Saturday, June 02, 2012

Sedition - what profit that fable .....

So ..... They want to investigate Nizar Jamaluddin for sedition, perhaps even a case of lèse majesté for daring to advise the Sultan that half a million ringgit (regardless of who owns it) would be better spent on the people's welfare than on a car licence plate, which on top of everything, has no indication to show a relationship with Johor State or even royalty.

And according to RPK, HRH could have easily obtained that licence plate for free with just a phone call to a son of Johor, Hishamuddin Hussein.

OTOH, perhaps HRH didn't want to risk that because that particular son of Johor have a habit of f*-ing up badly everything he has done or said, wakakaka, thus HRH couldn't be too careful.

I read somewhere that those cowardly PAS leadership has deliberately 'distanced' themselves from an apparently new social pariah, Nizar, because of his alleged sedition. On top of bangsa and agama, the powerful clarion call of raja has once again been recalled, reclaimed and recruited by UMNO to demon-ize opposition leaders ...

... and f* that previous component of the tripodal mantra, negera, which would only spoil the delightful threesome chant for the Heartland. Besides, it's known that four is sial (bad luck) - even the Japanese try as far as possible to avoid uttering the word shi (four) and use instead the indigenous yon (also four) wakakaka.

I suspect precisely because PAS showed its yellow streak, 'renowned' Malay 'patriot', 'bravest' of the brave, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has emerged to demand PAS must haul up Nizar over tweets.

The 'renowned superlative patriot' was famous for his only 'combat' experience, when he, as UMNO Youth Chief, was resoundingly trounced by then 74-year old Dr Mahathir in 1998 wakakaka.

That redoubtable 'patriot' was Anwar Ibrahim's vanguard to to oust Dr M out from the prime-ministership ahead of schedule through allegations of the Old Man's cronyism and nepotism. In June 1998, The New York Times reported in its World Business page:

In what was seen as a jab at Mr. Mahathir's 17-year leadership, the head of UMNO' s youth wing, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, had called for an end to cronyism and nepotism during a speech to delegates. 
"Why were big loans to big businessmen approved so easily when small guys had to wait so long to get a loan of 50,000 ringgit?" ($12,500) Mr. Ahmad Zahid asked.

The prime minister responded the next day by posting hundreds of names of people who have won government projects in recent years, a list which included his accuser, Mr. Ahmad Zahid.  
Subsequently, Zahid Hamidi's superior survival skills wakakaka had him confessing that Anwar was the bloke who instructed him to attack Dr M with allegations of cronyism and nepotism. He finished his confessional with a flamboyant flourish by apologising to Dr M, and acknowledging Dr M's rebuke of him as a father-to-son advice wakakaka - for more read the New Straits Times of 19 June 1999.

Perhaps this may explain why Dr M has never forgive Anwar but now tolerates Zahid Hamidi. Who knows, Zahid Hamidi might well be PM one day wakakaka.

But given his double treachery, firstly against Dr M, and then against his mentor/patron Anwar Ibrahim, is he really qualified to talk on a matter of 'loyalty', particularly on Nizar's alleged faux pas in tweeting on how to better spend a humongous sum of RM520,000? It would be like the ghost of Hang Jebat chiding Nizar on the same matter wakakaka.

But wait, maybe Ahmad Zahid Hamidi may not be the ultimate example of Melayu mudah lupa-ish seditious treachery.

On 10 December 1992, Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, asked in Parliament:

"How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)?" [...] 
"They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people. 
"The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people."

Mama mia -  rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs) - Just compare that gross insult to Nizar’s advice on how RM520,000 could be better spent, though mind you, Affifudin Omar then had the protection of the sarung of Parliament (and no doubt behind the scene, the most powerful PM in Malaysian history).

Imagine for one silly impossible moment that Lim GE had uttered those most seditious words, whoaaaaa mannnn, he'd be deader than the deadest duck.

It was/is only UMNO, and UMNO alone, that could have gotten away with its abuse of the raja whom they claim to defend today.

Francis Bacon once said: “The zeal which begins with hypocrisy must conclude in treachery; at first it deceives, at last it betrays”, but obviously creative UMNO has shown it could be done the other way around, that is, at first it betrays most derhaka-ishly, then it deceives (as if it’s the most loyal of royal subject).

Exploiting royalty for UMNO’s own political interests is not new, though we have to admit some royals have been willing partners. Karpal Singh is still battling against a charge of lèse majesté, allegedly committed against the Perak Sultan - I won't say any more about that sad affair other than to remind everyone that HRH was once Malaysia's most admired & most respected royalty.

