will be in awe of him, nevermind whether they understand what he wrote.

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  35. Confucius said "Virtue small and office high; wisdom small and plan great.
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    Though a man go amongst the rude, uncultivated tribes, these qualities may not be neglected,"

  36. It funny how low the standard of English among Malaysians has fallen.

    Ktemoc has written more than 1,800 words here, signifying very little...

  37. Dear Holy Man,

    "... these quality must not be neglected"

    What/which type of qualities?

  38. Ask Confucius.
    He said that.
    I think what he meant to say was a rude person can be virtuous or simply put, do not judge a person by his rude behaviors.

  39. Strength, great responsibilities towards family for wage earners with children and for country and people by virtuous politicians, like Nat and Tian Chua, two young politicians where in Malaysia they need to be freedom fighters more than anything else.
    It is very cruel for Ktemoc to insult them.

  40. Examining the comments of Ghost Rider/Cilipadi aka Anonymous aka Holy Man and many more, leads one to an unfortunate conclusion.

    The crazed ramblings and obsessive ideation of this person points to a potential descent into full-blown mania and psychosis requiring admission and long-term stay in a Mental Hospital. This person should seek professional help before that happens.

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  57. Stop it, Monsterball.
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    You wouldn't want to be responsible for driving someone into Cuckoo land...

  58. To add to looes74 @ 11:35 PM, June 27, 2012
    According to the Hansard, these were the Sri Gading's MP's remarks in Parliament :

    Datuk Haji Mohamad bin Haji Aziz [Sri Gading]: Ada orang lain membiayai. Ini tindakan pengkhianatan kepada negara.

    Tuan Pengerusi, kita masih ingat apabila al-Maunnah menderhaka kepada Yang di-Pertuan Agong, kita hukum gantung dia. Ingat cerita itu beberapa tahun yang lalu? [Disampuk] Apakah Ambiga tidak boleh kita anggap penderhaka kepada Duli Yang Maha Mulia Yang di-Pertuan Agong dan hukum gantung kepada dia? [Tepuk]

    Dato' Shamsul Anuar Nasarah [Lenggong]: Setuju, setuju, amat setuju Yang Berhormat Sri Gading.

    Datuk Haji Mohamad bin Haji Aziz [Sri Gading]: Ajar, puak ini kena ajar. Keselamatan 28 juta rakyat Malaysia kena utamakan. Ini saya ucap terima kasih kepada pihak polis yang berkorban, berkorban. Orang maki dia, orang macam-macam caci dia tapi sabar. Kalau saya jadi polis, entahentah saya pelangkung kepala mereka. Jangan panggil saya Mohamad Aziz lah. Jadi soal keselamatan, soal keselamatan! Ini pendatang asing, ‘awang hitam’ buat macammacam, apakah kita hendak mendiamkan diri? Kurang ajar punya rakyat asing datang bermaharajalela, langgar adat budaya bangsa Malaysia.

    Saya menyuarakan sebagai rakyat yang cinta kepada negara saya. Darah saya pun boleh saya tumpahkan untuk negara saya. [Tepuk] Ini negara saya.

  59. Anon 4:26 PM
    This is irrelevant.
    Ktemoc is only interested in negative news about Anwar and/or PKR and its supporters

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    Ktemoc is a NOBODY , hiding behind a keyboard.
    Shameless piece of shit motherfucker.

  63. Fucking him, all comments deleted.
    So much for his freedom of speeches and promises.
    He even deleted "Monsterprick" message, saying those people faking his father.
    Why delete it Ktemoc?
    All are liars except you?
    No matter how much he tries to give the wrong picture about Monsterball, it will not work.

  64. Early morning must fuck this Ktemoc.
    He is truly a worthless piece of shit motherfucker.
    So many Monsterballs and son came out to explain nicely.
    If you hate the word "Monster" why not delete Monsterbaby too?
    Wait for his new post and enjoy fucking him
    After all, he is a NOBODY hiding behind a keyboard.
    What a shameless thick skin bastard he is.