On Bersih II (not III), The Malaysian Insider informed us in its Bersih supporters nabbed for waging war against King that:

The police said today they are probing an alleged attempt by some Bersih activists to revive communism and are investigating 30 Parti Sosialis Malaysia PSM members including Sungai Siput MP Dr Michael Jayakumar for ‘waging war against the Yang DiPertuan Agong’.

The sheer preposterous nature of such an accusation showed the pitiful, pathetic, pariah-ish lack of professionalism of the men in blue, and its political partisan pundee nature. But nonetheless, the raja element of UMNO's tripodal mantra should appeal to the Heartland lest those good folks saw fit to vote for Pakatan.

Pope Leo X was reputed to have said (blasphemously): "What profit has not that fable of Christ brought us!"

In that same cynical tone, I bet UMNO would have said: "What profit has not that fable of 'untuk raja' brought us!"


  1. I live in Malaysia but cannot vote.
    Ktemoc can vote but ran away to Australia.
    Yet he talk so much about Malaysian affairs like a busybody.

  2. Before the fall of the Perak State government, many people wrote and admired the Sultan and Raja Muda for their stand on many things. Raja Nazrin has said we should RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION and THE SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION and THE SPIRIT OF THE AGREEMENT. This is something of a FARCE as what many people don’t know is that Raja Nazrin is NOT THE RIGHT Raja Muda of Perak!

    In Perak, the son is NOT the automatic number 2 unlike the other states. Only Negeri Sembilan and Perak differs from the other states. There are 7 Raja Bergelar in Perak. They are The Sultan, The Raja Muda, Raja Di Hilir, Raja Kecil Besar, Raja Kecil Sulong, Raja Kecil Tengah and the most junior Raja Kecil Bongsu. This list is from the most senior to junior in the right order. This rotation was AGREED upon since the very beginning. THERE WAS AN AGREEMENT AMONG THE FAMILIES.

    More than 20 years ago, the late Raja Muda of Perak passed on during Sultan Azlan’s tenure. Sultan Azlan had just been Sultan for a few years. If Sultan Azlan RESPECTED THE SPIRIT OF THE AGREEMENT between the Perak Royal Families, Sultan Azlan would not promote Raja Nazrin to be Raja Muda! The right candidate was the Raja Di Hilir at that time. But Raja Nazrin came from out of the blue to be Raja Muda! He passed more senior family members who were in line to the throne. They were the families of the late Sultan Abd Aziz and Sultan Idris. Sultan Idris was the Sultan before Sultan Azlan. This was the same scenario in a way to Negeri Sembilan. Tunku Laxamana was acting as number 2 for many years instead of his cousin the Tengku Besar Seri Menanti who was the RIGHT NUMBER 2! But as we all know recently the right person, Tengku Besar Seri Menanti was promoted to be Yam Tuan Negeri, Tuanku Muhriz.

    To the supporters of Sultan Azlan, I would like to remind you that when Sultan Idris was ruling, the Raja Muda of Perak seat fell vacant due to the death of the Raja Muda of Perak at that time, Raja Muda Musa bin Sultan Abd Aziz. Sultan Idris DID NOT promote his son to be Raja Muda. He allowed the right rotation to continue. The son had to be promoted from the bottom. He did not infringe on the rights of his cousin and nephew, and one of them was Raja Azlan Shah who is now the Sultan. If Sultan Idris did the SAME THING then, Sultan Azlan WILL NEVER BE SULTAN!

    Sultan Azlan and Raja Nazrin … put Raja Nazrin as Raja Muda. If the proper rotation was followed, Raja Nazrin will only be Raja Kecil Besar or Raja Kecil Sulong at best. This is only 4th or 5th in rank but now, with what happened more that 20 years ago, Raja Nazrin is number 2! What happened shocked me because I expected better from a retired TOP JUDGE OF MALAYSIA. The AGREEMENT ON THE ROTATION is PART OF THE PERAK CONSTITUTION. So how would I buy what Raja Nazrin is saying with great publicity that we MUST RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION AND SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION?

    I hope one day the right Raja Muda of Perak and the the right Menteri Besar will serve the Perak State. As a Perakian, this is only right.

    It took Tuanku Muhriz 46 years to regain his seat. Hope Perak will do the same. Ironic that Raja Nazrin talks about his role as a SERVING ROYAL when THE SEAT IS NOT HIS!

  3. I deleted this comment because of allegations against two dead persons - kt

  4. Nizar who? The people have already fogotten about him. He has to make his prescence felt.
    Zambry Kadir is much liked by Perakians. He has ruled the state efficiently with all state debts paid.
    So Nizar has to be tin kosong. A lot of screaming he's doing.
    First he alleged that Najib is negotiating with the army for emergency rule if BN loses.
    Then he trespassed UMNO ceramah which the Umno people kindly accept him with a warm welcome.
    As a Johorian, I am really pissed off with him belittling my Sultan. He painted a picture as though our Tuanku is such a cheap-skate.
    And his apology does not amount to an apology. Conveniently saying the Tengku Mahkota was not saying about him but everybody else.
    Wah, this guy really learning to be like a snake with forked tongue like Anwar.
    No wonder all his PAS friends have distanced himself from them.
    PAS wants a PM from their party and Nizar's behaviour will make Malays hate PAS.
    Nizar is half Chinese. Definitely he doesn't know about lese majesty like the Wong guy who is already charged in court.

  5. Malaysia is way behind time. It's high time for a republic.


    Thanks for enlightening us. I am impressed by the truth. No wonder azlan behaved the way he did in the Perak coup. He is dishonest at heart for the whole world to see clearly.

  7. Eric Mudasi

    Yep we Malays know about this but we dont talk openly about it.

  8. REPUBLIC OF MALAYSIA.........period.

  9. Yo, KT, this is a great piece of commentary and you deserve applause for it. Obviously you have spent much time researching the facts so that they remain unassailable. Thus, even fervent UMNO supporters find it impossible to attack your article so instead veer off at a tangent and talk about Zambry and about Nizar allegedly screaming a lot and not being a pure Malay.

  10. Eric Mudasi,

    It is really good of you to share your knowledge of royal succession with everyone here. It's quite an education. With thanks.

  11. "I live in Malaysia but cannot vote.
    Ktemoc can vote but ran away to Australia.
    Yet he talk so much about Malaysian affairs like a busybody."....said Anon 2:26 PM

    Dei you Anon, you can't vote and you don't/can't blog, so what bloodly use are you ? No need to foul up the air here with your spitefulness. This blog here might not be your cup of tea...but have it ever occurred to you that thousands upon thousands ( maybe even millions) of others thought otherwise ? Podah.

    P.S. you do sound exactly like one f*cked up old man who used to haunt here, hehe.

  12. Talking about sedition.....guys, take a look at this vid of our naib president of Perkasa (Zulkifli Noordin) :

    Why is the Najib admin wasting so much of the rakyat's money by promoting 1Malaysia when they openly allow such racist bigot to preach such divisive rant ? And they dare to question why the chinese and the indians are no longer supporting UMNO/BN ?

  13. Yes, I had great respect fror the royal before Perak takeover but now I am disgusted with them.

  14. Obviously foul mouth Monster ball and family are still around. That is why you see so many unsavoury comments about me or KT or Bruno.
    For the last few postings I posted only one comment or none at all, but I see my bick being used to pit me against KT and apologizing to Monster Baby.
    Such cheap shots which I don't have time for.

  15. Buttercup obviously has proofs of Perak having no debt... even if it did, I wonder why. It is not as if Perak needed money to develop or anything. We have a closed down Bkt. Merah and soon, a Brasilian corporation is going to first say using Lumut for "storage" purpose and now moving to say that it is "storage and blending." Very active and aggressive pre-emptive move to garner local support carrying out CSR even before they open shop, but I take it with good faith. BUT their excuse to park/store their ores on Malaysian soil costing 6B JUST to SHORTEN their lead time delivery to China for 30-days is a decision where the CEO will be fired almost immediately. Dodgy at best this project and it is well below the radar unlike Lynas.

  16. thank GOD it was Nizar who said those stuff.

    I cna only imagine if DSAI or AA said it.

    The motor mouth ktemoc would prob have a whole DIFFERERENT tune to his article man.

    prob, yeah , DSAi deserve this or that nonsense again


  17. If you read the Sedition Act carefully, the conclusion would be that Nizar likely committed an offence under the Act.

    You may not like the Sedition Act, but as things stand, it is the law of the land, passed by a duly constituted Parliament.
    Unless, like Anwar Ibrahim, you intend to subvert democracy by whatever foul means necessary.

    PAS is obviously distancing itself from Nizar over this issue, and it is clear why. If the government chose to throw the full weight of the law against Nizar, he is going down, and PAS will have a hard time with traditional Malays if they support him.

    The concept of Tanah Melayu, which many traditional Malays still hold dear at heart, is irrevocably tied to the institution of Raja Raja Melayu.
    It is both a political and legal minefield for PAS.