  65. To enable visitors to witness a demented vandal at work, I've decided to allow the majority of obscene and vulgar comments made by just one (unwelcomed but thick-skinned) visitor, who goes by various nicks such as cilipadi, street fighter, tokio rain, Ghost Rider, Holy man, etc when his usual nick is Monsterball.

    The most pathetic part in his unscrupulous employment of multi-nicks and vulgarisms has been his self praising and ‘support’ of his own self wakakaka!

    Even more disgusting than his obscene comments, which have been totally unrelated to the topic of my post, has been his proclivity to impersonate others to place his usual filthy obscenities or viciousness in virtually all my posts at this (my) blog. He would variously impersonate visitors like Bruno or Buttercup, in fact anyone. He wants to project a image of a horde (and by his own making, a barbarous one) at the gates of my blog, all of course supporting him or making him their leader. It’s a sad outcome of his loneliness and hard-up-ness, begging for pretend-recognition even if only by his impersonations.

    I worry very much for this mentally sick man as he has shown himself to be not only obscene, vicious, malicious, mischievous and incoherent, but also because of his salacious fascinations with Buttercup, making lustful comments on Buttercup's 'cup' and its size ['cup' as in the cup of a bra]. In fact the genuine Buttercup is a male but alas there is no stopping the sick dirty-minded man. Maybe he harbours latent homosexual urges. I believe it may be prudent to keep away from him.

    As can be seen, Monsterball continues shamelessly and dishonourably to plague my blog, despite being told he is not welcomed. Thick skin, but I suppose, also desperate as he’s reacting to a realization he’s not wanted anywhere. He has become an embarrassment to everyone.

    Yes, he is just a frustrated old man, stricken with diseases of malice, vindictiveness and vileness, but most of all, loneliness. Thus he vents his frustrated loneliness and dejected feelings of rejections here.

    It is sad he continues to spew obscenities and vulgarities in my blog. He had originally come here with the preposterous pretentious and pathetic claim of protecting me from who-I-don't-even-know. Obviously he apsired to play a role. When I didn't meet his secret desire to be a blog protector he switches to being instead a protector of AI. It's really sad and pathetic because it's obvious he desperately seeks some useful role for his miserable life. Can someone please tell his family to take him away and comfort him?

    There is of course yet another issue frustrating him humongously, that related to his “personal” problems, constantly experienced during his wannabe escapades to, but alas regular ‘failures’ in, Hadyaai.

    Much as he rails at me, a convenient surrogate for the cause of his frustrations in life, he at the same time has virtually begged me (indirectly) not to delete his comments with obvious pleading remarks such as ”Fucking him, all comments deleted. So much for his freedom of speeches and promises. He even deleted "Monsterprick" message, saying those people faking his father. Why delete it Ktemoc? All are liars except you?”.

    Again an appeal for his sake, if anyone knows his family, please request they send him away for help.

  66. You guys are so shameless. You come to this blog and you gun down the bloghost. In other blogs like Din Merican, They are all sucking up to him. They didnt even realized that the old fogey most times flip flop and supports the BN.
    But here, Ktemoc spent time doing research to make us think and give our point of view. He gave us chance to disagree and show alternative thinking.
    Instead we do not read his postings but choose to just berate him down.
    Your Anwar stance is showing.
    Common courtesy dictats you dont go to people's and tell him your house is so small and dirty.yptmen 23

  67. Thanks KT
    Monsterbaby is indeed the Ball.

  68. Don't worry KT, I am absolutely correct.
    You exposed so many of his fakes but his biggest fake of all is being Monsterbaby.
    Do not be fooled by his broken English here.
    In other blogs he writes with excellent English and the styles are exactly like Monsterbaby.
    Biggest faker Ball can fool all but not me.

  69. KT, now that we seen more than enuf what that obscene vile old man has been doing all this while just to create havoc here....can we please some clean air back ?

    Sudah tak tahan dah ! We implore you to go back to clicking this sick old man out every morning like what you have been doing so we could keep our sanity. The sane ones are put off to give our 2 cents here due to the unbearable stench here caused by the sick old man. You've made your please let's move on as we can't stand even one second more of this dreadful sicko.

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