  18. When UMNOnites yelled obscenities at the raja-raja and held banner insulting the sultan with the word 'Natang, this is of course NOT action taken then or now. It is all a matter of which party you belong to and which race too. 1Malaysia anyone ?

  19. Incumbency has it's privileges.
    Don't like it ? Go buy a an air-ticket to Australia.

  20. Nope, we dont have to buy an airticket to Oz.

    What we have to do is VOTE and get behind DSAi once and for all.

    Too bad blogstarter here is too blind to see that Najis Razak is a bigger evil.

    We have idiots who is asking us to f*ck off to Oz and blog starter is worried about some 17 year old misdemenour.


  21. Ah...these birds of sama bulu could only mouth the same old line : lu tak suka, keluar dari negara 'kami'. Those who had had some so-called education ( courtesy of rakyat's money ) put it in their pretence-finesse : don't like it, go buy a ticket to (oz land, timbuktu, china, india - take your pick ).

    Guys, lets all roll up our sleeves and kick out these lazy, lying, cheating, fork-tongue incumbent robbers, plunderers and leeches who only know how to stretch out their hands for freebies ! ABU, ABU and ABU !!

  22. Buttercup - Zambry has ruled the state efficiently.
    Lets talk about the super duper Vale mega-investment in Lumut.
    Any iron ore industry analyst in the world worth his monthly salary can tell you the "ore pelletizing" plant is on indefinite hold. All that is left for Lumut is a glorified inventory buffer stockpile operation. All that is needed is a deep-water jetty for the ultra-large ore carriers to offload and load their cargo, a big piece of cheap land to store the mountain of iron ore, and approval to ship in, store and reexport tax free, located somewhere in South-East Asia.
    The only two possibilities as things stand, is either Vale neglected o tell Zambry' or Zambry "Pele" has neglected o tell the people of Perak

  23. Buttercup got fried.

  24. Be advised, June 03 1.01PM is my fake.
    I did not visit this blog on that date at all.
    I do not have much leisure hours to comment anymore.
    My children needs more of my attention.

  25. The Lumut ore transshipment operation is inherently safe. I must applaud the ingenuity of the BN Govt under Zambry for this master stroke. What many dont know is that iron ores are rocks and minerals from which metallic iron can be economically extracted. The ores are usually rich in iron oxides and vary in color from dark grey, bright yellow, deep purple, to rusty red. The iron itself is usually found in the form of magnetite (Fe3O4), hematite (Fe2O3), goethite (FeO(OH)), limonite (FeO(OH).n(H2O)) or siderite (FeCO3). Ores carrying very high quantities of hematite or magnetite (greater than ~60% iron) are known as "natural ore" or "direct shipping ore", meaning they can be fed directly into iron-making blast furnaces. Most reserves of such ore have now been depleted. Iron ore is the raw material used to make pig iron, which is one of the main raw materials to make steel. 98% of the mined iron ore is used to make steel.[1] Indeed, it has been argued that iron ore is "more integral to the global economy than any other commodity, except perhaps oil".

    Perakians have a lot to gain from the downstream indutry spinoffs that are imminent. SO make sure we have continuity. BN must win again in Perak.

  26. Unlike kaytee, someone who is a disgruntled frusco behaves badly like an immature or senile vandal. Worse, he impersonates others as a syiok sendiri to compensate for his 'disability'.

  27. Lets have matured discussions. All you disrupters are giving us a hard time. Why dont you move off elsewhere and let us have our peaceful discussions?

  28. To me the issue has 3 key contents.
    1. BN/UMNO's cynical use of its control of the government legal apparatus to have Nizar pressed for an alleged offence which UMNO itself has acted out with impunity many times before.
    2. The mainstream media spinning and twisting the facts of the case to make it appear Nizar was deliberately insulting the Johor royalty, being totally silent on the context of the Tweet, which is about the RM 500 K being spent on a CAR NUMBER PLATE.
    3. PAS's distinct lack of vertebrae the moment UMNO launched its offensive.

    Sadly, the impact of Ktemoc's article has been largely nullified by his usual attempt to turn this into a rant againts his arch-enemy, Anwar Ibrahim.

  29. Monsterbaby, you were doing quite well in your last comment...I find myself nodding in total agreement up to your 3rd point...but dang ! you must go and spoil it all with that last para of yours, hehe.

    At least KT backs up his anti-Anwar rant with pretty unassailable facts but your hero worshiping of that 'god's gift to mankind' is based, as far as we could see, on nothing much except for his rrrrhetorical hot air skill, heheheh.